Rodrick Todd Buckner

July 9, 1985October 28, 2020

Rodrick Todd Buckner was born in Cleveland, Ohio on July 9, 1985 and passed away in his home in Los Angles on October 28, 2020. He was 35.

Todd was a kind, intelligent, and independent child. He had a strong sense of justice, dressing as Batman, not just for many consecutive Halloweens, but often and for any occasion or destination. He was a boy scout and throughout his life he carried their values with him. He was relentlessly honest. He was defiant and resolute in standing against injustice and doing what he felt was right.

He had a huge appetite for life, in all its transiency, absurdity, darkness, and potentiality. He delighted in questioning those who had given up trying to find answers and in seeking them himself. But the questioning was never malicious, Todd was an idealist and chronic optimist. He was frighteningly funny, with the kind of humor that could create instant laughter and thought, that cut to the core of hypocrisy. He was a wit, and he was a philosopher.

His laughter was evocative and luminous. His voice was booming, commanding, and heartwarming all at once. Todd had a brilliant and analytical mind. He studied pre-med, philosophy, and majored in Political Science at Whittier College. While attending Whittier College, Todd forever captured the heart of his lifelong partner and love Christina Marie Arganda. They lived happily together in Los Angles with their Bengal cat Hendrix. They loved concerts, music festivals, searching through record stores, gardens, hiking, dive bars, fine dining, musicals, ballet, live comedy, museums, art, and most of all each other.

Though he kept his heart guarded and often secreted away, he loved deeply. He loved Christina and always took care of her. He loved his family and his friends. He loved his shepherd mix Rex, and he loved every dog he ever met, and every dog loved him back. He loved animals and would do anything to help any animal.

Todd loved nature. He loved to hike and backpack through the forests of Ohio and along the Appalachian Trail in his youth, and then in the Sequoias, Topanga, and the Santa Monica Mountains. He was an environmentalist, who loved forests and trees. He loved anime, comic books, science fiction, and stand-up comedy. He loved single malt scotch, Italian wine, and a well-made martini. Todd loved the Los Angeles Philharmonic and was particularly entranced by the string section. He could frequently be found with Christina at the Hollywood Bowl in the summer and the Walt Disney Concert Hall in the winter.

He was preceded in death by his Grandfather Roy Wallace Buckner Jr., his childhood friend Calvin Singleton, and his beloved pets Rex and Murder Cat. He is survived by his partner and love of 13 years Christina Marie Arganda, his Grandmother Kathryn Bucker, his mother Autumn, his beloved siblings Janel, William, Dorothy, and Ricky, and so many wonderful friends. He touched so many lives and hearts and he will be so greatly missed.

Todd’s ashes will be returned to his home and eventually to the forest, so that he may live on as a tree. In honor of Todd’s love of nature and forests, in lieu of flowers, please consider a donation towards reforestation via One Tree Planted (, The Nature Conservancy (, or The Arbor Day Foundation (

“Too weird to live, too rare to die!”



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Rodrick Todd Buckner

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Bill Arganda

November 20, 2020

I am so thankful for the love that Rodrick had for my baby girl, Christina!! I will never be able to express enough, the peace we had knowing that they were together. We will miss his infectious laugh and wonderful smile.

Janel Martin

November 20, 2020

I miss my older brother so much. I thought that we would have more time together. More time to grow closer. More time to talk. More time for him to see me finally finish school and be successful. I had so many plans for our future. I wanted to come to LA and visit him and finally see where he lives, fun things to do, and just spend time with him and Christina. I would have never thought in a million years my own brother would pass away at such a young age. No one could prepare me for the pain I feel. I lost my big brother, he was the only person in the world that made me a little sister. He always used to put up with me. I was the most annoying little girl, and he would always share with me and he loved me so much. I was his first little sibling, his first baby sister. I want to say to Todd, I love you so much and you mean the world to me. I'm sorry I didn't reach out more and I hope I get to see you again. love your little sister,

