Dorothy Blanchard

October 6, 1925November 23, 2012

Dorothy Blanchard was born on October 6, 1925 and passed away on November 23, 2012 in Dexter, MI.


Dorothy Blanchard

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Albert Pollmar

December 23, 2013

News of Dorothy's death traveled slowly to the Pacific Northwest, arriving in my case only a couple days ago. I regret the delay. Dorothy and her mother were dear and valued friends of my family for many years. We became acquainted in the early 1960s, participating together in Washtenaw Audubon Society events, such as the annual Christmas bird counts and trips to Point Pelee. Through all our adventures Dorothy was enthusiastic and knowledgeable, instilling in others that same love of Nature she felt so keenly herself.

To me, Dorothy will always represent the purest kind of naturalist: one whose regard for Nature is both scientific and poetic. It's what I loved about her the most; that and her kindness and wonderfully endearing smile.

Jane Hayes

December 4, 2012

How many of us learned to really see the little stuff from Dorothy? I will miss picking blueberries with her and searching for the nests of the digger wasps. And who will quiz me now on what I teach the children? She was a lovely lady.

Dave Szczygiel

December 4, 2012

I learned so much from Dorothy every time we met. I am honored to have been counted as one of her friends. We had many adventures together and I have fond memories of visiting with her at her home and in the field. I will miss her, she was very comfortable to be around and we shared common views about the world on many subjects. I enjoyed hearing her many stories.

I would often ask her how many lemons she wanted me to drop off (Dorothy was allergic to lemons and I would always get a big smile)

Dennis Stockwell

December 4, 2012

Dorothy shared her love of amphibians with my daughter, son and me when we were visited her in her home. Dorothy once led us to her basement to show us her salamander (Silvery?). Ironically, just moments before I found out that Dorothy had passed, I found a salamander on my cement driveway. It was a very cold day, even snowing. I found it so odd that a salamander would be out, especially on a cement driveway. I instantly thought of Dorothy and of my time with her. The salamander was a gift that day-as Dorothy will be a gift to all of us who knew and loved her.

Carol Strahler

December 4, 2012

Each year Dorothy and I looked forward to a nature hike in the fall, for you see our birthdays were only a week apart. I always learned something new as she pointed out some nature detail I never had seen before. Dorothy loved to share her knowledge with others, particularly children. She was a gentle spirit and children attentively listened as she described some aspect of nature to them in her quiet voice. After listening to her poetry for 30 years, she and I embarked on a project several years ago and compiled a book of her favorite poems. Many of you may not realize that Dorothy did not start writing poetry until she was in her 50's. She had a real talent for selecting a topic and in just a few short descriptive words creating a moment of awe through her poetry. The knowledge she shared, the poetry she recited and the many environmental programs she was involved in touched many lives and this is her legacy.

Jennifer Fike

December 3, 2012

I attended several bird walks that Dorothy led as part of the Ann Arbor Public Schools Rec & Ed program. I'll never forget the American Bittern that we saw -- she was so excited. I learned so much about nature from her and value the other outings we took to Kensington where she shared her interest, enthusiasm, and knowledge.

Dana Wright

December 1, 2012

Dorothy has attended many events I have been a part of over the years. She read one of her beautiful poems on our bus tour last year. We all enjoyed her sense of humor and sensitivity.

November 29, 2012

Dorothy Blanchard was a dedicated lover of nature, an ardent environmentalist, an accomplished poet and a truly gentle person. I enjoyed teaming with her to present "Night of the Amphibians" at the Gerald E. Eddy Discovery Center. I will remember her each time I hear the frogs call in spring. She will be missed.

Tom Hodgson, (Chelsea, MI)

Nancy J. Van Blaricum

November 29, 2012

I had the privilege of knowing Dorothy and helping her with the family genealogy. This allowed me to learn about a very interesting family. The death of her father, Frank Nelson Blanchard in 1937 changed the family structure and as the oldest child, Dorothy was extremely helpful to her Mother Freida Cobb Blanchard. sister and brother. Her interest in nature was a direct result of living with scientific parents. She will be remembered as a Science guide through the Ann Arbor Public schools for many years. She was especially interested in the Botanical Gardens as she was raised near them, but she was equally adept in the Waterloo nature preserve. Her own backyard was a natural habitat with native plants and animals. I will miss our talks and sharing.

Adrian Wylie

November 27, 2012

I met with Dorothy in October. She had an old camera that she wanted to pass along to me. When I stopped by to pick it up she told me she bought it in the 1950s to take nature photos. Her enthusiasm for nature was clear from all the articles, photos and notes she had saved. She was very proud that Blanchard's cricket frog was named to honor her father Frank, a herpetologist.

A couple weeks later I returned with film loaded into her old Exakta. As I was photographing her looking out of the living room window she began reciting a poem from memory. The poem was about nature and the delicacy and beauty of snowflakes. On November 23, Dorothy's home town of Dexter MI got its first snowfall of the season.