Henry Schuyler Marsh Jr.

September 15, 1946March 12, 2018

Henry “Skip” Marsh Jr. died at home on March 12th, 2018, at 3:22 pm, after a brave battle with melanoma. He was 71 years old.

Skip was born on September 15th, 1946 in Chicago, IL to Henry and Louise Marsh. He spent much of his childhood in Plymouth, WI, along with his younger brother David. He received his Bachelors in Political Science at the University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh in 1968, and his Masters of Arts in Government at Ohio University in 1970.

Skip served as an active and reserve duty US Army Captain in the Infantry and Intelligence branches. His professional career included over 44 years of business experience, primarily in intelligence and security hardware programs. He held positions of increasing responsibility in marketing and technical fields, serving as a manager, director, and Vice President of various defense consulting organizations. His work took him to locations around the world, including Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Panama, and Germany, where he managed special operations programs in support of the US Army and Special Forces Groups. Domestically, Skip managed drug interdiction and surveillance hardware development programs for the National Narcotics Border Interdiction System and for the Office of National Drug Control Policy. He and his staff supported the FBI Crisis Response and Hostage Rescue Teams in the successful rescue of nine hostages at a federal correctional institution. In addition, Skip facilitated security and sensor projects for His Royal Highness Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia, as well as for President George Bush Sr.

Skip was an incredibly intelligent, inquisitive person—a lifelong student who committed to his interests with passion and intensity. Among his many hobbies, Skip was a lover of rodeo, country music, and cowboy poetry, and spent many summers bringing his family to Cheyenne Frontier Days and the Pikes Peak or Bust rodeos. He was an explorer of history, deeply immersing himself in Native American culture, the American West, World War II, and religious studies. He introduced his family to classic Hollywood movies, to Frank Sinatra and Carmen McRae, and to old radio shows. Skip also spent many years rescuing orphaned vintage radios from Ebay, which he lovingly restored.

Throughout his life, Skip embraced a “live for the moment” mentality. He was a dedicated athlete who participated in bowling and weight-lifting, and he deeply loved mountain biking on trails near his home and in the Garden of the Gods. He was a skilled marksman with rifles and handguns, and enjoyed teaching his wife these skills. Skip was a known car enthusiast and active member of the Sports Car Club of America, was the founder of the National Triumph Club of America, and was a pit-crew member for Formula One racing, among others. In his later years, his joy was his new GT350 Shelby Mustang, which he and his wife drove in the mountains for their Sunday dates. In addition to cars, Skip loved airplanes (specifically from World War II), and was thrilled when he was able to fly in a restored B-17 bomber, as well as a P-38 warbird from the Pacific Theater. His aviation interests also included the Colorado Springs Balloon Festival, which he attended with his family for many years.

Beyond his many passions, Skip was a wonderful friend, and had many friendships that lasted decades. He was known for his dry wit and sarcasm, his creative use of profanity, and his humorous stories. Skip was a mentor to many who imparted wise counsel and sound advice, and was described by those who knew him as “one of the good guys.” In his later years, Skip was an active member of Wilson United Methodist Church, where he shared his extensive knowledge of scripture and religious history. As part of their spiritual practice, Skip and his wife participated in the Lord's Dinner for six years, providing food for impoverished and homeless members of the community. In his personal life, Skip was a tender-hearted animal lover who was very gentle and sweet towards his family’s rescued cats, rabbits, and dogs. Most of all, Skip was a devoted husband, and best friend to his wife of 35 years.

Skip Marsh is survived by his wife, Jennie Stevens Marsh, and his two daughters, Cait Pfeifer (and her husband, Nick) and Alex Remy (and her husband, Jeremy). He is also survived by his brother, David Marsh; his sister-in-law, Cathy; his niece, Emily; an extended family of in-laws, nieces, and nephews; and his two hounds and six cats, who remain in the loving care of his wife.

A celebration of Skip's life will be held in May for family and friends. In lieu of flowers, please send donations in Skip’s honor to: Green Beret Foundation, 14402 Blanco Road, Suite 101, San Antonio, Texas 78216.


No services are scheduled at this time. Receive a notification when services are updated.

Henry Schuyler Marsh Jr.

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Monica Jakubowski

April 25, 2018

The first time I met Skip, it was 1975 and I had just started working at a defense contractor where Skip was already a VP. He showed me around, introduced me to people and showed me the ropes! We rode in his porsche, I remember! I was amazed at how at ease he was with everyone. He always had a smile and a kind word or greeting. He was such a good mentor. I learned a lot from him those first few months we worked together - lessons that became part of me as I grew in the business. Then I met Jennie and we became fast friends. We shared such a close friendship and it gave me great joy when Jennie and Skip met and feel in love. After that, I had the pleasure of getting to know them as a couple and sharing their life and their family. I still remember the great times I enjoyed with them and Cait and Alex when they were little ones and I was Aunt Monica - and I can't forget Denny the dog. The pictures are from those days in Great Falls, Virginia.
We were fortunate to be able to visit Jennie and Skip in beautiful Colorado Springs back when I was dating my husband. We had such a wonderful time reconnecting - it was like we picked up from where we left off in VA. My husband, who met them for the first time, was completely at ease.
Yes, God speed, my dear friend. You have left your legacy for us to remember you as a mentor, a warm and loving husband and father, and always a good friend.
Always remembering,
Monica & Mike Jakubowski

