Michele Marie (Tiller) Addington

November 26, 1962March 21, 2018
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Michele Marie (Tiller) Addington, age 55 of Anoka passed away March 21, 2018.

She is survived by her 3 Children, Jeff Addington, Jamie (Mike) O'Neel, and Jade Addington; her Parents, James and Dedra Tiller; Siblings, Mike Tiller, Mark (Lori) Tiller, and Misty (Justin) Laney; and Nieces and Nephews; other Family and Friends.

~Services~ 7:00 PM Monday, April 2, 2018 at Gearhart Funeral Home 11275 Foley Blvd. NW, Coon Rapids, Minnesota with visitation beginning at 5:00 PM.


  • She is survived by her 3 Children, Jeff Addington, Jamie (Mike) O'Neel, and Jade Addington; her Parents, James and Dedra Tiller; Siblings, Mike Tiller, Mark (Lori) Tiller, and Misty (Justin) Laney; and Nieces and Nephews; other Family and Friends


  • Visitation Monday, April 2, 2018
  • Service of Remembrance Monday, April 2, 2018

Michele Marie (Tiller) Addington

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Jade Addington

December 3, 2018


If roses grow in heaven,
Lord pleae pick a bunch for me,
Place them in my Mother’s arms
and tell her they’re from me.

Tell her I love her and miss her,
and when she turns to smile,
place a kiss upon her cheek
and hold her for awhile.

Because remembering her is easy,
I do it every day,
but there’s an ache within my heart
that will never go away.

Jade Addington

December 3, 2018

My mom wasn't perfect.

She was stubborn and sassy. Sometimes she would pick a fight with you just to watch your blood boil. Then, she would smile, and say, in her unique Michele way, "I loove you" and you had to forgive her.

She didn't cook. This woman burnt frozen pizza more than anyone I have ever met. She didnt even atempt to make dinner unless it was a roast you could throw in the crock pot and forget about it. To this day, I can't replicate it. There was something so delicious about that simple chunk of meat sprinkled with onion soup and neglected for 12 hours.

She hated driving, so when it came time for my drivers ed, there was a lot of grabbing the "oh crap handle". JADE. THE CURB. JADE. THERE IS A PERSON IN THE CROSSWALK A MILE AWAY, DONT HIT THEM. JADE. YOU ARE GOING 30 IN A 45. SLOW DOWN. She always moved her foot as if there was a brake pedal on her side. Let's just say, I fibbed about how many hours I drove to get my permit, because I refused to leave a parking lot with her on the passenger side.

She loved music- but sang most of the lyrics wrong. I will look up a song that I think I know by heart, only to realize I have been singing it wrong my whole life. Thanks, mom.
She could be bossy. Her last two weeks on Earth were filled with orders. During my childhood, I was the one to do the dirtywork, but for the last few weeks, Jamie was the favorite daughter. "Grab me this. Go get me that. Rub my back. Ugh. Where is Jamie? I need Jamie. She doesnt need so many directions."

One morning in the hospital, around 6:30 am or so, I woke up to one of our favorite nurses asking mom if she needed anything. Near the end, she couldn't eat or drink nearly anything, but they did allow her to have ice chips. After the nurse turned back to the computer, I rose off the cruddy pull out chair they had for family. A cheery voice met me. "Good morning, hunny. How about some chips?"

I got bullied in school for being too much of a tom boy. My mom would tell me about the antics her and her guy friends would pull in high school. The trip to the grand cannon was brought up more times than I can count. She encouraged me to be who I was, and to hang out with who I wanted, no matter what the kids at school said. "I never liked girls much, either" she would tell me and laugh.

My mom was definitely not perfect.

But she was kind. Intelligent. Effortlessly gorgeous. And she loved with all her heart. Something I will always cling to in times of pain is the fact that her last words to my sister and me were "I love you too."

In those final hours, I was devastated that I would never see my mom again. Not on this plane of existence anyway.

