Mr. Elliott Lee Roark

October 24, 1988April 29, 2021

On April 29, 2021 at the age of 32, Elliott Lee Roark passed away in Watauga, Texas.

Elliott Lee Roark was born on October 24, 1988 in North Richland Hills, Texas to Tammy and Steve Roark and is the brother of Emily. Elliott is in the care of Bluebonnet Hills Funeral Home.

At this time, there are no services scheduled. The obituary and the service information will be updated as soon as it becomes available.


Mr. Elliott Lee Roark

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Dakota Price

May 4, 2021

I didn't know Elliott very well, but I do think about him often! In 2014 I took a teaching certification class, which is where I met Elliott. He stopped me from giving up and quitting the course multiple times. i wanted to quit, it was very challenging... and not only for me. Elliott didn't hesitate for a single moment to put his hard work aside to help out a stranger. By the end of the month, we all became a very close group.. but unfortunately, I did a poor job in staying in contact with everyone. But I hope your family knows how loved and appreciated Elliott is... even by people who didn't know him very well. I am a teacher today and I like to think a HUGE part of this is due to Elliott and his kindness and generosity and willingness to help out others, even if it means he has to put his own difficulties and responsibilities aside momentarily. That is the literal definition of a "kindhearted person".

Bei Chen

May 3, 2021

Elliott: There are many pictures and memory about you, when you and other people went to Beijing with me doing the study abroad...your laughing pictures, and then you graduated and we became good friends, you taught me how to bake maccaron (the dough should be smooth, do not overstir); and I taught you how to bake gave me Al who is now the boss of the four cats (and two human beings) at my home;I was ready to listen to your guitar, and wait to read your book...and your paintings...and all the messages and short videos before 0429 are still there and you taught me how to observe whether the two cats were playing or fighting ...I can't stop my tears, you are such a great person with great smile and great sense of humor, no one can NOT love you after they meet you! My friend, you will always be in my heart. I feel lucky to have the chance to meet such a joyful, enriched and smiling soul. My friend, life is too cruel...

Julie Steele

May 3, 2021

I remember when you guys were visiting & we were at Todd's house. You were about 3 or 4 if that. While all the other kids were outside you were inside reading books! We knew then you were special, and always would be.

Tam, Steve & Em,
I cant say enough how sad I am for you. I am thinking of you with love and prayers.
Love, Julie

Grandma Roark

May 3, 2021

What a shock that brought such great sorrow. We knew you were very intelligent when you were writing before the age of 3
We always had so much fun when you would come over and spend the night
With me and papa.
Your life was cut way to short I will forever miss you.

Patty Dudley

May 3, 2021

Elliott you excelled in everything you did
You chose the road of adventure and lived
life to the fullest.
You will be missed by all those who had the pleasure of knowing you. I love you

Emily Roark

May 2, 2021

I am so empty without you. We were supposed to take care of Mom and Dad together. You were supposed to live your life, on the road. You were supposed to take stunning pictures of the world through your eyes. You were supposed to change hobbies a million times, never settling. We were to reminisce of the old days, to lean on each other through thick and thin. You were to look after me, give me a hard time, and laugh about it later, together. We were supposed to exchange horror stories of our jobs, while growing in the process.
You were and are so loved by so many people. I'm so, so sorry you had to pass the way you did, but you did with hope that help was possible, and me by your side. I hope you know how everyone fought for your life. Because you are so, so important and loved. Goodbye, For Now, Bubba. Keep Papa and Boo company, they'll love it. I never got to say it, but I love you so, so much.

Lisa Phillips

May 2, 2021

Elliott will be greatly missed. I loved his laugh and sense of adventure. We were so suprised and excited for him, when he decided to move to China to teach English. Prayers go out to Steve, Tammy and Emily. Love you all.
Lisa and David Phillips

Mom ( Tammy ) Roark

May 2, 2021

Where do I begin? My Son was the most generous, selfless, sensitive, real person I've ever known. I feel so lucky he was mine. He was always there for advice, a shoulder to lean on, or a different perspective. He gave so much in his time with us. He traveled to Busan, South Korea in 2015 to teach English to children from Elementary and then his last year there, high school. He came back to Texas February of 2020. We were so happy to have him back home. He loved guitar and taught himself to play and his beautiful melodies filled the house often. He was so good at it. He did photography which he was very good at, also. He had started painting with oils and pastels his last year here and I was blown away by his talent. He was talented beyond measure. He had planned to start truck driving so he could travel the US and do his photography. He had a lot of ideas and plans he wanted to fulfill. He always looked on the better side of things. Always had a smile and loved to joke around and made us laugh. He passed from an unexpected natural cause with his sister, Emily, by his side. I can't believe such a wonderful person is gone. I love you, "Kisses".