Maryann Jacob

May 23, 1944December 2, 2018

Beloved wife of Charles. Loving mother of Richard and Crislyn, Kenneth and Lisa, Jeannine and Rosario Mannino and Denise and Ruben Forte. Cherished grandmother of K.J., Danny, Justin, Jonathon, Charlie, Maximus, Matthew, Joshua, Olivia and Maison and Alex.

On behalf of our family, thank you all for coming here today to honor and remember our mother. She was a loving and caring woman, who people always felt welcomed by, who would lovingly make a cup of coffee to share with you if had time to chat. People use words like Classy, beautiful, kind, and sweet, to describe her. Three words that come to me are Love, Caring and Warm. She loved family. She was in love with my father for over 54 years. She raised the four of us, and doted on her 10 grandchildren. Her sisters meant the world to her, and as the oldest daughter, she felt a strong responsibility to care for her parents and all of her family. Our mother often spoke of her "Catholic School" upbringing, reminding us of traditions and the "right" thing to do. Due to her need to survive in hard times, she felt "towel paper" was a luxury everyone should enjoy! Maryann enjoyed giving, and loved shopping for the perfect gift. She was a gracious hostess, and was happiest when her beautiful home was filled with family and friends. We have had to say goodbye far too soon, and we know that we will continue to lift her up in our hearts.

Some words from Crislyn: Thank you for letting me a say a few words. While a wake was off limits, we were told we are allowed to share a good meal here and celebrate after church. Here is where we get to share or stories and fond memories. Maryann was adamant she did not want us moping around in sadness! I was blessed to be welcomed into this family many years ago when I was only 16. And while Rich and I may have had a stormy teenaged romance, breaking a up few times, Maryann and I never broke up. She always told me I belonged in her family, and everyone who knew her knew how she felt about her family! She and I had all of two fights in the 32 years I was loved by her. And both times I think our relationship grew stronger as a result. When my mother was dying, she wanted to talk to Maryann. She told her she was counting on her to be my sons’ only grandmother now. My mother knew how special that relationship needed to be. Nana did not disappoint. She has made my boys feel like they are so special. When I need to “mom up” and be tough, I would give her a heads up, so she could gently back me up and help them find a solution to grow and move forward. I could count on her to check up on their wellbeing when I had to show them “tough love”. I know she has had my back and encouraged me to be a strong mother. I told Joshua yesterday that I think my mom was sharing a heavenly banquet with Maryann, and Maryann is catching her up on how grown up my boys have become. She was very proud of my boys, and I am so happy that they brought her joy. It is true that whenever my amazing husband did something she and I did not appreciate, I would tell her, “Well you know he wasn’t raised right!” There came a point where she reminded me that I had him longer than she did! We had fun blaming each other. About my husband, it is not a secret that he is strong willed and fierce in his beliefs. While that did not always help them understand one another, she was proud of him, and believed in him to be ok, no matter what. She believed in his strength. Funny story about how my husband felt about his mother… A lot of you have heard this, because it speaks to the underlying truths of a boy and his mom… Early in our marriage I bought gourmet sausages and grilled them with a great meal. Rich took one bite and proclaimed in horror, “this is not the kind my mother makes!” Of course I shot back, Well your mother didn’t make them! It just goes to show that his gut reaction is that his mother’s way was the right way and would meet his expectations. I never served him trick sausage again! I learned a quite a few important truths from my mother in law. I learned early on that there is no reason you should ever leave the house without hair and makeup done! Sometimes I fall short on that one, but I try, because I think she was right! Sausage shouldn’t have stuff like spinach or cheese in it! She taught me that a “nice cup of tea or coffee, or a drink with “nice crushed ice” can soothe your soul. I also learned that a little sparkle goes a long way, and why not have it in every room of your house? My dad could not be here today. He is very sick and upset that he could not make it. His heart is breaking at the loss of this lovely lady and he is overcome with the desire to be there for his friend Charlie. She will be so dearly missed. We will lift her up in our daily lives, adding sparkle and crushed ice as needed.


  • Mass of Christian Burial Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Maryann Jacob

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Crislyn Jacob

December 6, 2018

Nana's Pride and Joy

Joshua Jacob

December 3, 2018

I miss u so much and I wish u were still here to have been at the house tonight you were the best person to be around, you were the life of the party, you always new how to spark a conversation there’s an endless amount of things that u have done right. You raised me and all of ur grandchildren perfectly we are all becoming great people because of the things you have taught us. Me and the whole family will always love and miss you. Have a great time with our savior, you are in a great place now. Love you nana!❤️