Cuyler "Ky" E. Caldwell

July 5, 1981September 2, 2018
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On the morning of Sunday, September 2, 2018, the life of Dr. Cuyler “Ky” Eastes Caldwell came to an end. Ky was born in Amarillo, Texas on July 5, 1981.

Ky found happiness most with his family, Brooke his wife, and his two daughters Allie and Ava. Brooke was the love of his life, they had been married for 15 years after meeting in college. Allie was his pride and joy. He loved watching her play volleyball, as well as listening to her play the piano. He deeply enjoyed her creative talents, and would often participate in any way she would let him. Ava was his little princess and he enjoyed her humor and wit. He loved talking and playing basketball with her, and had a standing date to watch Thunder basketball with her by his side for any game that he was not able to attend. His children adored him and he treasured them.

Ky was a 1999 graduate from Enid High School and graduated at the top of his class. He also graduated from University of Central Oklahoma (UCO) with a degree in biology with the distinction and Class Marshal/Valedictorian (Summa Cum Laude). Ky then dedicated his life to helping others in the field of medicine, receiving the title M.D. at the University of Oklahoma and serving as a resident at the Great Plains family medicine program in OKC. Ky became a clinical physician through the Mercy Health Network. He enjoyed seeing patients and his genuine care and compassion for others made him a kind and loving doctor for many and he developed deep and caring relationships with his patients.

Ky was intelligent and compassionate, and had much to offer the world. He was a loving husband, father, son, brother, uncle, and friend. His absence leaves a hole in the hearts of many, but we know he has found peace in the arms of his Heavenly Father and in the presence of his earthly fathers who have preceded him in death; Kenneth Albert Caldwell and Joseph Dene Roberts.

Ky is survived by his wife, Brooke Miller Caldwell; daughters, Allie Claire and Ava Sue Eastes; mother, Ellen Caldwell Roberts of Enid; grandparents, Dwayne and Edith Caldwell of Amarillo; siblings: Kaley and husband Joseph Broome, Jackie and husband Matt Gist, and brother Jeffrey Roberts; in-laws, Steve and Lori Miller; brother-in-law, Easton and wife Lauren; sister-in-law, Addie and husband Austin; as well as a multitude of extended family and friends.


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Cuyler "Ky" E. Caldwell

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Kimberly Grape

October 9, 2018

Dr. Caldwell took care of my granddaughter for a couple of years between 1-4. He was a great man, very caring and always had a smile. He truly loved his work and did it well. So sorry to hear of his untimely passing. My prayers for peace will be with all of his family and dear friends.

Donna Dyer

September 21, 2018

We love Ky and his family so very much. Brooke is our niece and their family has always been blessing to us. Some of our special memories include remembering how very much Ky loved his family. You could see it in his face when he looked at Brooke, Allie and Ava. He was an awesome doctor who was compassionate, extremely smart and caring. He was always such a bright spot at our family gatherings and we will truly miss and remember him always. One of our favorite memories was how he always joked around with everyone and especially our grandson Jesse. Jesse loved to put lots of butter on our homemade rolls, Ky had a special name for Jesse, "Butter Boy". Jesse went to heaven a few years ago and I can imagine Jesse and Ky joyfully greeting and hugging each other, Ky giving Jesse a huge smile, teasing him, making him laugh, calling him "Butter Boy". We will always remember Ky and miss him dearly. We pray for Christ to give Brooke, the girls and all the family strength and comfort that only He can give. We are thankful for our faith and very thankful for Ky's life. He will always be with us in our hearts.
Love and prayers,
Aunt Donna and Uncle Sean

Savannah Stumph

September 20, 2018

Dear Ky -

It has taken me a while to write you. 7 years ago this past August you and I started our medical careers on the same day, at the same clinic. We were the "new kids." We had both just completed residency, and we each had two children of the same ages. It was comforting to have a partner at the same point on the journey. There were good days, and frustrating days, and many stressful days. But every day I parked in the parking spot next to yours, and every morning you always stopped to tell me hi and talk for a minute as I passed your office on the only way to mine. It will be impossible to not remember these things every day for as long as I work. I won't forget how you could always crack everyone up during physician meetings, or how when you thought the meeting should be over you would just get up and leave. I will always remember the Halloween when the Peds side of the clinic dressed as superheroes and we pestered you for weeks to join us as Thor. I mean, come on, you were the perfect Thor. You politely declined over and over until we finally gave up.
Our clinic family is so close. What fun we had getting together outside of the office for events, dinners, parties and "staff meetings" at the Patriarch. I only wish we had more of these times with you to look forward to. We all miss you so much. We adore Brooke and Allie and Ava of course, and we will help take care of them as best we can. Right now I hate that your parking spot is empty, and that your office has been cleaned out, and that we no longer hear your voice on the west side of the clinic. I hate that you won't see your girls grow up, but I'm certain they will make you so proud. You will always be in my heart.

- Savannah

Justin Roberts

September 11, 2018

When I graduated from NP school Ky called to congratulate me. He gave me advice as a new provider and told me to call him anytime if I needed anything. He told me that growing up he always looked up to me (as younger cousins tend to do toward their older counterparts), that meant a lot to me. I also really admired him for all of his accomplishments. His was a good man. You will be missed cousin.

