Marcile Marie Riber

December 11, 1926March 23, 2020

Marcile Marie Riber – classy and sassy; adventurous and strong; brilliant in mind and loving in heart – with the return of spring, flitted off nimbly to more northern climes on March 23, 2020 at the age of 93. She hatched on December 11th, 1926.

Classy and sassy, Marcile never left home without properly preening her hair and being nicely dressed and adorned. She was an independent and hardworking woman who spoke her mind with straightforwardness but also love and kindness. She stood up for what she believed in and defended those she loved.

Adventurous and strong, Marcile feared little in life and was known to say, "What's crying going to do but make your eyes puffy and your nose red?" She was brave when she needed to be, letting a tarantula crawl up her arm out of curiosity, and overcoming her fear of swimming so she could join water aerobics at the YMCA. She was a lifelong birder, touring the country extensively after retirement. She was a cross-country skier into her 60s. She was a volksmarcher into her 70s. She was a mall walker and enjoyed water aerobics into her 80s. She was a solver of world problems for 2 hours every single day over mocha lattes at McDonald’s with her dear friend Millie into her 90s.

Brilliant in mind and loving in heart, Marcile was an absolute word master and crossword pro. She was a walking dictionary and thoroughly enjoyed routing anyone fool enough to challenger her to Scrabble. She was a voracious reader, reading 3 – 4 books a week. She was book smart and wise – the smartest woman many people knew. She loved her family and her friends deeply. She gave the brightest and most reassuring hugs wrapping us in her small, but strong arms. She would crane her neck up to press her “so soft and wrinkly” face to yours, quietly cheep in your ear how much she loved you, and peck a kiss on your cheek. Safe and loved.

Her spirit of class, strength, adventure, brilliance, and love was so full with such a long life of experience, that it was seen flying off west of Colorado Springs with not one, but two eagles on the morning her spirit embarked.

Marcile, may your migration bring you the peace you deserve. We will continue to live with your spirit in our hearts – guiding us, emboldening us, strengthening us, and teaching us. We love you and can’t wait to see you again. Have the Scrabble board ready for us and keep those cards and letters coming!

Marcile’s Baby Birds: Son, Kenneth Carlson and family: Seuss, Roberts, Ellis, and Ochoa family members Daughter, Susan Talbott (Butch); Grandchildren, Stephanie Metheny (Tim), Kristen Ayala (Sergio), Aaron Talbott (Janae), and Ryan Talbott (Jennifer); Great Granddaughters, Brooklyn, Brittany, Casandra (Justin), Sabrina, Riley, Makenna, Isabella, Ava, and Nora; Great Great Grandchildren, Tamara, Cheyene, Rozlyn, Marcile, and Baby Boy.


  • Alan Riber, Husband (deceased)
  • Kenneth Carlson, Son
  • Susan Talbott (Butch), Daughter
  • Stephanie Metheny (Tim), Grandchild
  • Kristen Ayala (Sergio), Grandchild
  • Aaron Talbott (Janae), Grandchild
  • Ryan Talbott (Jennifer), Grandchild
  • Brooklyn, Great Grandchild
  • Brittany, Great Grandchild
  • Casandra, Great Grandchild
  • Sabrina, Great Grandchild
  • Riley, Great Grandchild
  • Makenna, Great Grandchild
  • Isabella, Great Grandchild
  • Ava, Great Grandchild
  • Nora, Great Grandchild
  • Tamara, Great Great Grandchild
  • Cheyene, Great Great Grandchild
  • Rozlyn, Great Great Grandchild
  • Marcile, Great Great Grandchild
  • Baby Boy, Great Great Grandchild


Marcile Marie Riber

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Jan Converse

March 28, 2020

Our deepest sympathy to the family. Marcile was a vibrant and valuable member of the Falcon Wanderers Volkssport Club for many years. She was a strong supporter of our events, usually volunteering to serve as a worker, and a determined walker, eager to share her love of exercise and the outdoors with others. We were fortunate to share her enthusiasm for life.

Kathryn Mannerberg

March 28, 2020

What a beautiful, lovely written obituary. Marcile and I are/were related thru my father (dec'd) Herbert Meyer of Hamler, OH. I didn't have the pleasure of spending much time with Marcile, and yet oddly enough found her on my mind/in my thoughts this past week. She's the type of person that makes me want to be a better person. Thank you for sharing her.

Darcy Ayen

March 28, 2020

Hugs & prayers to the family of Marcile, a dear lady and fellow member of our Ascension Lutheran family. What a beautiful tribute to her on this site. God be with you all.