Gerald Dennis Clobes

July 11, 1938July 11, 2020

Gerald "Jerry" Clobes, age 82, had his final sunset on Saturday, July 11, 2020 in Florida. Gerald's sunrise was July 11, 1938 in Minnesota.

He is preceded in death by his wife, Joanne; son, Joseph; granddaughter, Jadette Vertina; parents; brothers, Richard and Loren Clobes.

Gerald is survived by his daughter, Julie (Jeff) Vertina; son, Jeffrey Clobes; 5 granddaughters; 6 great-grandchildren; siblings, Darlene Lindelof, Don (Barb) Clobes, Mardee Jerde, and Carole Sather; and many nieces and nephews.

Please join us to celebrate Jerry's life on Saturday, June 19th, 2021, at Church of St. Timothy, 707 89th Ave NE, Blaine. Service will be held at 11:00 am with interment to follow at Morningside Memorial Gardens in Coon Rapids.

Luncheon will be held at 1:30 - 3:30 pm at Blainbrook Bowl Entertainment Center, 12000 Central Ave NE, Blaine.

Fond memories and expressions of sympathy may be shared below for the Clobes family.


Gerald Dennis Clobes

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Sandra (Reach) Eisenzimmer

June 14, 2021

The last time I saw Gerry was in Florida, what a nice visit we had he reminded me that he used to rock and cradle me when I was a baby. I used to walk up his legs as I grew up and make my way to his shoulders. What a wonderful laugh he always had no matter what he found the brightness and joy . When I would come to Minnesota to visit my brother, Toots and Gerry would always make sure to find time to visit me. Some times Roger and JoAnn would also met with us. I never told them how much this ment to me to be able to have them to keep those ties which ment so much. I remember his hearty laugh even the last time I saw him. I called him when there was a hurricane headed his way and asked if he wanted to come stay with us on the other coast. Naturally he said no but we could come there and ride it out with a big chuckle. When the darn thing turned and headed towards us he called me and laughing said we could come there. We both had one heck of a laugh when it missed both of us. Gerry I will always miss your laugh and memories you shared with me of my dad who I never knew, how you, Joann Roger and Toots kept me connected. Don't cause too much fun up there but enjoy yourself and keep up that laugh and kindness.
Always Sandie

Dr. Deborah Niedermiller

June 12, 2021

Whenever Gerald brought his pets into the veterinary clinic he came in with a big smile and the brightest attitude I have ever seen. It was always a pleasure to see him and we always looked forward to his visits. You could always count on him to warm your day and put the problems of the day into perspective. He was truly one of my favorite "A list" people. Even when he became sick he was a trooper and I wondered how one could be so chipper and courageous at the same time. I am sure his memory and his inspiration to see the bright side of everything lives on in all his family and friends. It was an honor to know him. Till we meet again.

Andy Panda

June 12, 2021

Andy Panda

June 12, 2021

Andy Panda

June 12, 2021

Andy Panda

June 12, 2021

We sure had a lot of fun back in the day. Some of the best memories was all of different roasts we had. All the different contraptions we would come up with to cook the critters. We had to get a bigger spigot when we started getting bigger pigs. The one we used for the goat roasts just wasn't big enough anymore. Pa's fancy pegs with horse shoes on em wasn't high enough for the big pigs. Ended up using Jerry's pipe frame he built for roasting em. No matter how they turned out. They tasted great! Raw or burnt
One of the pig roasts Claude the basset hound was staring at the pig. I can only imagine what was going through his mind. The pig and the dog were best buds that hung out in the back yard together.
There was always something going on. The fireworks displays(competition) /bottle rocket fights. Then there was the Halloween pranks. Jerry would try and tip over the outhouse. After the first year Pa wrapped the outhouse in bobwire the next year. Then Pa dug a new hole for the outhouse the following year. He had to help Jerry out it.
They fixed the ladder that was between our backyards. Said it was for us kids. We new the truth. It was for the drunks going back and forth from bonfire to bonfire/party to party.

Have fun throwing them shoes with the rest of the guys up there ya ol' Fart

Terry Bedard

June 7, 2021

I have known Jerry for almost my entire life and here's a few of my memories .....I remember going to the Clobes house and being amazed at the Ducks and Rabbits and grabbing a fist full of grass and feeding them all
( including the Ducks, I was clueless) and Jerry telling me that those are Dinner Ducks and once again being clueless on what that meant. ( not anymore I got it when Julie told me , Thanks for the nightmares Julie). I live in Florida now and I spent some time with Jerry , Julie and Jeff and had a wonderful time . I
loved him and will miss him

Mar Ann Pulaski

June 3, 2021

Years ago when we were neighbors to Joanne and Joe in Mounds View the guys used to snowmobile and take some drinks with them. One time my husband, Sid, took off and got lost and Jerry had to find him and bring him home. Jerry found him passed out in a snow bank.

Lyndsey Edwards

June 1, 2021

Oh Gramps, I have a lifetime of memories with you. It's so hard to pick just a few but I will do my best. I will never forget the time you gave me a "dip of your snuff" and I sat on the driveway feeling so sick!! You just laughed your hearty laugh and told me to spit it out. Or the time we went water skiing and you told me I was supposed to be learning how to ski, not take an enema. All the fishing trips (even the one where I got so sea sick and you laughed at me.) You said...I don't know who flopped around more, you or the fish! All the late night bon fires, staying in the camper in the yard, you teaching me how to use face time! You had me come over after grandma passed, 5 months pregnant, on a ladder, cleaning all the light fixtures with you. Then you told me I looked like a needed a whopper, so we went to the BK! Im going to miss making even more memories. You will never be forgotten. Your memory will live on for as long as we continue to talk about you. Rest easy grandpa. I know you're loving being reunited with grandma 💕💕

donna smith

May 31, 2021

Jerry, Jerry, Jer.
miss your funny face and jokes. We somehow became good friends after we lost so many. Had a lot of good times together. back in the day! we would go to church together and then go have some Sunday cocktails! Went riding a few times together. He was always so fun to be with. He will be missed by many . Sucks he left us on our birthday. peace be with you Jer