John W. Hubbard

July 19, 1940January 6, 2019

Brigadier General John W. Hubbard passed away on Sunday, January 6th, 2019 with family by his side. After suffering for many years with a debilitating illness, he left this world to enter the gates of Heaven.

John is survived by his daughter Lori and husband Chet, daughter Courtney and husband Clint and son John R. and his wife Niki. He leaves behind 8 grandchildren that he was so proud to call his brood. Hillary, Emily, Alex, Abel, Adyson, Amelia, John Oliver, whom he affectionately called the “Fifth” and Oaklee his youngest granddaughter. His only sibling, Don K. and wife Nancy Hubbard of Eufaula, Ok. Many nieces and nephews and their children. He was preceded in death by his parents.

He was born in Chickasha, Oklahoma on July 19th, 1940 to John K. And Esther Hubbard. He graduated high school in Noble, Oklahoma. Attended Central State University where he received a bachelors in Business Administration in 1974 and a Masters in Business Administration in 1984. In 2008, he received the Distinguished Former Student award.

He enlisted in the Army in 1962 and retired in 1997. This was his greatest accomplishment in life. Working his way thru the ranks, he retired as a Brigadier General in the Army National Guard. He was a very proud soldier and believed it was his duty to serve our country. He was a registered Respiratory Therapist and department Director at University Hospital from 1961-1973. His last civilian employment was at the OU Medical Center as the Special Projects Director from 1993-2002.

He stayed busy after retirement. He served with the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve, ESGR, as Vice Chair, Chairman and Chairman Emeritus from 1990-2012.

He was Treasurer, Vice Chair and Chairman for the Focus Federal Credit Union until 2017. He often said he served with great men and women throughout his life.

The family appreciates your thoughts and prayers as they say goodbye to their Dad, Papaw General, Brother and Friend.


  • John Hubbard
  • Clint Palmer
  • Gene Hubbard
  • J.D. Hubbard
  • Matthew Hubbard
  • Alex Palmer


  • Graveside Service Monday, January 14, 2019

John W. Hubbard

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Courtney Palmer

January 24, 2019

Adyson misses her Papaw General. She writes to him almost daily. This was today’s. She sure knows what her Papaw loves! Dad, we miss you! Xoxo

Hillary Champlin

January 14, 2019

Papaw General will be so missed!

Some of my first memories with Papaw were him combing my hair when I was little. He even knew how to braid! My mom says this was from having horses earlier in his life. He always shared his candy stash with me (which was kept “hidden”), taught me how to play solitaire, made sure I practiced my cursive, and took us to fun meals. He treated every grandkid visit as such an occasion. We’d go to Waffle House and eat so much Chinese food.

He celebrated our accomplishments and would check in to see how college was going for me. Always reminding us, “Come and see me, Kiddo.” He even came to grandparents day when I was a kid and made sure to see the plays I was in.

The man loved a good fried pie. Even after he wasn’t supposed to eat such things, I’d make sure he had a candy bar or ask my mom to take him junk food at the hospital. We took some fried pies to him in Norman over the summer this year when I was home again from Indiana. We got every darn kind, so he could have his pick.

It always came back to spending time together around food. He’d make us spaghetti, and I remember how special it was when he showed me how to make his peanut brittle. They were times to gather and listen to him tell stories about his parents or his latest happenings and ask us about school and life. He could always get his “kiddos” laughing.

Love you, Papaw, so glad I was able to hug your neck, at Christmas time.

Brad Carter

January 13, 2019

I had the privilege of serving General Hubbard as his Aide-de-Camp in the Oklahoma Army National Guard. He was a true professional in all respects, always leading from the front and never passing up an opportunity to postively mentor the officers and enlisted under his command. I will always remember him taking the time to meet the newest Soldiers in our units and make them feel special. He never left a place without displaying his trademark smile and shaking dozens of hands. If General Omar Bradley was known as the “Soldier’s General”, then BG Hubbard must have graduated from the same school, because I know of no officer more personable and likeable than him. Every organization he served was left in a better position than he found it because of the positive impact he had on the people and the culture.

Sir, it was an honor to serve with you and for you. You have touched many lives and the world is a better place for it. I am a better officer and person because of your hand on my shoulder.

God Bless.

