David Hayden

March 31, 1950July 31, 2020

Henry David Hayden- husband, father, grandfather, friend, volunteer, and jokester, passed away Friday, July 31, 2020, after a courageous 11-year battle with cancer. He loved the Lord, his family, and his friends, and was the perfect example of servant leadership.

David was born and raised in Dallas, attended W.T. White High School, and the University of Texas. It was in college that he met the love of his life, Linda Massad. David joined the Mike Massad Agency and became a top producer and leader in the life insurance field.

He dedicated much of his life to the Salesmanship Club of Dallas. David spent countless hours serving as Camp Board Chairman in 2011, Membership Committee Chairman, Nominating Committee Chairman, and served on the Board several times. He participated in the Reading Buddy Program weekly and spent five years reading with his buddy, Oscar. He also served on many committees for the Byron Nelson Golf Tournament for 35 years, most noticeably on the Concessions Team. Dutch, what his grandkids called him, loved pickles, hot sauce, enchiladas with no onions, and a good barbeque sandwich. He loved his quiet time with the Lord every morning, fireworks displays at New Year’s and 4th of July, spending time at the lake swimming and fishing and going shooting with his family. Everyone who knew David was familiar with his undeniable sense of humor. Whether it was using his laser pointer during meetings, throwing pencils into ceilings, or giving bizarre keepsakes, he kept people laughing.

David was a dedicated husband to Linda. They were married 46 years and loved to travel and see the world, including Africa, Saint Thomas, Germany, Holland, and East Texas. He was also a devoted father to Holland and Kelly, father-in-law to Kolin and Michael, and grandfather to Joshua, Cooper, Elliott, Casson, and Henry. David was a fiercely loyal friend and an unwavering Christian.

A private service will follow when possible.

In lieu of flowers, you may send donations to the Salesmanship Club of Dallas and Highland Country Fellowship Church Dallas.


No public services are scheduled at this time. Receive a notification when services are updated.


David Hayden

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DeLene Gilbert

August 9, 2020

We have so many sweet fun memories of wonderful times spent with David & Linda! We had lake time when we were visiting the Harris', we shared a helicopter over beautiful waterfalls in Hawaii , fun times cruising Alaska, and seeing lots of animals together (including a bear!) in Yellowstone National Park, Montana! Lots of laughs with lots of love and strong faith.
I am sad for us he left behind but so happy he is now healthy and happy sitting at the feet of our Lord! Bet he is telling jokes in heaven right now. We are comforted knowing we WILL see him again one day! Prayers for all of the Hayden family.

Sherry Martin

August 9, 2020

I have known David since he was 17 so I have too many wonderful, funny memories to write down, I love this quote though: "There are some who bring a light so great to the world that even after they have gone, the light remains." That is so true about David. He learned his great love of family at his Mother's knee. Miss you always. Sherry

Pat Brandenburg

August 7, 2020

David was a faithful friend for 50+ years. We were pledge brothers at UT in 1969. We were in each other’s weddings. We dropped out of college together. We began our walk with Jesus together. Now David’s faith walk is complete. He has fought the good fight of faith and is now with Jesus in the place that was prepared for him from the beginning of time. I will always be thankful to have had David as my friend. As was said, however, he did have his humorous side. In the fall of 1971 after a couple of years of partying and drifting, we and another pledge brother, Duke Garwood, dropped out and went to Colorado. David’s sister lived in Greeley. That was where David and I got jobs, working outside, driving forklifts, in the winter. We unloaded 18 wheeler trailers filled with pallets of flat unformed boxes that we would put on an elevator to go up to a room where a machine formed them into boxes. Occasionally we would go inside to the box room and have some spare time so we had knife throwing contests, sticking knives in the boxes from varying distances. David was a good knife thrower. Once I had to take some pallets around to another portion of the plant and it was snowing hard. David was inside and was supposed to open the door where I would lift the boxes on the forklift up to another level about 7 feet above me. The forklift had a thin mesh screen of sorts on the top. I drove up and started to lift the boxes up only to see David open the door with a huge snowball about two feet in diameter with this silly grin that only David could make. He proceeded to loft it straight up in the air about 10 feet to come down right on top of me on the forklift. It covered me in snow. As mad as I was we laughed till we almost cried. He was a good snowball maker. Above all, David was a Jesus loving faithful man, husband, father, grandfather, and friend. As much as I will miss him, I know he is with the Lord and at peace and fully restored and I know I will see him again.

amanda hellberg

August 7, 2020

We will always remember the years of attending the Dallas Summer Musicals with David and Lynda and how much David loved Hope. He was smitten from day one and it never changed. Thank you for all the years of loving my daughter. She still has the stuffed dog he won her at the fair when she was 3. We will cherish our reviews of the musicals, especially the bad ones like “Yucky Doodle Dandy”. We looked forward to seeing the two of you as much as we did the show. We love y’all and rejoice that David is whole and no longer suffering. We will miss miss though. Praying for you Lynda and your family. Love and prayers,

Mark Samara

August 6, 2020

We have lost a very good man in David. I looked forward to seeing him every year at our family reunions just to sit down and chat with him because I never knew what was going to come out of his mouth-but I did know that he would make me laugh for sure.