Autumn Buckner Solomon

November 20, 2020

The story of Rex
Todd always wanted a dog. We went to the local shelter and picked out a puppy but he was too sick for us to keep. Todd was so sad. The shelter called us weekly to come and she a puppy they had and it was never the right one... until Rex. We went to see yet another puppy and this time here comes this little Shepard mix puppy with HUGE ears. Todd fell in love immediately. We took him home and their friendship blossomed. He had that little dog housebroken in a week and Rex NEVER had an accident in the house the entire 17 years we had him. He went every where with Todd. When Todd went away to college Rex was sooo sad. When Todd would come him for Christmas all I had to say was "Airport" and Rex would jump in the van and go with me to get Todd from the Airport. He would sit in the front seat until Todd came walking out. He was sooo excited to see Him. This went on for years. Rex loved Todd and Todd loved Rex

Kathryn Buckner

November 19, 2020

On July 9th. 1985, Rodrick had to get out of his mom's body, she having elevated blood pressure and head aches.
So we went to the hospital.
It seemed like a very long time. But he got here. He was handed to me in the delivery room, while the doctor attended to his mom. He was beautiful.
Looked me right in my eyes. No crying.
He urinated on me.
We told him the story, and he always claimed he remembered christening me when he was born. Yes, he was joking even as a little boy.
He loved Halloween. He dressed as Batman as often as he could.
Rodrick, I love you, you are always with me. You have always been beautiful inside and out. Your spirit will live in us all forever. You made me know what it is to love so purely!
I thank God for giving me 35 years as your grandma.

Dorothy Martin

November 18, 2020

I would’ve never moved to LA if my brother didn’t already live there. I guess you could say I was following him, when I found a school out there I couldn’t wait to tell him. He picked me up from the airport and took me to visit the school and some LA landmarks like Santa Monica peir and not long after my visit I officially moved to the west coast. He took me to my meeting with the school advisor and asked all the essential questions that I didn’t think to ask, my advisor later gushed about how he was so charming and smart and it was yet another reason to be grateful and proud to be his little sister.

Dorothy Martin

November 18, 2020

One Christmas when Todd came home from college he brought me a stuffed animal, it was a black and brown hound dog that I named Todd and it was my security blanket when he returned to the west coast for school. It sat on my bed everyday and when I needed extra strength or love I’d reach for it. In adulthood my “Todd” is a kindle he gave me when I moved to LA. Once again I was so extremely grateful of his gesture, it was never about the gift it was the fact that he thought of me enough to give me something at all, something useful. He could’ve given me shoes that are three sizes too big and id still be ecstatic because I’m sentimental and anything from him felt like a grand gesture. Just like my stuffed animal I kept my kindle with me at all times, like a security blanket, no matter where I was going I’d put it in my bag as though I planned on reading all over the city. I’ve crammed it into so many bags that it got a hairline scratch on the screen and after that I gave it a break from my cluttered bags because I didn’t want to ruin it. I think he’d find it funny and endearing that I held so tightly to his gifts.

Dorothy Martin

November 18, 2020

As a child my brother showed me patience and compassion, never did he make me feel like a burden nor an annoying little sister (though I’m sure I was at times). When my other siblings picked at me he was my first line of defense and never failed to come to my rescue, and even in adulthood he treated me like the child he’d known so many years ago. Taking me to ballets, tea parties, and museums, all the things that catered to my hearts happiness. The way my brother showed his love for me was through care, concern, protection and wisdom. He took care of me without hesitation and I always wanted to be able to return the favor one day, take him to shows and buy him dinner like he’s done for me so many times. I’d hoped he’d get to see me grow as a woman, I’d hoped that one day I’d be able to relish in my successes with him and tell him how much he’s impacted my life. I owe him so much. To me he is the greatest gift I could have ever been granted and my heart will always ache knowing all we have now is memories; memories that will be cherished forever. To the kindest, most loving big brother I love you forever.

Autumn Buckner Solomon

November 17, 2020

My Wonderful Son, my baby boy. I miss you so very much. You should not be gone, you should still be here with us. My heart is shattered. You are now with Rex again. I hope you are throwing the ball for him. I love you

Christine Morris

November 16, 2020

Sweetest young man. My cousin’s oldest son, so young. When you were born I held you as often as I could. We were teenagers, you were our doll!! It’s devastating. You are loved and will be missed terribly.


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