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Joseph Edward Lopez Jr.

August 28, 1968November 4, 2019

Joseph Edward Lopez Jr., age 51, passed away on November 4, 2019, in Plano, Texas. He was born on August 28, 1968, in Dallas, Texas to Joseph Lopez and Kitty Espinoza. Joseph was raised in Dallas. In 1986, he graduated from Skyline High School in Dallas. In 1992, Joe received his Bachelor of Arts Degree from North Texas State University in Business Administration and Finance.

Joseph married Norma Milan in 1991 and the couple had three beautiful children: Arielle, Julian and Madeline. He had a long career working with banks and financial institutions as related to finance, mortgages, loans and insurance underwriting.

Joseph was most often called “Joe “throughout his life, except by his mother and father and Lopez grandparents who called him Jo Jo. Joe’s greatest joy in life was planning and spending time with his children. His major focus in life was to do whatever he could in loving and caring for them. Activities with his children included: cooking dinners, dining out, playing at home or in the park, providing tutoring, enjoying TV, attending movies, taking yearly vacations across the nation, and visiting treasured friends together. Joe also attended every school event when they performed, went to Open House nights with them, met with their teachers, and took them to doctor appointments. He relished planning birthday parties and special events affecting their lives, ensuring that major holiday celebrations were memorable for each of them. Joe cherished all moments with his children, such as simply going to Braum’s for ice cream and then parking near the Addison Airport on an early evening to see and share the beauty of the sunset and watching the departure and arrival of flights.

Additionally, Joe enjoyed watching sports on television, going to the shooting range, playing golf, taking the kids to special concerts, musicals, and movies. Joe also managed his father’s rental properties, and performed extensive work on repair and maintenance, including their home.

Joe had a facility with and greatly enjoyed technology. He developed thousands of photos and videos documenting the lives of his children. Joe’s work will serve as treasures for family generations to come. He so much wanted to build memories with his children, not to remember him necessarily, but for them to have the experiences of a joyful life and to strengthen the love among the children and family. As you listen to the voices of Arielle, Julian and Madeline speak of Joe, their dad, and their times together, you will also see how they treat each other with kindness and love. Joe was truly most successful in this endeavor.

Joe was healthy all his life until Thanksgiving, 2008. He went and stayed at the hospital for over six months. It was at this time where his body was afflicted with health issues, not only with hepatitis, but began to have kidney failure and needed dialysis. Having diabetes and with all the medications that he received, Joe transformed greatly in body and spirit. He came very close to death. Prayers were answered and Joe soon regained his health, but never to the full extent. In 2014, Joe’s health regressed and kidney dialysis treatment began in 2015. In spite of such health challenges, he was determined to continue to have a life with his children. In recent years, he began to work with Uber because it allowed him the flexibility to choose his work hours, receive health treatments and especially have time with his precious children. Additionally, within the last two years of his life, two stents were placed in his heart, one at each separate operation. Joe was courageous in fighting his health issues and in seeking a way to live his life as fully as possible. Joe’s primary purpose was to give all that he could for his children, Arielle, Julian and Madeline. He loved them deeply and he loved all his family and friends. They, too, loved him.

Joe’s father and mother, children, family, extended family and dear friends will miss him greatly for his love of life, and the world will be much emptier without him. Yes, there has been such great pain in his loss, but the tears, sorrow and pain will be filled with the beauty of Joe’s life.

Joe is preceded in death by his great grandmother, Teresa Guzman; grandparents, Jesse and Celia Lopez; grandparents Maurice and Ruth Villarreal; and uncle, Maurice Villarreal Jr.

Joe is survived by his father, Joseph Guzman Lopez, Ph.D.; mother, Kitty Espinoza; most beloved children: Arielle Nicole, Julian Alexander and Madeline Elizabeth Lopez.

Lopez family members include: Uncles and aunts: Jesse Guzman Lopez and Chae; James David Lopez and Tracy; cousins: James David Lopez II and wife Monica; and Jonathan Lopez.

Joseph’s marriage to Guadalupe Arredondo added one stepsister: Alexis Ashley McDonald.

Kitty’s marriage to Fred Espinoza added five stepbrothers and stepsisters: Joni Espinoza Robertson, Fred Alexander Espinoza, Susan Espinoza Majkszak, Minerva Espinoza and Rebecca Espinoza.

Joe’s aunt and cousins on Kitty’s side of the family include: Aunts: Diane Smith and Maria Villarreal; cousins: Marjorie Kizlinski, Michelle Bradley, Regina Corboy, John Smith, David Villarreal, Michael Villarreal, and Robert Villarreal.

“Thinking of Joseph Edward Lopez Jr. Through Poetry”

Days of Wine and Roses

They are not long, the weeping and the laughter, Love and desire and hate: I think they have no portion in us after We pass the gate.

They are not long, the days of wine and roses: Out of a misty dream Our path emerges for a while, Then closes

Within a dream.

Ernest Dowson

The Days of Wine and Roses

The days of wine and roses Laugh and run away like a child at play Through the meadowland and towards an open door A door marked nevermore that wasn’t there before

The lonely night discloses Just a passing breeze filled with memories Of the days of wine and roses and you.

By Johnny Mercer

Meadow of Life and Flowers

Someday, some way, somewhere We will meet once more Fate blessings, thereby opens the door To this field of life of flowers and thorns

Truly, there is no other Whom I wish to love and adore In this transient earthly nature And miracle of lives together

Now, I understand the bitterness and sweetness Of eventual parting For the heart desires no ending Each heartbeat screams are forth sending These final words, “Please, just a little more!”

