February 18, 1964July 6, 2018

David James HUELSBECK was born on February 18, 1964 and passed away on July 6, 2018


28 July

Memorial Service

1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

El Cajon Mortuary and Cremation Service

684 South Mollison Ave.
EI Cajon, CA 92020



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Rosa Sarabia

July 16, 2018

Dear Huelsbeck family
I am deeply saddened by the news. I grew up on San Miguel(neighbors) with David and Mike and have cherrished memories of Bill and Elizabeth. We had some amazing times, David always sweet, generous and funny! As kids we had no end of energy to play ball, ride bikes and of course find some way to get in trouble. We had some fabulous times. Though we all went our separate ways he will always have a special place in my heart! Know we are praying you are given strength and find comfort in all the wondeful memories that honor him.

Patty Connell

July 15, 2018

We met when I was somewhere around 17 or 18 30+ years ago. We liked each other and hung out a couple times together. Then you met Jennifer the person you fell in love with and we still stayed good friends for all these years! My heart aches every time I think about all the good times we all had for a long time and I'm going miss you very much! You used to wear that goofy blue hat with the flaps down the back I can remember it like it was yesterday, you loved that hat. All the parties, cruising 2nd street were the best times of my life and you were always a big part of that so much fun! About 20 years ago when I had problems with my marriage we got together again and went on a New Years eve date at Hungry Hunters we waited a long time for a table but we had a very nice date and would've liked to continue seeing you just didn't work out that way. At least I got to have one more date with you it meant the world to me. I will always love you and miss you Rest in Peace my long time friend I will never forget you Homie!

Gary Woods

July 14, 2018

First off I can't explain the pain and heartache I feel because of your loss, for years you have met so much to so many of us and my entire family I will always cherish the great times we always had on 2nd Street. Spending times at your two Room Studio and partying like we did, you have been a true friend and always looked out for your friends. Always willing to go to battle with us. It was wonderful how you treated Stephanie as she was growing up, she always looked up to you, how she called you Uncle Dave and then many years later you showed up at her wedding. That would be the last time I had seen you, Forever cherished you will never be forgotten and we will meet again my friend, keep rocking the Heavens until we get there. Rest in Peace Homie.

Marilyn James

July 14, 2018

I can not find the words to express how sad & heartbroken my entire family is over your loss. You have been a great friend to all of us for a very long time.
I will always treasure and miss your great personality, your contagious laugh & your strikingly good looks "yo baby, yo"
I will forever cherish all the good times we had and the amazing memories we all created.

Rest easy, sweetheart until we meet again!!
Love you,

Catherine Smith

July 13, 2018

30+ years ago a bunch of kids became part of something very special: a close knit group of friends, brothers & sisters, metal-heads, partiers, some of us lovers. Last week we lost one of our own, Dave aka Homie. He was the forefront of the best memories of my life. RIP my friend. Until we meet again. ❤️

“Those crazy nights, I do remember in my youth
I do recall, those were the best times, most of all”

Love and memories forever,
Catherine Pryts Smith (aka Cathy)

Larry Wakeley

July 13, 2018

Well where do I start myself and David met through a friend of his named Jeff I was 17 we started talking and I don’t know how much longer after that he was at my front door asking me if I want to make some money Just out of high school I said heck yeah. A couple weeks later the same thing happened. I was picking up checks up in LA for la mesa glass well a couple weeks later here go again but this time he said you want a job. And yes we did hang out between those times. All said and done. I worked with David at la Mesa glass for about 2 years at that point we were hanging out all the time. Unfortunately we lost contact a few years later but we did have some fun and amazing times together R I P Homie

Nicole Huelsbeck

July 12, 2018

I miss you more than I can even put into words. Dad your my rock, my strength, my whole world. You never gave up on me and loved me so very much. You are the best father anyone could have ever asked for. You always did what you had to provide for me and make sure I had everything I ever needed. Your life stopped when you had me, only to begin again just the two of us, you did what you had to do, to raise a daughter on your own. I will never forget your smile, the gap between your teeth and your contagious laugh. How even though you worked so very hard you still made time to make wonderful memories with me that I will cherish forever. All of the hunting trips, amusement parks, vacations and BBQ Sundays. You were very set in your ways and no one could tell you anything different but your stubborn, hard headed ways have been passed on to me and I wouldn't want it any other way. MY HERO, MY DADDY I know your still here with me, I feel you in the wind and still hear your voice. I will forever be daddy's little girl, and you forever my angle. I know you and grandpa are together, I will never be the same without you my daddy. I love you to pieces and miss you so much.
With so much love!!!
Your little girl,

Valerie Shipley

July 12, 2018

I miss you so much my heart aches. I find myself constantly thinking of you. I cry and then I think of something funny that you said and start laughing. I have a lot of happy memories. I look over to where you parked your truck and remember the morning banter we would have walking into work. I miss your visits to my desk all throughout the day. Whenever I needed help with something, you were the first person that came to mind. I remember how when you would get mad at me you’d say, “We’re divorced again. We been divorced six times already and I still ain’t got any alimony “. lol I remember how I would say, “Dave, what would I do without you” and you would say, “You’d find somebody else”. Then I would say, “That’s not true”. And it isn’t. Dave, you will always have a special place in my heart. I love you.


Jennifer Pryts-Mendenhall

July 12, 2018


Oh gosh, where do I even start :(

Unfortunately, it has been several years since we spoke (we broke our promise to each other, but we can work that out when we see each other again :) ), your loss fills my heart with so much sadness. I wish I would have had an opportunity to get caught up one more time as we did every couple years. But all that I can do now is revisit those memories of us and our time together. I have so many pictures of us and when I look at those pictures now and of you smiling it brings back the beautiful memories. Those pictures captured just a glimpse of the years we spent together but my heart captured even more and that I will never forget. Your love touched and changed my life forever and for that I am so grateful.

Every day since you have been gone I have listened to “our” favorite music while thinking of you and knowing that you are up there listening with me. Those songs will always be “our” songs. Every night since you have been gone, I look up the stars to find the brightest one and I know that it is you and your beautiful smile and brown eyes are shining down on everyone you loved.

I wish you love and a peaceful rest my friend. Godspeed until we see each other again.

My thoughts and prayers and with you Mrs. Huelsbeck, Michael, Nicole and everyone in your family.

David, I will always love you and will always miss you.
Forever in my heart,

Dan Toppins

July 12, 2018

“David James”, my friend! We met while dating sisters. We became friends becuase of that and because we partied together, went to concerts together, we laughed and made fun of each other, worked together, raised our girls together, raised a ruckos or two at Padre games in Jack Murphy and in LA during Kings hockey games!

You always had a strong bond of love for your family. Your dad was the man you looked up to, your mom, ever the loving son you were, the older brother always keeping that distance but always there and of course a loving, caring father of your daughter!

Yes, you are already missed and while I shed a tear for you, worry not as that mischievous grin you stated I had appears thinking of all the wonderful memories I have of you my friend.., “David “Homie” James”!

With love-Dan