Joel M. Lazar

October 8, 1939December 3, 2018

Joel M. Lazar was born on October 8, 1939 and passed away on December 3, 2018.


  • Graveside Service Thursday, December 6, 2018

Joel M. Lazar

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Joshua Lazar

December 11, 2018


I miss you very much. You were a loved man by many. All I knew growing up and that mattered is that you are my Grandpa. From childhood photos and videos, I saw your happiness and smiles you shared around Jenna and I.

From the time I was 8-13 years old, I know we lost touch for reasons I had no understanding of, or control over. But I remember that one day I messaged you on AIM to Arearug1. Growing up without a father, I always wanted to have a strong bond with you, someone to learn from, and someone to turn to.

From basketball games, lunch at the club, teaching me how to hit a golf ball, telling me the same story you told the previous week, showing me the 8 thousand layers of wax needed to keep my car clean, ensuring nobody walked in the white circle of the rug, and always telling me how great I will become, I knew you loved and cared about me in your own way. I will keep the Lazar name strong. But for now, I know you are looking over me holding Grandmas hand, with the other cleaning or fixing something else, just be easy on Kenny. I love you Grandpa, RIP.

Jonathan Fields

December 11, 2018

Joel taught me that there is a right way and many wrong ways to do something. He led from the front, and showed me what I should be striving for. I'm sorry that he didn't see I truly learned from his lead. I'm grateful for his example, and also his sense of humor.

Carol Freno

December 7, 2018

Mr. Lazar was a kind, soft spoken gentleman..Met him at Delta, he always had a smile and no matter how busy it was he always stood out in a crowd. It was a pleasure to have known him. My deepest sympathies at this difficult time.....

John Nicastro

December 7, 2018

Mr Lazar was a wonderful man
Warm heart I had the pleasure of meeting him 25 years ago at Delta airlines at LaGuardia

We became great friends ( I called him my Godfather)
He always was a thinking man
Saddened to hear he passed away
My prayers are with his family

I will always remember him in my thoughts

John Nicastro

December 7, 2018

Mr Lazar was a great man a good friend
I had the pleasure of meeting him when I worked for Delta Airlines at LaGuardia

We became good friends
He had a tremendous Heart
A thinking man always

I am saddened by his passing
He will always be with me in Spirit

Harold Marciari

December 7, 2018

Joel Lazar was one of a kind. It was truly an honer to be able to work side by side with Joel for so many special and rewarding years. Joel was my mentor, taught be more then I could ever be able to sit down and list. Joel taught me about business, Joel taught me that it was important to share with others, to care for others, especially ones family. Joel taught me it was important to enjoy what you do each and every day. Joel taught me it is important to laugh and have fun no matter what, each day. And the list goes on and on. It was a time I will never forget, all those years side by side, day after day, making things happen, amazing special one of a kind things happen. Sharing so much of ourselves with each other.

Joel Lazar was such an influence on mine, and so many others lives. Joel Lazar was one of a kind, as we all know. Joel was so many thing to so many people who knew him.

To me, Joel Lazar was and always will be "A Very Special Friend" Rest in Peace Joel, Love You Always.

Jack Fie'ds

December 6, 2018

There are few words to express how much I loved Joel. He was the brother I never had.

Joel had a very difficult life from childhood. He rose above many personal hardships and heartbreaks with character and dignity, including the untimely deaths of a beloved older brother, his son, Kenny, his best and oldest friend, Marty Schenker, and the love of his life, his wife, Judy. She was his rock. He was never the same when she passed away.

In spite of these formidable tragedies, Joel was, above all, a survivor.

He had a fabulous sense of humor and was the impish 'troublemaker' we all loved. His practical jokes were classic.

Joel Lazar was as good, loving, thoughtful and loyal an individual as I have ever known. He worked hard and played hard. He was industrious, creative, multi-faceted, insightful, compassionate and deeply devoted to those who earned his respect.

Joel was, by all accounts, a perfectionist. He demanded the best from everyone, and led by example.

I have missed Joel for some time, now, but will love him forever.

May Joel rest in peace in the loving embrace of his devoted and adoring Judy.

Barbara Luna

December 6, 2018

As I read the memories of my daughters I was so happy to see what wonderful memories they have of this very special man who was such a large part of their lives. After a friendship that spanned 5 decades there is so much to remember. I think of the hundreds of games of canasta that we played- where Vinnie and Joel mostly won, and Judy proclaiming "cheater " again and again. And how honored Vinnie and I were to light candles at David and Kenny's bar mitzvah celebrations. I know that as soon as Joel got to his resting place he immediately got Vinnie his cigarettes and coffee so that they could start on a project together and not waste any time. Rest in peace my dear friend. I am comforted in knowing that you are once again with your Judy!

Kerri Luna LaMontagne

December 6, 2018

Joel Lazar, the cleanest man we all knew, didn't complain once when my mother's water broke in Judy's car as she rushed us to the hospital for my birth. From the moment I was born I was as much the Luna's baby girl as I was the Lazar's baby girl. Over the years our families were everything to each other. We shared joy in each other's faith services and celebrations, sadness when a family member was in pain or lost, and shock when one of Joel's precious boats went down in flames thankfully sparing not only Judy and Joel, but my parents as well. When I close my eyes, I see the pictures of a life shared... lazy days at the pool (me with that stupid bubble on my back), birthday parties (dad's fancy trash can), car trips in whatever fancy car Joel brought home for us to all enjoy (even the dog!), Kenny's freckles (that Kristin tried to bite off), me in my fancy silk PJs (I was only about 6 by the way). Such a generous man, so full of life, stories and love. When he gets to Heaven he will be happily greeted by those who have gone before him... Judy, Marty, Vinnie, Grammy... they will all be there, arms open, waiting. Always loved, forever missed. Rest in peace Joel...

Tracey Luna

December 6, 2018

Oh my goodness, there are decades of memories to share and fondly remember. We all moved into the neighborhood around the same time, the late 60's early 70's, and our families instantly become connected. Judy and Joel, their names were always said in unison. They were my second set of parents. There was one time when I was sleep walking and walked across the street in the middle of the night. I knocked on their door and Joel answered it and took me inside. He then went to my house to see if everything was okay and he had to wake my Dad who said something like, "Oh, did I forget to lock the front door?" We had dinner together most Friday nights, we celebrated the Catholic and Jewish holidays together, we walked into each others homes unannounced and it was never questioned, the four of them would sail away on Joel's boat for numerous adventures...………..the list will go on and on. I will miss him terribly, as I do Judy and my Dad but I am comforted by the fact that they are now all together and I am sure that Judy has a very large bowl of M&M's for all of them to sit around and enjoy. Rest in Peace Joel, you deserve to be peaceful and with Judy once again.