Sherri Garrett Baldwin

August 25, 1955June 17, 2018
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A family tribute to an amazing lady, Sherri Garrett Baldwin

Born: August 25, 1955 – Received in Heaven: June 17, 2018

"God is incredible. I knew from the very first time I saw Sherri that she was the one chosen for me. The day I met her I found myself stopping at green lights, lost in thoughts about her. I called my mother in North Carolina that night and told her I had found the woman I was going to marry. Of course Sherri didn’t know that yet. We hadn’t even been on a date. To my utter amazement, she said yes when I did ask her. Our first date was to a Memphis Rogues soccer game. That was the beginning of the most wonderful journey of my life. Sherri was the most selfless person I have ever known. Her self-stated purpose in life was to help make other people’s lives better. She fulfilled her purpose. God must be well pleased. Sherri approached every challenge with an “I can do that” attitude, and if she didn’t know how, she learned. From Girl Scout leader to homeschool art teacher, Tae Kwon Do instructor, water aerobic instructor, knitter and spinner, fossil and mineral hunter, mother and wife, Sherri poured herself into the lives of the people around her. She was passionate about life. I am honored and privileged that God allowed me to be her husband. Sherri, my dear beloved wife, I miss you incredibly, I love you eternally, and I know your light is shining bright in Heaven". -- Mike

"Mom was the most incredible woman. Words cannot express what she meant to me. She was the strongest, kindest person I have ever known. She was our rock. She fought until the very last and taught me what true faith, strength, and courage look like. She showed me how to live life with joy and love for everyone. Even in her greatest suffering she was strong and selfless. She was such an incredible blessing–a true light for Christ. I wouldn’t be the woman I am today if it weren’t for her. I will love you always, Mom! I know God has great plans for you by His side in Heaven." -- Jennifer

“We lost a giant on June 17. She was a pillar of strength. She held us all together. She was the voice of reason. She made us think about every decision to help us move our lives in the right direction. She has been my ultimate support in every endeavor. She encouraged me to go back to school and continued every day to encourage me forward. She just got more beautiful each day and never understood her own beauty. She has shown her great faith, her courage, and her beautiful selfless heart throughout this journey. I am so incredibly blessed to have Sherri Baldwin as my mother. We were asking for a miracle but the miracle God gave us was her. We know God’s plan is perfect and He is not surprised. She is completely healed and perfect in Heaven. I love you so much, Mom. I am who I am because of you.” -- Kelly


  • Gathering of Family and Friends Friday, June 22, 2018
  • Funeral Service Saturday, June 23, 2018

Sherri Garrett Baldwin

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Karen Tatum mathis

July 1, 2018

Shocked to hear this news . So very sorry for your lost. Sherry was a wonderful woman and a cherished childhood friend. We had a lot of adventures together, riding bikes, horses, skateboards, walks to the local store for candy, collecting bottles for candy money, playing kickball, swimming, covering each other in mud, birthday parties, took piano lessons together and more. This makes me realize how precious she was. Thankful to have had her in my life and wish we would have stayed closer as adults. She was such an interesting and talented woman. I pray all the great memories you have of her will comfort you in this hard time. I'll miss her smiling face .

Jeffrey Carriero

June 24, 2018

I did not know Sherri Baldwin. But I know her daughters, Jennifer and Kelly. When I moved down to Memphis from Connecticut six years ago, I did not have any family or friends down here. I transferred from my job in Connecticut to Memphis, which is where I met Jennifer. She took it upon herself to want to be my friend so I would not feel so lost. She then introduced me to her sister Kelly. Eventually I met Jennifer's husband Adam and Kelly's then boyfriend, now husband Jeremy.

That Jennifer took a chance on wanting to be my friend says a lot about the kind of person she is. And the person she is, and the person that Kelly is as well, is a testament to how their mother Sherri was. Sherri helped raise two amazing daughters, and I am lucky to have met them. And in the time that I have known Jennifer and Kelly they have become my best friends. I would not trade that for anything.

I wish Mrs. Baldwin knew how much her daughters mean to me, and that she and her husband did such a wonderful job with them.

Thank you, Mrs. Baldwin. I hope one day to meet you and tell you what an incredible woman you are.

Chloe Smith

June 21, 2018

Sherri, helped bring me out of my shell when I was brand new working at the Y. She always gave me encouragement and would ask if I needed anything. It’s rare to find someone who is so kind and considerate towards others. She would often quiz me when I was nervous before a big test. She was the best coworker and such a sweet friend. She will be truly missed and her and her family are in my thoughts and prayers.

C Phillips

June 21, 2018

I am so sorry to hear of the loss of such a lovely person, Sherri. I hope you have many memories of happy times shared together to help with the pain of the loss. Please remember when Jesus was on earth he taught that death can be likened to a person in a deep sleep. Just as a sleeping person can be awakened, well so can the dead in God's due time.-Acts 24:15; Revelation 21:4.

Susie Mann

June 21, 2018

Sherri and Mike were in our Sunday School class at First Baptist . I will always remember her sweet smile and her kind spirit! It was a joy to know her! She will be missed by so many.

Sally Coleman

June 20, 2018

I knew Sherri as a demonstrator in the Pink Palace Crafts Fair. She was always so friendly and helpful!She loved talking to the people who came to the Fair and explaining her craft - spinning.
She and I even did a television "spot" together - a long time age, but I so enjoyed getting to know her. She had participated in the Fair since 2002!! Every year I looked forward to seeing her and visiting.

brenda heindl

June 20, 2018

Baldwin Family - your tributes to Sherri are so very touching. Please know my thoughts will be with all of you over the next few days and weeks.

Keith Johnson

June 19, 2018

Sherri always greeted people with a smile and sweet voice. She always made people feel welcomed at the Y. I'm sure she was that way everywhere. She will be missed by everyone that knew her.

Brittany Wicker

June 18, 2018

Always always always tried to keep calm and stay positive. You knew that when you were in her presence you'd be greeted with a smile a something kind to say. She was dependable and extremely loyal. Took everything she did very seriously and worked hard. I hadn't worked with her in about 4 years and wish only now I could tell her how much I appreciated her and the work she did.

Vicki Windham

June 18, 2018

Sherri always had a smile on her face. She had a very kind and caring heart. Sherri had such a quick wit and always kept me laughing. I will miss her so much at the YMCA where we worked together. I know that she loved the Lord. Heaven is sweeter with Sherri there!