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Joseph Anthony Pintucci

June 30, 2000January 24, 2019
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Joseph Anthony Pintucci passed away on January 24, 2019 in Dallas Texas at the too early age of 18. He was born on June 30th, 2000 in Hallandale, Florida to Sara Margaret Harrington and Louis Cesare Pintucci. Joey was raised in Florida, Minnesota and San Diego with a collective loving network of family, and in his current home base of Dallas, Texas, with his guardians of 12 years, Ben Harrington and Andrea Haag.

Hobbies and Passions Joey loved spending time with his girlfriend and friends, driving his new car (3000 miles in the first month), skateboarding, video games, fishing, hunting, anything Star Wars, working with his grandfather taking things apart and rebuilding with power tools, traveling including visiting his favorite cousin Sara in the Caribbean.

Remembered Joey will be remembered as a kind, gentle, charming soul who always saw the best in people and was loyal to his friends and family. He has touched countless lives, with his charisma, his witty humor and his genuine curiosity of the world. Starting as a young child, Joey has amazed us with his innovative entrepreneurial spirit.

Preceded relatives Joey Pintucci is now reunited with his mother Sara Margaret Harrington, Maternal grandfather Jerry Harrington, Paternal grandfather Louis Pintucci Senior

Survivors Joseph Pintucci is survived by his guardians Aunt Andrea Haag & Uncle Ben Harrington, Father Louis Pintucci, Maternal grandmother Mary Jane Dahmes and her husband Dennis Dahmes, Bonus-grandparents Betty and Chuck Haag, Paternal Grandmother Lorenza Pintucci, Maternal Aunt and Uncle Colleen Harrington and Ian Holyoak, cousin Sara, Paternal Aunt Susie Pintucci and cousin Daniel, Paternal Uncle Amato Pintucci, MSG, US Army (Retired) and cousin Seth, Bonus-Aunt Emily and Uncle Travis May, cousins Conor and spring baby, and the love of his life, Audrey.


  • Andrea Haag, Aunt
  • Benjamin Harrington, Uncle
  • Louis Cesare Pintucci, Father
  • Sara Margaret Harrington, Mother (deceased)
  • Mary Jane Dahmes, Grandmother
  • Dennis Dahmes, Grandfather
  • Betty Haag, Other
  • Chuck Haag, Other
  • Lorenza Pintucci, Grandmother
  • Collen Harrington, Aunt
  • Ian Holyoak, Uncle

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  • Visitation

    Thursday, January 31, 2019

  • Mass of Christian Burial

    Friday, February 1, 2019


Joseph Anthony Pintucci

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Quinn Jester

March 9, 2019

You where always one of my closest friends and had the biggest heart in the world! You truly cared about your family and friends but most of all your aunt, on days when I would have to stay after school late you would stay with me as long as you could before your aunt made you come home. Having you as a friend impacted my life in ways I could not have imagined. Some good some bad but mostly good. You where always there when I needed you even if it was something as small as a hug. I miss you so much Joseph. Rest In Peace ❤️

Jim Adcox

February 2, 2019

I got to know Joey over the past ten months as my daughters boyfriend.

Joey would always ask how he could help when at my house, was always positive and respectful to everyone around him.

Joey accompanied my daughter and I on a family vacation in August 2018. What struck me from that vacation was a discussion about his Mother and how much he missed her.

My daughter and I went to dinner the night before Joey's death and she shared how special Joey was to her.

I am heartbroken for my daughter. I am heartbroken how Joey's life ended. I am heartbroken for a life unrealized. I am heartbroken for Joey's family. I am heartbroken for the things i didn't say to Joey and the life experiences i didn't get to share with him.

I am consoled knowing he is now reunited with his Mother.

Joey: you are loved and missed.

inder kaur

January 30, 2019

Heart felt condolences.Sending my thoughts and prayers for the family.

