J. L. Lybrand

July 18, 1920November 24, 2018

Jack Lybrand was born July 18, 1920 in Grand Saline, TX to Thomas Jefferson Lybrand and Ida Lillian Bradford Lybrand. He was the only boy with 6 sisters, Lena May, Sybil, Billie, Bobby, Doris and Sue. Doris Bearden, of Killeen, TX is his only living sister. They grew up mainly in Pruitt, TX, and most attended school in Van, TX. He married Avis Ruth Adams on March 6, 1941.

On December 16, 1942, Rayford Wayne Lybrand was born in Grand Saline, TX. In 1945, Jack joined the Marines to serve his country and was in the military until June 12, 1946. During his term of service a daughter, Lynda Jeanette was born on August 5, 1945. So, Jack returned home from the service and soon thereafter, moved his family from East Texas to Dallas TX. For a short while he worked for Metzger's Dairy, but soon was hired by the Dallas Fire Department September 1, 1946. On April 27, 1948, a second daughter was born, Patricia Louvelle, but sadly, on April 18, 1950, Lynda passed away after having Leukemia. Then, on May 9, 1952 God blessed Jack and Avis Ruth with another daughter, Kathy Sue. It wasn't long after, that Jack and Avis Ruth moved the family out of Dallas to a home in Kleberg, TX on 5 acres where they would spend many happy years raising their family and gardening, eventually adding 5 additional acres and several horses over the years. Jack loved his horses and was so very good at gentle breaking them, so that when grandchildren came along they would love riding with their Papaw.

Jack and Avis Ruth both had accepted Jesus as Saviour as a young married couple, and once in Kleberg joined a home church which would eventually become Victory Baptist Church in Seagoville, TX. Jack had always been able to do anything, so when the church grew and needed someone to supervise the building of a new church, Jack took that on. From foundation to framing, wiring, plumbing and roofing, he worked every day off he had with Avis Ruth right by his side. Then they starting sheetrocking, texturing, painting and doing whatever else needed to be done. Wayne was probably old enough to help some, but the girls spent a lot of time playing with the other kids and napping on pallets. Certainly, all of the other members of the church helped tremendously in doing everything, but with his job at the fire department, Jack also had more available time than most. They served as teachers, Bible study leaders, and Jack was a deacon and handled the money at Victory for many years. It truly was a labor of love.

During his time at the Dallas Fire Department, the Chief, other officers and firemen learned quickly that he could do anything, a true "Jack of All Trades", and he was offered a promotion to Captain if he would transfer to the Fire Department Shop. He accepted and became the youngest to ever make Captain at that time. Just to mention few things, he installed air conditioning in every station, and every civil defense siren there was at the time of retirement. He built the old heavy oak benches the firemen sat on. Too many things to mention but his ability, his kind and loving nature caused every one to love him and respect him. Jack did retire July 30, 1971, but spent many years enjoying the Dallas Association of Retired Firefighters.

So this was the beginnings of the Jack Lybrand family. As his children grew up, married and had their own families, they continued to spend as much time together as time allowed . Jack and Avis Ruth dearly loved their children, grandchildren, great grandchild and they were adored in return.

Avis Ruth became ill and passed away on June 21, 1992. Jack had always been the fix it man for every problem his family had. He remodeled their homes, fixed their plumbing, wired their houses, built their fences, worked on their get the idea. After Avis Ruth died, Jack continued to serve his family in every way possible. He taught his children growing up that "if you can read, you can do anything anyone else can", and he lived that belief his entire life. His children would say many times that he was a genius, and they believe that until this day. Even these last years when his memory lagged, his reasoning, his sharp wit and his sense of humor never did.

He passed away November 24, 2018, but will never be out of our hearts as his legacy is many faceted. He loved his God, his family, his country, his friends, the fire department and raised his family to love the same things. Today he is, first and foremost, in heaven honored by God as a "good and faithful servant." Today, he is honored by the American Flag for his service to his country. Today, he is being honored by the Dallas Fire Department that he loved (at 98, only retired retiree to live that long). Today his friends have honored him by the many messages of love given in so many different ways...

Today and forever, his family honors him as they endeavor to exemplify the love, honor and integrity he lived before them.


