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Nathan Andrew Travers

December 10, 1999March 1, 2021

Nate is a loss to our world. We lost our beloved Nate on March 1, 2021. A lifetime too soon. To say that he was amazing is an understatement. He could do anything and would help anyone! His love for all people and his inner desire to help all the time stands out as Nate’s defining quality. To mention his name invariably leads to stories of how brilliant and effective Nate was in everything he did. Like the crack of thunder that splits a stormy sky, hearts broke suddenly and devastated us all who knew and loved Nate. It is never about the date of birth or the date of one’s passing but all about the dash between and though Nate’s was tragically short his impact on the lives of others was extraordinary in every way. Nate was his mama‘s little sidekick, her little bundle of joy. Never have even the poets of old or the great sagas of literature ever described a more inviolable bond than the bond Nate had to his mama, Jessica, or Jessica‘s bond to Nate. She could not have done more or loved him more and neither could Nate have loved or adored her more. Mother and son, a bond unbreakable even by one’s death. Truer words were never applied to Nate and his mama. Not less can be said for the love that Nate had for his big brother Kalob or for his sisters, Christine, Renee and Jessica. Nor for his father, John Travers or his stepdad, Tracy Swena. Nate loved his entire family more than can ever be put into words here. Nate love to regale anyone who would listen to the stories of Trav, Papa his siblings and mama. No family could’ve ever have experienced a deeper loss. To know Nat was to love Nate, to admire him! Words seem like such small and insignificant things to try and express the soaring heights of our love for Nate and they fall woefully short of ever expressing the internal depths of our loss. Nate, your smile, laugh, and spirit will forever be etched into the walls of our hearts. Oh how we will rejoice to see you again. We will spend our life celebrating yours... We hear you in the retort of a marksman’s shot, smell you in the chefs finest dish, and see you in the expert hands of the mechanic. In every practical joke and all the laughter your memory finds fertile soil. We will miss you Nathan Travers, but this is not goodbye, for we know we will see you again in our Father’s house. We carry your heart in our hearts. We love you so very much.


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Nathan Andrew Travers

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Skylee Callaway

March 26, 2021

Man where do I even being ........ you were such a good friend and person. I will always remember our adventures 4 wheeling in the jeep fixing the mustang to staying at your house with Ant . You are going to be missed. I’m lost for words. Fly high my dude ! Rest easy. Love ya.

Charlotte Nolan

March 25, 2021

Nathon my best memories of you are you as a little boy .I’m really at a loss on words .You will be missed

Dominique Vaughn

March 23, 2021

I'm so lost for words. I remember you always coming over and hanging out with Anthony and I as kids, all the way to our teenage years. Imma miss you bro you were like a brother to me. I'm so heartbroken I can't stress it enough. I love you,Nathan..💔😞

John Travers

March 15, 2021

Since you have passed , you are and always will be in my heart each and every day. From this day until my last day . You are an inspiration to all who knew you and to me ! You had such amazing qualities, too many to list . I do remember you at only 6 yrs old , and you insisted on helping me put in a garden , well after working all day long , unlike most kids your age you never asked for anything , your reward was being able to help as was your way at 6 yrs old and for the rest of your life . You were always there for your family , and anyone in need . I’ll always be proud of the person you were , And as the family went you always were there for all of your family. The love you had for your mother was also unparalleled!! And for your brother and sister s and all your family . Now that you have passed. , I’m sure your at peace. And I know there will never be a day that pass s that I’m not thinking about you ! I love and miss you son. But I know your with us now and forever , Rest In Peace my son

Krystal Smith

March 10, 2021

Nathan, how you will be missed...
I can think of a lot of things that I could share, like how JJ went into labor with you while babysitting me, or how we played hide-and-seek as kids, or how you made the best & randomest food combinations...
But what I remember most is how much you truly loved your family and animals, and how they loved you back—and that love will last forever.

Jodi Tekubie

March 10, 2021

I'm sad to say that I did not know you as you grew into an adult. I do remember baby sitting you as little baby with your big ol chubby cheeks, cute little smile and round big head. I hope you have found the peace you were needing. JJ- I know there is no comfort at a time like this for your loss. You are not alone. We are here for you, we love you, we support you and we know what you are going through. All I can say is remember the good times even when it hurts. Love and prayers for you all.

Leah Strom

March 10, 2021

Honestly, I don’t know what to say. What I do know is that when people pass away they stay in the hearts of the people that love them forever and Nathan will forever be in many peoples hearts.

Jessica Travers

March 9, 2021

Nathan, my brother you’re missed so much! I still can’t find the words. I thought of you today, but that is nothing new,I thought of you yesterday and will tomorrow too. In memory of a special brother so full of loving deeds who always filled our hearts with laughter and joy, someone who loved to bring a smile as he went on his way and never failed to brighten up a dark and gloomy day, someone who’ll never know how much he’s missed and thought about, for when he left it seemed as if the stars had all gone out. Brother you meant so very much in every single way and you’re remembered with much love today and every other day until we meet again in my heart you’ll be.

Tracy Swena

March 9, 2021

Nate, What can I say? I have cried more in the past week than in the past decade. I keep thinking of the nights you and I sat alone talking until the early morning hours. We talked about your mama your brother Kalob, papa and Trav. We shared so many stories. But we also talked about your future and our family. We had plans. I cannot fathom the pain you are in to have made this decision, but I know that it must have been unbearable. All of our lives we will remember you and how extaordinary you were. Your intelligence was staggering. You had a working knowledge of everything. I admired so much that you could cook like a chef, fix anything and build things that only a genius mind could.
I saw something during our last visit, a fleeting look that passed between us. It lasted only a moment but I knew in that moment you and I were connected. You loved how I love your mama. You told me how grateful you were that your mama was as happy as you could ever remember.
Nate, I had so much to learn from you, we had so much to share together and I am heart broken we wont have that in this life. Rest easy, Nate, knowing that I am the rock that will forever hold your mama in the safety and love you wanted for her. And while you hover above her, I will stand beside her in all of her times of need. I love you little buddy and I will miss you and our talks.
Be at peace.
I am and will remain in loving memory of you.
Love Always,
Your Stepdad, Tracy

Jessica Swena

March 9, 2021

I know how troubled your mind was. How much you were going through. Yet through It all you always loved and worried about me. Your poor mind, body and soul just needed a break. You just wanted some peace and rest. Unfortunately our system, this world and some people failed you tragically. It is so unfair, so sad and so devastating. I know baby boy. I know. It’s ok. Mama understands and I hope you carry that with you too and finally get the rest and peace now that you have so needed. You will never be forgotten. I will continue to fight and be strong on your behalf. No one could ever love someone as much as I love you. You will be deeply missed beyond belief. I love you so much baby boy, to the moon and back. May you be at peace now my son. Til we meet again.

Love Always & Forever,