Jayson Brooke Chambers

April 4, 1969August 5, 2018

Jayson Brooke Chambers was born on April 4, 1969 and passed away on August 5, 2018.


Jayson Brooke Chambers

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Matt Wood

August 10, 2018

Hey dude!  You were the brother I never had. I'd give anything to hear you say one last time "uncle Matt". I know things happen for a reason but sometimes it's hard to find those reasons. Been thinking a lot about all the good laughs and good times we've had in the last 30 years! We always bought the same video game system so we could play the same games at the same time! We'd still laugh to this day about the time we played the video game command and conquer  20 some years ago but we spent the WHOLE WEEKEND on the phone discussing strategies. Some people are probably saying why is that funny lol just ask Anne she'll probably give you a 'Look". we'd always get the same game for Christmas and we'd bring the game to each other's house during the holidays to get each other past certain points. All the hours we spent on the phone talking about talking about video games. Just wished you would have bought the play station 4 so we could have carried the tradition on these last 5 years or so  lol you would tell me to go buy the new Nintendo system.. Always had a blast when I worked for you thru out the years helping you with the anti freeze recycling business. You always got the biggest laugh when you'd see me out there working  with sweat rolling down my face and the sun beatng down on me! Yeah let's not forget the green hands  ha ha! Most people know you as a great chef and master of smoking meat. Hands down you were the best! But Anne and I are the only ones who got to experience the first time you smoked a brisket it was nastiest thing I ever ate! I burped lighter fluid all night Lol! I'd still give you hell about that. You were the guy I would  go to for help or answers no matter what it was anything from computers, cooking sports etc.  The holidays won't be the same you were the one person I always got a gag gift for so I could hear your loud laugh!I need to stop writing I want the tears to stop rolling down my face  Miss you bro love you! Save the neck for me Clark!