  • Adam Brooks, Active Pallbearer
  • Eric Brooks, Active Pallbearer
  • Case Brooks, Active Pallbearer
  • Grant Beaird, Active Pallbearer
  • Matthew Landreth, Active Pallbearer
  • Michael Eckstein, Active Pallbearer
  • Micah Eckstein, Active Pallbearer
  • Steve Mahnke, Active Pallbearer
  • Hayes Brooks, Honorary Pallbearer
  • August Beaird, Honorary Pallbearer
  • Shepard Landreth, Honorary Pallbearer

  • Christian Firefighters Association Emergency Relief Fund


  • Visitation Thursday, November 29, 2018
  • Funeral Service Thursday, November 29, 2018
  • Committal Service Thursday, November 29, 2018

J. L. Lybrand

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John Bowen

November 29, 2018

I had the privilege of meeting Captain Lybrand about 15 years ago while working on a retiree board for station 34 . He came to the station on several occasions and we visited him at his home a few times . He was able to share a wealth of knowledge about the department and our personnel. We always spoke about his family and our shared Faith . During these conversations I learned that I knew some his family from school . ( Amy and Carrie ) . Unfortunately I have not seen or spoke to him for many years . Please know that my family as well as our shared Dallas Fire Department family is praying for Captain Lybrand’s family .

Captain John Bowen TR34C

Sonja Goodson

November 28, 2018

I knew Jack during the past year and a half at the medical facility where my husband is. Both of them had memory loss but one of my first impressions was of glancing over as Christian hymns were being sung and Jack was singing along, every word. 😀 His kind smile and sweet spirit told me so much about him. I know he is already at work helping someone and walking with Jesus, today, strong, happy and at home! Joe and I are honored to have known him. ❤️

Patti Granoff

November 28, 2018

I have been so fortunate to know your family for 60 years. Sundays especially were so special. I would always just happen to arrive just in time for Mrs. Lybrand's chicken and dressing followed by sitting on the front porch laughing. I know your dad loved his family, his home, the horses and cars. Kathy, I can still see your yellow camero and my blue mustang parked in the driveway and Mr. Lybrand looking under the hood at the engines. One of my fondest recent memories was when I moved back to Dallas in 2008 and got another mustang - this time a convertible. At 88 yrs. old, your dad climbed into the back seat and off the three of us went down Seagoville Road with the top down and his beautiful white hair blowing in the wind.
Thank you Kathy and Patsy for always sharing your family with me. I loved your dad.
Patti Sharp Granoff

Cherie Chapman

November 28, 2018

I never met Jack, but I know that he was deeply loved by Kathy, Amy, Shepard, and Arden,...folks that I love, which means he was a very blessed man. My prayers are with all his family as they honor him and celebrate his life well lived.

Carrie Beaird

November 27, 2018

Days before my Mamaw passed, she wrote something to each member of our family and to her church. To my Papaw she said "... kind and gentle, lovely to everyone. Always smiling. The smartest man in the world ...". That was 26 years ago after 51 years of marriage. Yesterday at age 98, my Papaw went to heaven. He lived six miles down the road, our house was on the way to church, so every Sunday after service and every Wednesday night before choir, he'd come over ... first, always had to "wash the Jesus off his hands" (baptists like to shake hands - a.lot.☺) ... he'd eat and stay a while. This went on long after I left home, and I am so glad, because my babies had the opportunity to see him often and love him dearly. He loved his church, which he helped build, served and sang in the choir (the most beautiful voice); many have loved Brother Jack. He was a World War II Veteran and proud to be a retired Dallas Fireman - Captain of the Shop, he could take apart, fix and put back together anything (he was his own youtube, Grant). Mamaw and Papaw's house was the best - fishing in the tank, playing in the silos of feed, riding tractors, working the gardens (the boxes in backyards these days are super cute☺️), horses, chickens; they were hard workers ... a gift they instilled in our family. Papaw's favorite horse was Champ, strong and handsome - like Papaw; the grandkids were scared of him (Champ not Papaw); we all fought over Prissy instead. Papaw road every Seagoville homecoming parade until he was not able, and would always find Amy and me on whatever float for a hug and kiss. He loved "improving" on my mama's pie crust, for those who don't know, my mom makes the best chocolate pie in the south; he loved to get her goat (they were generally pretty awful and he knew it). He lived a long, healthy, happy life serving and loving the Lord and his family. Papaw only lost his memory of us about three years ago, yet until the end, still remembered and sang every word to every hymnal