Sandra Staton

September 11, 2018

I remember so many things about Ky. We would spend a week at my grandparents house in Amarillo and Ky and Kaley would always come and spend some time with all the cousins. And then some days I would go stay at Aunt Ellen and Uncle Dene's house. Occasionally we would stay at Edith and Dewayne house, one night all the girls (Kaley, Christy, and I) were in one room and the boys were in the other. Edith said, "Let's sneak down the hallway and scare the boys!" But as we were sneaking down to scare Ky, Kyle, and Justin, they had the same idea and we ran into them in the hallway. We all were screaming and then laughing so hard. Another time at a family reunion Ky was making his plate and had a salad, but as he was putting the salad dressing on he dropped the serving spoon into the gallon size dressing. He said opps and then stuck his entire arm in the dressing searching for the spoon!! Lol. My dad (uncle Doyle) was behind him and had to grab him up and clean his arm off. I have so many memories of Ky and he will be miss terribly. I love you cousin.
Brooke, I will continue to pray for you and your girls. Love you all.
Also, ask Kaley about "Ky-a-rella"

Love always,
Sandra Staton aka KK

Mark Geurkink

September 10, 2018

I was sadden to read of his passing.

Ky was an enjoyable conversationalist. About 12 years ago, I met Ky during lunch. And with his stories about growing up in a mid-size town in Oklahoma, I was able to easily relate to him. After that lunch, I didn't see him for another 5 or 6 years. Yet when I did see him, we were able to pick up the conversation just like it had been the day before.

One of things that made Ky an enjoyable conversationalist, was his ability to tell interesting stories of what he was most proud of, his family. Once while sharing a golf cart, one of the topics of conversation was reading. He told me about how Allie and Ava were advanced readers for their ages. I said, well you must be spending time teaching them to read. He said, "nope" that their learning to read was from Brooke. And she that had spend a great deal of time teaching and following up on their reading. He went on to talk about his happiness with her parenting skills. In fact, the back nine of the course was devoted to similar stories of how proud he was with his family.

Another thing that made Ky an enjoyable conversationalist, was his ability to listen. It was during our second golf outing that I realized, how much he had listen to the things that I had discussed during the first outing. An example is, he had used my analogy for cooking steaks, in conversations with several others. He want to let me know how good it sound. I was happy knowing that he had listened.

Don't know how long before I meet Ky again. But, I'm confident that when we do, we'll pick up the conversation like it had been the day before.

Stephanie Carducci

September 10, 2018

I feel so LUCKY and blessed to have been trusted to help take care of his two princesses. You girls looked at your dad as your Prince charming and that's the way is should be. Every time you girls would share a story with me about your daddy, you both had such great love for him. My heart hurts for you and your mommy and I'm so sorry you have to go through this pain and being so young. I love you all so much and always want to be there as much as I can for you ...

Love, Mrs. Stephanie

Sylvia Gray

September 9, 2018

What a special guy Ky was! I have had the honor to work with him for four years. He was an amazing advocate for his patients. He went the extra mile to call me or text me, when he felt that one of his patients needed to be seen ASAP and to give me extra information that might help us treat the person. He also made sure to give praise to those around him and in the field of medicine, when each of us is neck deep in our own work, it is significant to be recognized by a colleague.

Every time we got to see each other out, he just lit up a room with a beaming smile, bright eyes, and quick wit.

I remember seeing him at the airport. I was flying with my two small kids, who were running around making terrible commotion, and he came up to me and just laughed, a warm deep laugh, and said, “It’s so nice to see you. Aren’t kids just so fabulous?”

Rachel Gist

September 9, 2018

We first fell in love with Brooke for her amazing heart and love for children. When she referred me to her husband when we needed a new PCP, I didn’t even think twice. He was even better than I could have imagined for our family. Having teen girls, making them feel comfortable was a big deal to me. He was laid back, compassionate, friendly, non-judgemental, relatable, intelligent and just great at making everyone feel comfortable. With every visit his family would be brought up. He loved all 3 of his girls dearly and was proud to tell us about things in their lives. He would smile from ear to ear telling us about what grades they were in, what they were ‘into’ at the time, how big the girls were getting and how all 3 of their school years were going, etc. He was born to care for others. Thank you Brooke, Alli and Ava for sharing him with so many. Our lives were truly blessed by him. Our thoughts will continue to be with you as you remember all the beautiful and wonderful memories of a very special person. All our love, Jeff, Rachel, Reagan, Kinsley and Brock

Kathy McIntyre

September 9, 2018

Ky was more than our doctor, he was our friend! He cared for the people I love most (my husband, daughter & son) with the same care & dedication that I do. He made sure both my children knew that he was available to them as they grew. I never visited his office when we didn’t talk about Brooke and the girls. He absolutely LOVED his girls. He always shared with pride all of their new accomplishments. He will be greatly missed. Brooke & girls, the McIntyres will always be here for you! We love you!