Brian Michael Stolfa

October 10, 1989February 13, 2021
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Brian was born in Oklahoma City along with his twin brother, Chris. He grew up in Edmond. He played many sports; baseball, gymnastics, diving, golf and he excelled in all.

Brian loved traveling. When he was young, he got to go to Washington, DC. He enjoyed going through all the Smithsonian museums, the FBI headquarters, and especially riding in the subway. At Disney World, he made his poor Grandmother ride the Tower of Terror way too many times! But the place that brought Brian the most peace, was his beloved Cozumel. He loved being on the beach listening to the water.

After high school, Brian told his Mom that he wanted to enlist into the Oklahoma Army National Guard. He was going to do it with a couple of friends; they didn’t make it. In 2009, he went to Fort Leonard Wood for training. Not long after returning from training, he was deployed to Afghanistan. After Brian returned, he started working at a car dealership until he got the job he truly wanted - working at CSMS in Norman with his brothers.

There is something special when you work with people who have gone through what you have gone through, who really know you and are always going to be there for you. Being with your men brought him joy and peace. The family will always love and appreciate you.

Brian met his wife, Sarah, while at work in the spring of 2014 after she attended a military training at the CSMS shop. They were introduced by his coworkers who looked on at their first meeting while smiling and joking with him.

They quickly realized how much they had in common to include their love of hockey and traveling. During the first years of their relationship, they fell in love and traveled to places such as Boston and Tennessee. It soon became a tradition to travel to Dallas to enjoy hockey games during their weekend getaways.

Brian and Sarah became engaged and soon after found out that they were pregnant. He had always disclosed that he wanted at least one boy and one girl. But he wanted the boys first so that they could protect the girl when she got older.

When they found out it was a boy, Brian became an immediate boy-dad. He sang and played guitar to their son before he was even born. He even whispered to their son that he was going to be a Boston Bruins fan before Sarah got the chance to help him with his decision. When Jackson was born in November of 2018, Brian had a sense of ease. He flawlessly became the most loving and protective father. His love for his son was immense.

Brian and Sarah married on 10/13/2019 in front of their family and friends with Jackson by their side.

They lived as a family at the home they chose together in Blanchard, Oklahoma where they made many unforgettable and amazing memories. Jackson got to experience the very best of what a father can provide. Brian’s personality and handsome looks are engraved into every inch of Jackson. His wife and son will forever be positively impacted from being lucky enough to have Brian in their lives.

Brian had 3 families; his brothers in arms, his mother, brother, aunt, uncles, cousins and wonderful grandmother; and his loving wife and precious son. It will be hard to go on without that beautiful smile. We will miss Brian so terribly. He was a wonderful son, a loving husband, and a proud devoted daddy.

Rest In Peace Brian. We will always love you.


Brian Michael Stolfa

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Kelly Hinson

February 26, 2021

I’m not sure how to start this off but here I go. I met Chris and Brian at Cimarron Middle School in 7th grade over the years we formed a friendship. I left Edmond, Oklahoma after my sophomore year without notice, so I was never able to keep in contact. During the years I was in Oklahoma I made many memories a lot of them we with the Stolfa twins. Especially the memories made walking around the neighborhood or hanging out in the apartments across from the high-school, just teenage memories mostly. When I heard the news I immediately wanted to be there to show support. I am so sorry to his family and closest friends . Honestly, the only person I really knew was Chris but that doesn’t change how I feel for everyone else. Stay strong I know it hurts and I know it’s hard! My thoughts are with each and every one of you and you’ve all been on my mind every single day. Sarah I don’t know you, but I can image the pain your feeling. Hold that beautiful baby so tight. Chris, I’m sure your feeling an emptiness. You and Brain were always together in middle/high just hold onto the good times. Brain, fly oh so high and keep your hands on every single one of these amazing souls.

Thelma Sughru

February 25, 2021

"Grandchildren are the treasures of a long life." and Brian is certainly one of these, along with his family. There have been so many happy times that I can't pick out just one, but I treasure them all. Love you always. Grandma

Justin Fisher

February 24, 2021

Bulvy.....I can’t even remember how the nickname came about, but it stuck. Every time I seen you no matter the circumstance I would yell it. I didn’t know if you hated it or loved it but you smiled and did your laugh every time. We had a lot of memories being deployed and having already been on a deployment you felt like a little brother. From the intense ping pong battles to working on trucks we always tried to get better and better. You were always willing to help out with anything. You will be missed brother... R.I.P Bulvy

Barbara Sparks

February 23, 2021

Carol, I know your heart is shattered at the loss of your dear son.
I remember that little energetic boy at Orvis, it appears that he channeled that energy for good in his life. I pray for God to comfort and strengthen you as you grieve.

Ralph Tocco

February 21, 2021

Was so talented, so smart, such an amazing man...

Kristen Guffy

February 21, 2021

My sincere condolences.
My favorite memory of Brian is when we were all at Camp Gruber together (2018).... he kept our road and training adventures full of positive joy. He was always smiling, and full of laughter. He volunteered for everything; such a helping hand, and a friend to each of us. This last drill, I saw Brian three times; talked to him twice. I only wish I would have hugged him and told him how much we all care for him. Prayers for all.

Desiree Mosley

February 20, 2021

My condelences to Stolfa's family. Brian was a great Soldier and friend. You will be missed and never forgotten. It was a honor to serve with Brian.

Cassie Calcote

February 20, 2021

Jackson, your daddy loved you more than words can describe. I’ll never forget sitting next to your family at Lincoln’s Tball games and him explaining everything to 1 year old little you. He was so excited to teach you how to play and be able to coach you on your future teams. The smile he had every second he was with you showed the immense amount of pride he had to be your father. I’ll never forget that smile of his because you carry it as well. Your Daddy’s love is timeless.

Sarah, I will never forget the moment at your wedding when Brian came up me while you were still getting ready and he asked me if you looked beautiful. I laughed slightly and he said, “she’s beautiful I know she’s beautiful, we’re so lucky”. By we, he meant he and Jackson. The best part of your wedding day was watching him watching you walk down the aisle. He loved you so much and that day really solidified that. I will always cherish being able to be apart of that day and really seeing true love be exchanged.

I will never forget Brian, he left a mark in people’s lives that made him impossible to forget. He was so happy, hyper, and fun loving. He made fun of me so much but always did it cautiously with a smile making sure that I knew he only made fun of me out of love.
Brian you created a family that quickly became a part of my own and I have an immense amount of gratitude and love for that.
We truly will never forget you. Thank you for every single memory. Thank you for being there for my son. Thank you for the endless eye rolls and laughs. Cheers.

Brian Attebery

February 20, 2021

I have had the pleasure of watching Brian grown into an incredible man. Babysitting he and his brother some for his Mom when she needed me to. Later in life I got to see him more having him work out at my gym. So proud of his service to this country and becoming a Father. I am so terribly sad for this loss. My prayers go up for Carol, his wife and his brother and all the family. I can’t imagine your loss. Love you all.

Carey Arias

February 20, 2021

Brain was SO proud of you this day.