But over the last two weeks without her, I have realized that that isn't true. I get to see and hear my mom every day.

When I talk to my gramma, I hear my mom's compassion. When I am around my grandpa, I
see mom's intellegence and no B.S. attitude.

When I listen to my brother's stories about his teenage shenanigans, I see my mom's mischievous sense of adventure. He has been tamed over the last few years out of necessity and for the good of the public, but he still carries that wild child gene.

And when I look at my sister, I see my mom's strength. And her attitude. Sometimes when she talks, I hear mom's voice. Because of the age difference, Jamie has always been like a second mom. During mom's final hours, Jamie held me and told me she would always be there for me. And I knew then that I was in good hands.

This morning, I woke up and walked to the bathroom. I was going about my buisness when I looked up at my reflection. I could see my mom's forehead. I have her nose and her cheek bones. The glasses I get from my dad, but my irises shift colors like my mom's did. She gifted me her beautiful blonde hair, but I am still waiting for those curls that she told me come to Tiller women as they age.

Most of all though, I would like to think I have mom's spirit. Her light. That something that made everyone that met her love her. I want to carry that with me, so I can be a little slice of mom for my family.

I didnt know how to end this speech. So I thought I would lighten the mood with quotes from Judge Judy, one of mom's idols. I know she would want me to end with some sassy but good advice.

"Don't try to teach a pig to sing. It doesn't work and it annoys the pig. Case dismissed. Good bye. Have a happy life."

Brian Moore

March 28, 2018

I am sorry to hear about your loss. May the hope found at Acts 24:15 bring you comfort during this difficult time.

J. Moore/Volunteer

March 23, 2018

To the Family of Michele Addington,
So sorry to learn about the loss of your Dear Loved One, Michele. Please know that so many people share your grief with you to help you through this difficult time of sorrow. Please accept my deepest condolences as we await the time when Christ Jesus will awaken all those who have fallen asleep in death; including your Beloved, Michele.
(John 11:41-44)