Someday, some way, somewhere We will meet once more Fate blessings, thereby opening another door To a meadow of life and flowers And a field with no more thorns

Anxiously I’ll run to your side With stretched arms I’ll seek your embrace Gaze into your eyes and smile With gentle kisses on thy face to follow In a meadow of life and flowers And a field with no more thorns.

Joseph G. Lopez, Ph.D.

Thoughts Have I

Thoughts, have I Life’s seasons bring forth Sunshine, clouds, snow and rain Also, tears, laughter, Thorns, flowers and pain

How the heart yearns and cries To relive sweet moments to survive Day by day, year after year Sweet clear voices we hear

I’ve been blessed time after time Hearts have met and been touched A heart may truly love more than once But only once truly love

Thoughts, have I Before final sleep arrives And I close my eyes What dear visions will there be --- Of those whom I have loved and they me Or those who are in peace and free

Will you be there amongst the crowd Commence walking forth and extend your hand With your eyes, beckon me to join you and be near Whispering softly, “ Have no fear”

Thoughts, have I What final vision will float in mind Whose face will summon forth a smile and joyful tear From my mortal flesh and anxious spirit Before the deep sleep arrives.

A thought, have I If only to share a few ethereal moments With all love ones, embrace after embrace Smile after smile And softly say, “I love you”, once more Ah! I would sleep peacefully forevermore.

Joseph Lopez, Ph.D.


  • Joseph Guzman Lopez, Ph.D., Father
  • Kitty Espinoza, Mother
  • Arielle Nicole, Daughter
  • Julian Alexander, Son
  • Madeline Elizabeth Lopez, Daughter
  • Teresa Guzman, Great Grandmother (deceased)
  • Jesse and Celia Lopez, Grandparents (deceased)
  • Maurice and Ruth Villarreal, Grandparents (deceased)
  • Maurice Villarreal Jr., Uncle (deceased)


  • Rosary Sunday, November 17, 2019
  • Memorial Service Sunday, November 17, 2019
  • Memorial Mass Monday, November 18, 2019


Joseph Edward Lopez Jr.

have a memory or condolence to add?

Mary Lou Miller (née Espinoza)

November 15, 2019

A talented, intelligent young man and loving father and son. You will be greatly missed.

Patti Gutierrez

November 13, 2019

Dr. Lopez, James
Arielle, Julian, Madeline,

We are so sorry to hear about Joe. Words cannot begin to express the depth of sadness, loss and heartache we are all feeling right now. We are devastated and broken-hearted. We cannot imagine a life without Joe.
We thank God for blessing us with Joe, a true and loyal friend for over 35 years. Joe was the leader and organizer who made sure family and friends never lost touch with one another. Joe loved us all unconditionally as we loved him.
We must look to our faith in God and know that eternal home is in heaven. We must rejoice in knowing that Joe was chosen early to prepare the family home in heaven for the Lopez family and his friends. We know that his body and spirit are restored to perfection!
“The Lord is close to the broken-hearted and saves those crushed in spirit” ~ Psalms 34:18
Love you always Joe
Dianna, Monica, Patti
Tony, Eloisa, Diego and Nicky Gutierrez

Minerva Espinoza

November 12, 2019

Dear Kitty,

I offer my condolences to you and Joe's family. Joe was always so nice to us, which a prime example of your upbringing. We have fond memories going back to the Palos Verdes days. I offer my condolences and will be here for you.

With love,
Minerva Espinoza

Rebecca Espinoza

November 12, 2019


Joe was always so kind to me and my sisters. We have great memories of shared holidays and vacations. Matching outfits between my Dad, him and me at Disney Land when I was 7 in particular make me smile. Those shared memories remind me of the time he spent with family and just how much he loved you! I offer my condolences and support. We love you and will miss him.

Love always,
Rebecca Espinoza

John & Carla Krieger

November 9, 2019

Dear Joseph we are so sorry to hear of your loss. Our prayers are with you and your family...

Diane R Miles

November 7, 2019

Dear Joseph,
You and your family are in my prayers! May you be comforted with Peace!
Diane Miles

Ted Almaguer

November 5, 2019


Our loved ones cannot walk away from us.

They may not be seen, felt, or heard, but our memories, feelings, and thoughts of them transcend all our mortal senses.

The gifts from the Creator are eternal--his gift of love being the ultimate representation of his eternal loving nature.

I love you, Joseph, and so does your Creator. We are never alone; we cannot be; we will always walk together.

God be with you and your loved ones, my friend.


Quintin Guerrero Williams

November 5, 2019

Dr. Joseph Lopez,
Please accept my Most Sincere Condolences on the loss of your Son, Joseph on November 4th. My Sympathies are with you and your family and I will try to be there for his services when I learn more. Te Accompanio en tu Pesar, Hermano ! El Senor le de La Gloria y La Paz a tu hijo. En Paz, Descanse !

Quintin Guerrero Williams

Pat Linares

November 5, 2019

Joseph, I am so very sorry to hear about your son! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your entire family!

Tom & Laura Kelchner

November 4, 2019

Dr. Lopez...

Joe, my friend...our sincerest condolences upon the loss of your son. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!


(Dr. Tom Kelchner)