Gregory Dean Kenoyer

September 6, 1953May 28, 2019

Gregory Dean Kenoyer, age 65, of Colorado Springs, passed away May 28. Born in California to an Air Force family, he moved all over the country, continuing when he joined the Air Force out of high school. Always hungry for knowledge, he ultimately ended up with several degrees, with alma maters like OSU and John Hopkins.

He married his middle school sweetheart, Barbara Kenoyer—which made him the first guy to have survived her older brothers—and they had five children together. Along with his wife and the many children they unofficially adopted into their family, he is survived by Shannon Lawrence, Brandon Kenoyer, Alex Kenoyer, Trevor Kenoyer, Sierra Kenoyer, and eight grandchildren.

Gregory worked as a projectionist, lab tech, salesperson, computer programmer, and super-secret spy. If we told you what else he did, we'd have to kill you. We may have already gone too far. He knew martial arts, Russian, computer brains, how to make stained glass, enjoyed photography, and had strong opinions about whipped topping. A proud Harley owner, he was always happy to take his kids to school or a friend's house on the back of one of his bikes, so they could feel as cool as he already was. A delightful mix of computer geek and tattooed badass, he liked to hike and send photos of rattlesnakes to his daughter who happened to have a snake phobia. Funny, no one else got those texts…

During his years battling ALS, he never lost his sense of humor (a nice way of saying he was a smartass to the end). He turned his energy toward fighting for a cure and helping those newly diagnosed as they learned to cope with the horrible disease. He enjoyed trolling political extremists online, and had a great Muttley laugh. Much like Alf, he often amused himself.

Services for Greg Kenoyer will be Saturday, June 8, 1:30 PM, at Swan-Law Funeral Directors in the chapel, 501 North Cascade Avenue, Colorado Springs. In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to the ALS Association or Team Gleason. He would want the fight for a cure to continue.


  • Memorial Service

    Saturday, June 8, 2019


Gregory Dean Kenoyer

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Larry Neff

August 14, 2020

Omigosh, Greg, all to soon!
We worked at DEC together about a thousand years ago.
We shared a love of Black Adder and we both held VMS in high regard. Tattoos? I had no idea! Did they depict Dr. Who, slide rules or the VAX/VMS system services? SYS$CREPRC(), I wager. Great hat BTW, Greg. In high regard indeed, you were held, on the job, by everyone , by the grumpy ones, even. We'll see you at The Restaurant at the End of the Universe. Until then, 0X2A, or as you might prefer, 0b101010. So long, and thanks for all the fish! xyzzy!

Joanna Owen

June 19, 2019

I knew of Greg through an ALS forum and while he was cantankerous with some (I found it refreshingly honest), he was so kind to me, providing me an information sheet he had put together of what to expect, and how to deal with the changes, ALS brings.

I'll miss seeing his posts. R.I.P., Greg.

Kathi LaFrance

June 7, 2019

I worked with Greg for years. His humor helped me through many a day! His 'geekness' helped grow in my professional life. He shared his passion of hiking (via pictures) and I still remember his 'internal' HP picture was he sitting on his Harley with Garden of the Gods in the background. Some days we would walk out of the building together...he heading 'over the hill' walking, checking for rattlesnakes under my car before driving home. Yes, he showed me a picture of a rattlesnake in the parking lot... :)

I lost touch with Greg when I moved out of state. I will always remember him for his 'aussie' hat and humor.


Duane Wilson

June 5, 2019

I went to Sheridan High School with Greg. He was definitely a fun guy to be around and never took anything too seriously. We reconnected on Facebook and I always looked forward to his next post. Sadly, there will be no more. Reading his obituary, I'm happy that he had a full life and was a fighter to the end. Rest Easy Old Classmate!

Divina Robillard

May 30, 2019

He’s a FB friend with whom I have shared a comment or two. I have read his thoughts in many ALS groups online. They were thoughtful, down to earth, and valuable.

From this little information, i am guessing he was a plain-spoken man, generous, and enduring.

Aloha, Greg. Godspeed.

Chuck Haberstroh

May 29, 2019

I worked with Greg in the I Am ALS Community Outreach group. He was instrumental in firming up our FAQ's (Greg had every answer) and his EMS Protocol is nothing short of genius. I have only been in the ALS community a short time but I truly believe that even if I fight another 50 years for ALS patients, I will never find another advocate with such a tremendous wealth of knowledge and nonstop drive to help others. Greg was a GIANT in the ALS community and his loss is enormous. I know I will continue to 1) help others with this disease and 2) fight for a cure - in Greg's honor. I also would like to thank him for his service to the country. My thoughts are with his family.

Rita Handrich

May 29, 2019

I only knew Greg from the MND community on the internet and while I saw him (or heard of him) being irritable and curmudgeonly to some on the internet--he was NEVER that way with me. He was a wealth of information, was not afraid to say he did not know something, and cared fiercely about advocacy. I adored Greg and am sorry he has died. I will hold his family in my thoughts.


May 29, 2019

So many of us in the ALS community are shocked. Greg was helping people up until hours before his death. Greg was a true advocate. Peace to his family.