Michele Marie (Tiller) Addington wore many hats; a daughter, a sister, a mother, an aunt, a friend. To all who came in contact with Michele, she was someone special. She will be remembered as an exceptional person.
Michele was born to James and Dedra Tiller on November 26th, 1962 at 11:03pm at the Swedish Hospital in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Growing up in Fridley, MN, she was described as a beautiful, doll-like baby by her grandmother, Mildred Ness. Michele was adored by her mother and grandmother, who would often dress her in lavish clothing and style her hair.
As a young girl, Michele had a number of interests. Like most children, she enjoyed playing and making up games. She was an active child who played softball, and partook in pop up games of football with the boys at school and in the neighborhood. Michele was the oldest of four children. Her siblings include two younger brothers, Mike and Mark, and her younger sister Misty. Michele was described as a wonderful big sister, though her and her siblings experienced rivalries typical of a growing family. One of Michele’s most vivid memories with her siblings was when her little brother, Mark, broke his leg sledding and she had to bring him all the way home, dragging him behind her on the sled. She was so concerned then for her sibling, but would tell the story with a smile in her tone, fondly remembering taking care of her brother.
Though she was sweet and kind, Michele also had a sassy side; a fact many remember fondly. One of her father’s favorite stories about his daughter is when, during a mild disagreement between himself and the little blonde spitfire, Michele stuck out her tongue at the back of her father’s head, which he quickly called her out for. She was so shocked that he had caught her without even turning around, she accepted defeat and the argument dissipated.
Not unlike her younger self, Michele was a rambunctious teenager. She recounted many fond memories of getting into mischief with her partner in crime- her younger brother, Mike. Her days included attending Fridley High School in the Class of 1982, where she was a member of the marching band, flag football and ski team. She had many close friends, including Mike, Mark, and Roland. She was also very close to her cousin, who she affectionately called “Kimmy” Searles. Michele was active in some local clubs, including Future Farmers of America, and won an award at the Minnesota State Fair for her terrarium. Her nights included working at Zantigo and causing trouble around town. She would recount getting off of work late at night and going to the local waterfront to take a dip with coworkers to rid herself of the “fryer smells”.
A memory she shared frequently from her high school years was when she played hooky from school to go see her brand new baby sister, Misty, in the hospital. Michele even helped pick out her name. At 18 years old, there was a large age difference between the sisters. Michele would pamper her little sister, bringing her to see her friends and showing her off around town.
As a young adult, Michele was care-free and adventurous. After graduation, Michele, Mike, Mark and Roland took a trip to the Grand Canyon with only, “themselves, a car, a cooler of food, some empty milk jugs and a tarp.” The mornings were filled with hiking and exploring until it was too hot to move. In the afternoon, they would soak in the small streams of water, and at night they would sleep on benches, picnic tables, or in bushes under the tarp. The conditions sound like something out of a survivalist journal, but this is how these kids decided to have fun. By some miracle, they all made it home alive and unharmed. When she wasn’t gallivanting across the United States, her hobbies included skiing and bowling. She often recounted her memories of traveling to Colorado to fly down the mountains.
During the spring of 1983, Michele received the news that she was carrying a bouncing baby boy. On January 2nd, 1984, Michele gave birth to Jeffrey James Addington, and fulfilled one of her dreams of being a mother. Soon after, on March 2nd, 1984, Michele exchanged wedding vows with James Thomas Addington at the courthouse of Hennepin County, Minnesota. Along with her rough and tumble boy, Michele was blessed with her daughter, Jamie, on April 16th of 1987 and daughter Jade on October 1st, 1995.
Michele was committed to nurturing and providing for her family. She worked hard to be a good mother to her children and she did her best to fulfill their needs. Fortunately, Michele enjoyed what she did for a living. Showing a strong work ethic, Michele worked diligently and did her best to succeed in her career. She worked as a legal secretary for her father for over 30 years. Michele always sought to be a team player, doing what was necessary in order to get the job done.
In addition to bowling, Michele enjoyed her leisure time by taking part in various other hobbies. She loved to dance and sing, often busting a groove to KQRS during household chores or car rides. Michele was also a sports fan and enjoyed following her favorite events whenever she had the chance to do so. She was a passionate Vikings fan, much to the dismay of her cheese-head children, and enjoyed the Twins and Wild. Michele was also a fiery hockey mom, who found herself being asked to leave some of her children’s games for being too eager to point out the referee’s flaws. Michele enjoyed traveling and time away on vacations. It was a chance for her to renew and relax, to visit new places and experience new things. Michele loved going to Hawaii, Florida and Mexico, as these places promised adventure and time on the beach, soaking up the sun. Michele’s faith was important to her. She was a member of St. Stephen's Catholic Church, and sent her two daughters to school there.
Michele was a lover of animals and cherished her pets. She told stories of bringing home several pets as a child (which Jim and Dedra did not enjoy as much as Michele did), and caring for countless strays in her young adulthood. Chaz, a shih tzu, was her best friend for 14 years and Bobbie, a yorkshire terrier, was her buddy for 15. She passed her love for animals along to her children, and always loved to have furry family members in the house while her children grew up.
Michele passed away on March 21, 2018 at Mercy Hospital in Coon Rapids, MN. She was surrounded by her children, Jeff, Jamie (Mike) and Jade, her parents James and Dedra, her brothers Mike and Mark (Lori) and sister Misty (Justin) and many nieces and nephews. Her service was held at the Gearhart Funeral Home in Coon Rapids, MN. She was laid to rest near one of her favorite people, her grandmother, at Sunset Memorial Park Cemetery in St. Anthony, Minnesota.
Simply stated, Michele was a genuine and kind person, an individual who will for all time be remembered by her family and friends as being caring and giving, someone who was a vital part of their lives. Michele leaves behind her a legacy of life-long adventure and many cherished memories. Everyone whose life she touched will always remember Michele Marie (Tiller) Addington.