David could talk to anyone about anything and at times you could tell he wasn't feeling well but he would never let that stop him. He was a fighter to the very end and we are all blessed for having known him. Heaven is a better place today.

Jim Wills

August 6, 2020

David was one of my biggest supporters upon returning from alcohol rehab almost ten years ago. He started sending me George Etheredge's Thought For The Day, which I read every morning and forward (because I am a techno idiot and don't know how to sign them up. David would appreciate that!) to anyone that comes to me for addiction help.
Funniest memories: at the lake house he was trying to get my lure out of a tree and did a face plant into the water, fully clothed!! It took us forever to find his submerged glasses.
When we were out fishing at the Lake and we weren't catching anything but Linda was, he would always say that she is more serious about fishing than he was so she caught fish and he didn't!
Not so funny at the time but when he did some wood working on his thumb with the table saw, his new name instantly became Thumbelina!
Always asking the waiter or waitress if he could pray for them when we said a prayer before eating.
His laugh, his heart, and if you ever asked him for/about something he would check on you until the issue was answered or resolved.
He always told me how proud he was of me.
When someone else was facing a hardship, no matter how much pain he was in, he would always say "my problems are nothing like yours, I don't know how you are doing what you do. You're amazing!"
He was a crier like right now.
I Love you man

spencer falls

August 6, 2020

I shall never forget...It was on a cool September morning in Taos New Mexico. Several couples had journeyed there to take in the annual Michael Hearne Barn Dance music festival. I had known David barely a year but it felt like we had known each other forever. We were sitting in rocking chairs just talking about life and other things guys talk about. We were laughing about the infamous Hayden call! That's the very late night call that he made when Ellen and I were in Santa Fe on our honeymoon the year before. After letting the phone ring several times and hoping it would go away, I finally answered and asked "Who is this?" The voice on the other end said, "Well, it's David !" My mind was in a fog and racing to think "Do I know a David that would call me at this time of night and on my honeymoon?" Hey Spencer, it's David Hayden. Oh yeah David, is there a problem or emergency ? Oh no, I was just wondering what you and Ellen were doing?" (chuckle chuckle) Good night David we love you too, you rascal jokester you!
Our conversation then turned to the present when he and Linda would return to Dallas on Monday and get the results of the tests that the doctors had been running on David. Little did David know the race he would run and the challenges ahead. Eleven years later, this past September, David and Linda returned with us to Taos, to take in the Michael Hearne music festival and beauty of the moment. During these past years, never once did I hear David complain about his health nor did his faith in God falter, it was all about focusing on the beauty of the moment. That's the David Hayden I came to know and love, friend, jokester and brother in Christ.

Robert Herrera

August 5, 2020


I was sadden to hear of the passing of David this past week. When we last talk in church I knew he was not feeling well.
I first met David through a mutual friend Bruce Sifford back in 1976 or 1977. We played flag football on Bruce older brother team. We soon found out that our bodies were not as young as they use to be. David and Bruce join me on a Aoudad sheet hunt in Silverton,Tx. We all had a great time and David took a very nice ram that he was very proud of.

Over the past 40 plus years David took care of our family Ins needs and we develop a lasting friendship. Paige and I enjoyed our visits with David, catching up on both of our families going on's. I know he really enjoyed being at lake Lydia and he spoke to us about how you enjoyed fishing out there. I regret that we never did get together out there in east texas, though David and I talk about it, our places were only 10 miles apart. It seem that we both had to many irons in the fire.

My God comfort you Linda and the girls during this difficult time.

Bob Herrera

Andrew Eppes

August 5, 2020

Although I will miss him greatly, I know that he is free from his long battle and he is home.

It was 7 years ago that I was first introduced to David. I was in my first few years in the financial planning business. He was looking for someone to help him transition his business so he could free up time for Linda and the grandkids while trusting his clients would be taken care of.

This wasn’t easy for David to initiate. He loved serving his clients and he never wanted to give that up entirely. He also had a 95-year-old father-in-law, that was still working, who loved to give him a hard time about slowing down. I remember one conversation specifically. Mr. Massad was giving David a hard time about going on too many vacations and David quipped back, “Mike, I’m just doing what you promised me I could do when you hired me 40 years ago.”

I owe a lot to David. He provided me an invaluable opportunity for professional and personal growth. I appreciated the opportunity to be mentored and work alongside someone as knowledgeable, caring, fun-loving, and patient as David. He graciously invited me into his practice and into the relationships he established with his clients and friends over all these years. My family and I will be forever grateful.


Liz Piercy Wilson

August 5, 2020

I grew up across the street from the Haydens. Then MANY years later, met up with several of them again at Lake Lydia. It truly is a small world. My love and condolences to the family. Liz Piercy Wilson


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