Joe & Pam Lovell

January 12, 2019

We grew up in Noble with John's parents as teachers, church family and friends. The Hubbard family made a huge impact on our lives growing up. We have only fond memories of our Noble days.
Your family is blessed to have John as a mentor, parent, grandparent and friend. We will miss him.
God bless you.

Madge Hutton

January 12, 2019

I have known “Hubb” for many years. His mother was a teacher at the school I went to in Noble. Who knew years later I would be Executive Assistant to him at Oklahoma Teaching Hospitals. My husband was also in the Army National Guard and he respected him as a leader. We worked together until 1998. He was a very kind, calm, generous man. I will always miss him.......LMW!

George Mechling

January 12, 2019

My first contact with John was in Mixed Chorus at Central State College (now UCO) in 1961. He invited me to a Rush Party at the TKE house. This began a relationship that would change my life more than I ever thought possible. John would become a Frater (member of the fraternity) and we would develop a bond that truly lasted a lifetime.

After a stint in the Navy, John invited me to "watch" him work at OU Med Center. I found his excitement of patient care infectious. His promise of working and going to school in this brand new field called Inhalation Therapy to be where I wanted to be. Two years later John was on his way to a budding career in Healthcare Administration and I was a Registered Respiratory Therapist. We kept in touch through the years thanks to Social Media.

One of our interactions was Therapist and Patient, only Hub was the patient. His need was for a better breathing machine and oxygen delivery system. We consulted and were able to request and obtain the equipment that allowed him to be more comfortable and as active as he could be. Eighteen months ago, we were at the same party visiting and laughing about old times. John with his portable liquid oxygen system was the hit of the party. That bond that was established in 1961 still continues.

There are so many stories we could share, but those are ours. Know that this one man did more to shape a dumb kid to the man I am today. I have always respected and wanted to be like John Hubbard. Job well done good and faithful servant. You have served well.

General Hubbard, your watch is done. Stand easy, Sir, for we have the watch.

With all my gratitude, I remain

Yours In The Bond

George Mechling, RRT, ES 144

Elizabeth Farrah

January 11, 2019

I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. I will be praying for all of you. I entered the service at the 120th Med Bn on August 22, 1975 where I met BG Hubbard. He was our commander at the time and I had a lot of respect for him. I was trying to find out how he was doing so I researched and found he was on Facebook. It was so good to talk with him and we had a lot of stories to tell. We talked about old memories and most importantly we talked about God. I went to see him where he was in rehab and he had that positive attitude he always had about him. He will always be remembered for his intelligence and quick witt. We will miss him! May God Bless you all! Libby

Courtney Palmer

January 11, 2019

One of the best days of my life. I remember him telling me during our dance that he was “incredibly proud of me!” Miss you & love you daddy! ❤️

Brigadier General Ed Wheeler (USA-Ret)

January 11, 2019

In the military services, there are those who merely wear the uniform of our country; but some wear it so well they invariably distinguish themselves

Although "Johnny" and I grew up in different branches of the military and different areas of the state, whenever I had an occasion to encounter and work with him, I always found it to be an exceptional experience. .

In my 35-year military career from 1956-1991, I was privileged to have served with distinguished veterans from WW II, Korea, Vietnam, Grenada and Panama. But of all of them, "Johnny" was among the very finest officers and individuals I have ever known.

Without question, as the Commanding General of Task Force 45 during Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm, that was a demanding and exhausting time for everyone involved. As we prepared for and entered a desert campaign where planners were expecting to lose as many as 40,000 casualties, I needed to mobilize and deploy more of "Johnny's" 45th Troop Command than any other source.. Yet without exception, he made sure every single soldier was top of the line. Not a single one of his soldiers were found to be physically, technically or professional unacceptable..

I consider Johnny's death to be a deep personal loss, both as an officer and a close friend. Those who never knew him, served with him or will ever realize the qualities he brought to the officer corps; will never appreciate they have lost a remarkable officer, gentleman and an example for them to emulate.

Little will such individuals ever comprehend that men like "Johnny" Hubbard pioneered a path in displaying military leadership and individual and personal qualities so high'', that no matter how well trained or motivated they may be, they can only hope to walk in the shadow he left behind.

Only a very rare man can hope to leave such a profound legacy.

Lori Champlin

January 10, 2019

Nothing stronger than this crew! We love you Daddy 💕