Michael Howard Morley

April 17, 1960July 31, 2018
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Michael Morley passed away July 31, 2018 after a courageous two-year battle with cancer. He was an avid golfer, enjoyed spending time with family and most of all enjoyed spending time with the joy of his life, his son, Hayden Morley. Mike was a wonderful father, son, brother, friend and employee and always fought for the underdog. He will always be loved and missed by all those whose lives he touched. A Celebration of life will be held Saturday, August 18, 2018 at 3:00pm at Grove Hill Funeral Home Event Center.


  • Celebration of Life Saturday, August 18, 2018

Michael Howard Morley

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Stephanie Cantu

September 17, 2018

Just finding out that Uncle Mike is gone. I loved him, he always had me in stitches. I don’t have one bad memory of him, and even though he wasn’t a relative— he was the only uncle-figure I ever had. He’s not suffering anymore, but man will I miss this guy. I’m so sorry for his family’s loss.

Mike Davis

August 18, 2018

I met Mike through Dave Whitman during a golf weekend in AZ. Mike was the kind of guy other guys wanted to be! He had good ol’ boy southern charm and he just made things more fun. Within hours I felt like we’d been friends for many years. He’s a big part of one of the most memorable weekends of my life, He’ll always live in our memories. R.I.P., Mike and may your family find peace.


August 18, 2018

Hey Mikey ,

As we gather today to celebrate the wonderful life you had and remember all the special memories of all the lives you touched , I want you to know you were and are a very special Uncle to my girls , and a fantastic little bother to me , We will carry you in our hearts always , I Love you and I miss you

Love Mo

Lesley Leahy

August 17, 2018

Mike had many great qualities but one that will always stay with me (my sister in law, Sharon, mentioned this too) was his ability to make you think that you were the only person in the room when having a conversation with him. He was always interested and listened carefully to what you had to say. It’s a rare quality and made him even more endearing.

Patricia Maxwell

August 16, 2018

My husband's younger brother, Tom Leahy, brought Mike into my life when he & Tom were teenagers. Over the course of our lives, Mike has always shown me kindness, thoughtfulness and affection. As testament to these attributes: At my father-in-law's memorial in 2007, Mike saw me in the "crying room" with my 18 month old granddaughter. He came in and sat with us. He didn't do this for show, or because he didn't know anyone else, or for any reason that benefitted him. He did it out of kindness, thoughtfulness & affection . Mike & I became closer as he went through his last struggles. Facing one's mortality makes life clearer and, I think, intensifies our humanity and authenticity. What I know for sure from time spent with Mike during those dark but still hopeful days is: Mike loved his life. Mike loved his son with everything in him. At my last visit with him on this side, he wanted me to know how much he loved Rob & Mo and how happy he was in that love. He loved his nieces like his daughters. He loved hearing my granddaughter call him Uncle Mike. He always wanted the best life for his best friends--Tom, Gaggis, & Bob. I also learned Mike had lots of best friends! Because that was the kind of fellow he was. And we always need a really good best friend. I love you more, Mike.

Barbara Biggs

August 13, 2018

I have only been on the outskirts of Mike's life for the past 37 years--seeing him only on occasion. But I am very thankful for the close brother/sister relationship that Monique enjoyed with him. She so enjoyed the times that she , Aston and Tristen had Hayden visiting with them. Also Mo's girls were so blessed by the trips to Dallas and outing that they had with their Uncle Mike.
I know that they, Rob and family and friends will really miss him.
I pray for God's comfort at this time.

Tonja Holmes

August 12, 2018

Mike was a blessing to me and my husband during my husband's last days. My husband came home on hospice and there was a mixup between the hospice group we originally had been referred to and as the situation was urgent, I was referred to Mike who had someone at my house within 2 hours to take care of what we needed. My husband passed a little over 24 hours after our initial meeting. The nurse was amazing. I will never forget how he stepped in and helped us. I never met Mike, only spoke with him on the phone, but I felt his compassion immediately. Bless you Mike and prayers to his son.

Tonja Holmes

Carolyn leahy Leahy

August 11, 2018

Mary Anne Leahy and Mike Nov 2017 Kaylee’s 12 birthday @ Blue Mesa

Carolyn Leahy

August 10, 2018

When I think of Mike the first thing that comes to mind is his warm welcoming smile. His kind soul and gigantic heart. The first time my brother Tom brought him to our house they looked more like brothers then they did friends. We liked him instantly. How could you not!!! We knew he was Toms friend and that’s all we needed to know. If Tom loved him then we loved him too. He knew our folks and we considered him part of the family. Mikes journey on this earth was undoubtedly way to short. But the magnitude of lives he touched is endless. What a legacy he left for us. Hayden you are a part of him and he will live on through you. Rest well Mr. Mike Morley. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your earthly journey.

Mike Smith

August 10, 2018

Mike and I met in 1984, and have been friends since. When he first told me of his medical problem 2 years ago, we talked almost daily. I was able to come to town several times this last 2 years to spend time together. I miss him very much.