Thomas Wynn

October 31, 1933December 28, 2018

Thomas Wynn was born on October 31, 1933 and joined his mother, Effie Wynn and his father, Virgil Wynn in Heaven on December 28, 2018. Tom was born in the Oak Cliff section of Dallas where he attended and graduated Adamson High School before finishing his formal education at the University of North Texas in Denton.

Tom was a true entrepreneur and after leaving North Texas he became interested in the world of physical fitness from a business perspective. He spent most of his life working in, managing and buying and selling fitness centers. Although such centers are common today, Tom was a pioneer in making such businesses popular. Until he died, Tom was still active as a Broker specializing in these properties virtually all over the nation.

Tom was a unique individual and he will be greatly missed by those who knew and loved him. Perhaps God will somehow enable Tom to "close a lot of deals" in Heaven for the good of The Kingdom.


Thomas Wynn

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Kimberly Steen

April 20, 2019

Tom was my stepfather when l was about 8 yrs. old until l was about 14 yrs. old. He was married to my mother, Martha. We had a lot of good memories together. Like the time we were moving to Kansas and my black cat got lost in his Rolls Royce at a gas station and we looked everywhere for the cat. So we drove on and a little while a little llll

Jim Thomas

January 25, 2019

I first met Tom in 1981 in Dallas, Texas. I was introduced to Tom by my business partners at the time; they said Tom would be helping me find new health club locations. In some form or manner, we were business partners ever since...from attempting to open gyms in California, to running a gym in Wichita, Kansas to finally brokering gym sales all across the the USA. Tom was working on a closing a sale right up to the his passing. He was involved in buying cars for resell, the stock market and following his favorite baseball team. We shared many laughs over the years when discussing our adventures in the fitness industry. Tom had quite a ride and will be missed. I was fortunate to be able to see Tom in the hospital prior to his passing. I was bringing him up-to-date on deals we were working on; the doctor said I was getting him too excited. It was a great ride Tom. May God Bless you.

Nico Princely

January 6, 2019

Thomas was my Stepfather/Dad from when I was 2 years old until I was 8 when he and my mother divorced. We used to play marathon games of monopoly and he taught me how to read the Stock Prices in the papers, taught me to have class, manners and respect and was good example when it came to being healthy and fit. I'm truly grateful for his influence on me as child and on my life.

We kept in contact over the years but lost touch for awhile. I searched for him online and contacted him in 2008 to thank him for being the only Dad I ever knew and for all of the good qualities that I picked up from him when I was a child that had helped me in life. Over the last two years we talked a lot more and our last conversation was on in early December and he has talk about maybe me coming back to see him in Dallas (I'm in Las Vegas). He had never mentioned that before... I think he wanted to say goodbye in person.

I emailed him some info on things we had been talking about that might improve his health and he replied on Dec. 16th and said would call me later in the week and I never heard back from him and I had a strong feeling that our previous conversation would be our last. It was confirmed for me that it was when when he didn't call or email or return mine on Christmas and that something was wrong as we had always talked or emailed at the Holidays and Birthdays.

I now have to say both "thank you" once again and goodbye to the only Dad I ever had Thomas Virgil Wynn.

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January 6, 2019

January 6, 2019

Thomas "Tommy" and I were married in 1972. He is the only "dad" my then two year old knew.
Tom and I opened the Spa Health Resorts in Wichita Falls. Because he wanted me to work in the business with him, I was the first in the business of health clubs, to initiate a "CHILD CARE" NURSERY/ROOM for all members with children. He taught my son, whom he called 'his' son, the Stock Market and business tactics. I never knew why he wanted a divorce and I was hurt very badly by his decision. I pray that JESUS CHRIST met him as he entered the Life beyond and my heart hurts from the memories that could have been a "Paradise" on earth. We all have to learn "Lessons" in life; God tested his character and he tested mine to see my 'reactions and how I handled them'. I pray that he is in a safe place and has met his dear dad and mother and even my mom and dad beyond this life. "BECAUSE JESUS CHRIST DID RISE UP AND LIVE, I KNOW THAT HE IS ALIVE SOMEWHERE AS ARE OUR ANCESTORS". Some memories are very touching and hurting; even though I had to make drastic changes in my life, GOD SAW ME THROUGH IT and He allowed my son to be friends and talk with him even to December 16, 2018. I never knew he was sick; he was always into health. But one thing for sure that all should know is "SIN (mistakes, wrong choices, decisions) made out of God's WILL brings on hurt, pain, regrets, and that brings on Sickness, which causes Dis-ease, which is the root of DISEASE and results in death of life in this body and on earth." May the LORD forgive him for all his Sins, and remove them as far as the East is from the West" IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST AND THE POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. Rest in Peace Tommy. This is a New Day and a New WAY.... Thank you for being in Nico's life as his dad, especially in the past 10 or so years. Sorry to see you Leave. Will miss knowing you are here. I hope that you were not alone and hurting. True Love Never Dies Anne M Wynn