Phil Mendershausen

January 30, 2019

I present here my thoughts on your departure Joey, and they will be my words and I have learned in my 77 years that those words can be too candid. But I will put them before everyone, run that risk and accept that inevitable responsibility. I invested in you Joey, but I was just small fry in your life. Other investors were big time and they too are grieving for all the lost hope and love and time and fortune that they shared with and bestowed upon you. You were the hope of a grandmother who with boundless energy fought a losing terrifying war for years to support and save your beautiful mother. For over a decade you were the day-in-day-out hope of a sweet woman who devoted her life to working with you in determination to forge a success story, and you were the hope of a complex uncle who did what he could to be a father for you. These were your major investors, Joey, but there were many other friends whose memories and photogaphs are printed below and above, and they too are gathered in grief for all that has been lost today, wondering where they can reach to find the energy to go on with their lives, wishing somehow to learn from the loss of you, and your future with them. How could you leave us like this; we will ask this till the end of our days. We know you appreciated and reciprocated for all that was done with you and on your behalf, and you participated in many friendships. True, there were many glorious days, but you are not here today to tell us where we failed you, because somehow we were of the mind that we were not only doing our best but doing well. Help us Joey, help us understand so that we can bend what future we have left toward success. Visit us in our dreams and prayers.....Joey, make us whole.

Laura Russell

January 29, 2019

Dear Pintucci,

Albeit you and I weren't very close, I know just how tight you were with some of my friends as I have witnessed them breaking down at the loss of a true brother; a Muskateer. Every single memory I have of you is pleasant, despite how "small" it may seem. I'm found cherishing the seemingly trivial memories such as having a bite to eat at burger house with our friends; or chilling at Dante's* house watching tv and talking about random sh*t, and laughing at each other's company. Such moments are as unforgettable as the rest. When I think of not being able to share another moment like that with you; to not see your radiant smile and hear your cheery laugh, it feels as if someone's punching me from the inside out. I long for the day to share those minutes with you again. (I agree that you are, in fact, a teddy bear. When we hugged, I felt as if all my worries were taken away. You made me felt so comforted).
You carried with you a carpe diem attitude, and I believe that was one of your best qualities. I only wish that I could do the same.
You never deserved this.. Heaven is unquestionably more worthy of a being as cordial and wholehearted as yourself. Missing you every moment and longing to see you soon, love Laura.
P.S. Listening to N.W.A - Gangsta Gangsta, compliments of your friend(you know which one). I fancy your taste in music.
*name changed to protect identity


January 29, 2019

We are praying for the Pintucci family. Joseph was enrolled in my 7th period during our afternoon session. He was a great student, worked quietly on his assignments and a great person. He has already been missed in our afternoon sessions.

Roger McNeil
Evolution Academy Electives Teacher

Sterling Longyear

January 29, 2019

I don’t even know how to start this.. You were one of my closest, most genuine, and best friends. When I was down or had nowhere to go you were there every single time and had the biggest heart ever. I’ll never forget every little memory we created together. Losing you was like losing family but I know that you are in a better place. Fly high I love you so much bro ❤️ (Yes those are cigarettes. He quit a few months later I remember that being a very proud moment)

Luke Simpton

January 29, 2019


You were probably one of the most genuinely good-hearted guys I've ever met. I know you had some ups and downs in your life, but you never let any of that define you and you were always your own man. You were never anything but a good person to me, and I will always respect you for that. From admiring your connoisseurship of watches to watching you make sack after sack in freshman football to hanging out with you and a group of friends and never knowing exactly where the night was going to end up taking us, you were often a wonder to everyone around you. You were taken too soon from this world, but I know you're going to give 'em hell in the next.
Love you bud.

John St. John

January 29, 2019

Joseph, what a blessing you were to this world. Even though communication between you and I was on and off for the past couple of months, whenever I needed help you were there. I didn’t deserve a friend as loyal as you, but you still welcomed me with open arms. I remember when I snuck out to your house at 1 am and locked my keys inside of my car. I had to be home at 5 to take my brother to a practice so we spent the ENTIRE night trying to break into my car so I wouldn’t get in trouble. I’m thankful to have had you apart of mine, and many other life’s. I love you man. Tell Pac I said hi.

Anthony Choueiry

January 29, 2019

To my friend, Joey

Despite the long distance between
us and the means of our friendship which was mainly via xbox you were a best friend to me no less than anyone else could of been. We had all the regular foundations that any other friendship would have. I met you in 2013, I’ve known you for 6 years give or take and the fun we’ve had playing together accompanied with other friends on a Friday night is unmatched. I hope you rest easy in heaven. You know someone’s a saint when their influence reaches all the way to Canada.

Sincerely, Anthony Choueiry

(a photo joey pm’d me back in 2017)


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