Gail Anna O'Neal

May 1, 1948May 15, 2018

Gail was beloved by many people, from her friends and relatives to her associates from her professional life. She had a strong sense of accomplishment and desire to learn about new things. Gail spent many years working in a specialized segment of the insurance claims business, which required knowledge in architecture, engineering, construction and the law. She counted a number of friends from her years in business, across all aspects of this multi-faceted industry in both Texas & California.

Her zeal for traveling the world took her to many destinations. From a bold move to New York City, sight unseen in her youth, to backpacking across Europe with friends, sailing the Mediterranean, Caribbean, and Alaskan Seas. Climbing to the top of Matsu Picchu, exploring Mexico, sailing in Hawaii, sightseeing in Spain, walking the streets of Paris and touring Turkey were frequent topics of her discussions.

She was an active member of the Jane Douglas Chapter National Society Daughters of the American Revolution, Georgia Salzburger Society, Animal Rescue groups and other community organizations throughout her life.

Gail was a graduate of North Texas University. She was born in Houston and raised in Dallas. She was the proud daughter of John Douglas & Bertha Pearl O’Neal. She is survived by her brother Ron, sister-in-law Judy, plus many cousins & life-long friends.

Memorials to the Arthritis Foundation, National Kidney Foundation, American Cancer Society, Heifer International, or American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals are appreciated in lieu of flowers.


  • Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Gail Anna O'Neal

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Eve Blage

May 23, 2018

Gail you will be so missed by so many! How your beautiful smile always lit up a room. How your positive attitude and words of inspiration spread to so many! Have had the pleasure of knowing Gail through our weight loss battles ( Weight Watchers) for almost 20 years. She never mentioned anything negative, if we were up or down on that scale she remained an inspiration to all. We discussed our love for animals, travel, and fine foods. My first trip to Beverly Hills she mentioned Bouchon we went and of course it was amazing. RIP Gail. So blessed to have had you in my life. With all my love, Eve Blage

Kay Robinson

May 22, 2018

Continued from first entry:
I remember another time she hosted a CNA work anniversary party at her house. Someone hired a stripper in an attempt to embarrass Gail. Guess what folks? Gail embarrassed the stripper. Someone even memorialized the dance on video. I do not think I have ever laughed so much!
Gail was incredibly bright and never one to mince words, a characteristic I very much admired. She was very practical, although somewhat of a food snob, and gave very good advice. She was a very loyal friend and always the first to send a card or visit the sick. ---Yet she had a wild adventuresome side to her as well. All of these individualities just made Gail, Gail.
On Gail’s last day at CNA, she sent a curt email to her group of friends that only said, “Elvis has left the building”. Indeed, our “Elvis” is gone way too soon. I will miss my friend terribly. May she rest in peace. I find some comfort in that she is no longer in pain and hope you do too.
I just know you are giving them hell, Gail and we would not expect any differently!

With love for my friend with my deepest sympathy, Kay Robinson, Highlands Ranch, CO

Kay Robinson

May 22, 2018

Friends and Family,
I met Gail in 1982 when I interviewed with her at Central Mutual. She and the Branch Mgr. took me to lunch and the BM droned on and one about how many people he had fired. Gail, always having the ability to “read the room” correctly, waited until the BM left for the restroom and convinced me he was full of it and I would only be reporting to her. She also stated that as long as I never lied to her, we could work together. I accepted the job and we became fast friends.
I recall hearing the infamous TX Tech story, the story about the parent’s car seat catching fire at North Texas State (Ron, I think you may have been involved in that one), or the one where she flung the claim file at her mgr. on her last day at Liberty Mutual in Cali and many more stories she would probably appreciate me not putting in print.
There are two worth elaboration. I rode with her one night to attend a defense attorney party at some downtown Dallas restaurant leaving my car at her house. One of us might have over imbibed and the ride home was quite memorable. You see Gail had a stick shift car and I did not know how to drive one. –Thus, she was driving and I was doing some back seat driving myself. She would stop at lights and then she would drift off letting off clutch and start rolling. I would yell and she would wake up and proceed until the next light and repeat. A couple of times she tried to put me out of her car for yelling. We eventually made it back to her house and I left her dancing with her gas lantern light pole as I drove home. As soon as I got in my house she was calling to make sure I had made it home safely.
This was my version of the story and she, of course, had an entirely different version. We always laughed about it and I figured the real truth was probably half my version/half her version!
Continued on next entry.

Caroline Goodspeed

May 21, 2018

I met Gail a decade ago, when she applied for a position in my unit. When I received her resume, all I could say was WOW. I was ready to hire her sight unseen. She turned out to be everything that I thought she would be and more. I say more, because she became my best friend next to my husband and daughter. What can I say about Gail; she was strong willed yet understanding and very easy to talk to. She was very smart, but did not push it in your face. If she did not have an answer for you, she would research it for you. She loved to travel and would go on about the places that she has been and she always made me want to go and see what she had seen. There are two things that I can say about Gail. She loved life itself and most of all she loved her brother, Ron and her sister-in-law. When she spoke of Ron, her eyes would light up. I knew everything about him from his childhood to adult, just by listing to her. She also loved her sister-in-law. When she talked about her she never called her "sister-in-law, but rather she would refer to her as her sister. I will miss Gail with all my being. The last time I saw her, I told her how much I loved her and she said, "I love you too Caroline and we will have lunch sometime." (That was three weeks ago.) Always the optimist.

Debbie Griffith

May 21, 2018

Gail and I met back in the late 1970s working in the insurance field. We maintained contact over the years. She and I traveled together, once to the Boston/Newport area, and more recently to Chautauqua NY. Gail was a lady, an entertaining companion, and will be missed.

Jennifer Mitten

May 20, 2018

I am so sorry to hear of Gail's passing. She was a force of nature and it is hard to believe she is gone. I enjoyed knowing her these past few years and always appreciated her insight and advice. My sincere condolences to all of her family and friends!