Nina McCane

March 20, 2018

We will miss you so much, Skip. 💝

Remembering the time that Skip took his father-in-law out for a ride in his green sports car.
It was the early 1980s and I had driven my father, Randy Stevens, Sr. to Virginia to see some of his children. Our dad, Randy, had Multiple Sclerosis. This would most likely be his last trip due to his illness.
Before taking all the kids out on a ride in his sports car with the roof down on a glorious spring afternoon, he asked my father if he would like to ride first. Dad had a huge smile on his face. He made his way to the car and was assisted in. Skip buckled him into his seat and off they went!
It was over half an hour before we heard them and then saw them come flying towards us down the street. Sunglasses were on and hair was whipping in the wind. My father was laughing and cheering and urging Skip to "Go faster"! They flew right by us, went to the other end of the street and back home.
Skip went to the passenger side to open the door for my dad. He helped him out. They shook hands and did the "guy hug" thing. 😊 Thank you dear Skip, for bringing such joy and laughter to my father and all his children. A beautiful memory.

Love you so very much.
God bless you in heaven. 💜

Eric and Amy Swierczek

March 19, 2018

As Skip and Jennie's wealth manager, I shared both a working and personal relationship that blossomed over the later years of Skip's journey. We shared a love of family, religions, investments, good health and of course music. Skip was one of the best when it came to his easy going personality and love of life. Skip would always embrace new adventures and I cannot recall ever floating something by him without an almost uncanny first hand knowledge of almost anything!

My fondest memories of Skip pertain to the many music concerts that we enjoyed throughout the years. He encouraged us to dress for the concerts and always fostered a sense of great fun and enthusiasm for our passions.

We treasure his ability to enhance even difficult situations and make the world a better place.

Skip, you will be missed and thank you for the love and kindness that is all too rare in today's busy world................................

Katie Alexander

March 18, 2018

Having Skip as my brother-in-law was an honor and a privilege. I'll never forget the day my wonderful sister Jennie and I were on our way down to Roanoke to visit our grandparents...all of a sudden the song "Sailing," by Christopher Cross came on the radio. In one fluid motion, Jennie pulled over on the side of the road, turned down the radio, lit a cigarette for each of us (a bad habit both of us gave up over 30 years ago) and gleefully exclaimed that she was in love! And that was the moment "Skippy" came into my life. With a limit of 2,000 words here, I won't be able to share all that I want to, so I will keep it to one of the very first fond memories I had with Skip. On May 1, 1982, a beautiful late spring day, I was at Jen and Skip's house the day before my wedding. My hairdresser was there doing a trial run on my locks for my special day. She did a beautiful job and used what seemed like gallons of hairspray to keep it in place. Shortly after she left, Skip begged me to go on a ride with him in his cool Porsche 911...a bit of "in-law bonding time." I gladly accepted. With the top down, we were off, taking to the highway at warp speed! I have not since taken an exit ramp that fast! When we got back, my beautifully coiffed hair was standing straight up and out...from the wind, not because I was scared stiff (which I was)! We all laughed SO hard! The next day, he joined us as a groomsman in our wedding. Thank you, Skippy, for being that ever-special person who came into our lives and swept my sister off her feet. Through the ups and downs, you were always there for her and for your girls. So, put the top down, step on the gas and live it up, dear Skip. I'll get in and go for a ride with ya somewhere down the road. I love you, I miss you and I will cherish all of the memories for always! Love, sister Kate

Ron Gordon

March 17, 2018

Linda and I met Skip in the Spring of 1975. Skip had placed an ad in the Washington Post looking for members to join his fledgling Triumph sports car club. That meeting began a dear friendship that lasted 43 years. Our bond was sports cars and racing but he never ceased to amaze me with his diversity of knowledge and talent. Rarely do you meet a person like Skip. I considered calling him a friend an absolute privilege.
When Linda and I look back on the special times in our life Skip was involved with many of them. When Skip, Jennie and the girls moved to Colorado although separated by 1600 miles Skip was only an email away. I would send him a picture of a car and he would return a story down to the most minute detail. The times that Skip, Jennie, Linda and I spent whether having a beer at the Green Parrot in Key West or passing through the Springs were precious to Linda and I.
Skip was family to our boys growing up with Skip always being around. I bought an old Porsche from Skip that he and I rode around in listening to Steppenwolf on the 8-track. Possessions come and go but not that old Porsche or the Steppenwolf tape.
I can see Skip with grease on his hands, enjoying a beer, having just repaired a TR transmission.

God Speed my friend !

Linda and Ron Gordon

Chante King

March 15, 2018

Skip kept his mountain bike at the San Diego DFT office. We were doing some cleaning and organizing in the storage room and so I asked Skip if he was planning to keep his bike in the office forever. He mailed me a bike hook. My prayers are with the family. -Chante