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Italo John Dell'Arsina

April 1, 1939May 15, 2020

Italo John Dell'Arsina was born on April 1, 1939 in Lucca, Italy and passed away on May 15, 2020 in El Cajon, California and is under the care of Paris Frederick Mortuary & Cremation Service.

Visitation will be held on June 6, 2020 at 1:00 pm at El Cajon Mortuary and Cremation Service, 684 South Mollison Ave., El Cajon, CA. Funeral Service will be held on June 6, 2020 at 3:00 pm at El Cajon Mortuary and Cremation Service, 684 South Mollison Ave., El Cajon, CA.

They were preceded in death by Vilma Dell'Arsina (Sister). They are survived by L'ourdes Dell'Arsina (Spouse), Luana Goldfarb (Perry) (Daughter), Ronald Dell'Arsina (SON), Tanya Cortez (Daughter), Nadia Condinsa (Sister), Plava Plum (Sister), Italo is survived by 3 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren.

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  • L'ourdes Dell'Arsina, Spouse
  • Luana Goldfarb (Perry), Daughter
  • Ronald Dell'Arsina, SON
  • Tanya Cortez, Daughter
  • Vilma Dell'Arsina, Sister (deceased)
  • Nadia Condinsa, Sister
  • Plava Plum, Sister
  • Italo is survived by 3 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren

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6 June


1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

El Cajon Mortuary and Cremation Service

684 South Mollison Ave.
El Cajon, CA 92020

6 June

Funeral Service

3:00 pm

El Cajon Mortuary and Cremation Service

684 South Mollison Ave.
El Cajon, CA 92020


Italo John Dell'Arsina

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Debbie Plumb

June 4, 2020

Zio Italo always greeted me with a smile and a big hug, from as early as I can remember. I loved discussing the important items of life with him, Cubs baseball, World Cup soccer, and his golf game. I will miss you so much, Zio

Erna Nesbitt

June 3, 2020

My heart breaks for both of John's families. First, the one he raised and lived with, second, the one I was a part of for many many years, Jimmy's. John was a great boss and friend. We have many fun memories (fabulous parties at his house). I will miss him very much. It will not be the same not serving him his coffee and pancakes. Sending all who are hurting lots of love and strength through this difficult time.
Hugs, Erna

Denise Williams

June 2, 2020

I only met your father once, but fell in love! I'll never forget his joke about me being the dingy blonde friend lol! My deepest condolences to you and your family dear friend.

Alejandro Bojorquez

June 1, 2020

Andaré con Dio Padrino

Jose Soto. Monroy

May 31, 2020

I would like to give my deepest condolences to the best boss I ever had and his family,who treated my family and me like part of his family, we are truly sad that he is gone but happy at the same time that he is in a better place where there is no more suffering and sickness, I am great full for all the advice he gave me in life, you will be missed friend , Rest In Peace 🙏🏼

Sergio DiVincenzo

May 31, 2020

Italo (John), my friend, my best friend, was a splendid human being. Honest, giving, always ready to help. Inside, a part of me died since you passed ,rest in peace, you are now in a better place receiving the well deserved rewards for your good deeds done on this earth. I join your family and everybody that knew you in the deep pain that we all feel. I will treasure the good times lived together since we came from Italy, 1957/1958, the World Cup, the Chicago Cubs, I will miss YOU and never forget YOU. Condolences to your family from us all, love you, your brother Sergio DiVincenzo and family

Carolyn Ellis

May 30, 2020

John and Family
I know how much John will be missed.He had always delt me a fair hand and had lend me a hand a time or two and therefore be always indebted.He was a nonsense kind of man and I respected him very much as he would respect you back if you played him stright.The memories of John and his family will always be in my heart.
May you rest in peace John
My deepest condolence
To the familia

Debbie Gurino

May 29, 2020

RIP John you were such a great man . I enjoyed the time I got to work for you and all of your stories. I loved the way you would say how it is. Always repairing things @ the restaurant and feeding great home made food for the community. You’ll be missed.

Linnea Campbell

May 29, 2020

Aw, this breaks my heart. John interviewed me for my first job at Jimmys, which basically paid for college with those tips and paychecks. Forever thankful for the Dell’Arsina family. Rest In Peace, John.


May 29, 2020

My buddy John, I will always cherish all the wonderful moment you me and Richard share together on the golf course at the Casino, all the wonderful times and laughs in my heart I will always remember your voice God bless your friend always Tai Kreider



When someone is identified as a natural leader, certain images come to mind. First thoughts are of a no-nonsense, tough-minded, dedicated and disciplined person. These qualities accurately fit Italo John Dell'Arsina who was indeed a born manager. He will be remembered as being highly organized, practical realistic and a little out spoken. He was a person who always carried a strong sense of duty with him throughout his life. Poised with traditional “old school” morals, Italo was an individual who clearly communicated to those around him just who he was and what he was all about along with his opinion in any discussion. Everyone acquainted with Italo knew him as a well-respected man who was a stable force in his business and family.

His parents were Decimo and Bruna Dell'Arsina. Italo was born and raised in Italy up until the age of 15, where then he and his family migrated to the United States and settled in Chicago, Illinois. Even as a youngster, Italo learned to be objective and decisive. His belief in the principles of authority and dependability were traits that he carried with him throughout his life.

As a young boy, Italo was able to put his natural abilities to work. He was a bit like the enforcer of the family, always making sure that the others did what they should do and that they avoided those things they were not supposed to. In other words, he liked to organize and direct. Italo was raised with his three older sisters, Plava, Nadia, and Vilma. Italo had an inborn appreciation for the order in the family, allowing for the oldest members to be the most respected and to take on the most responsibility. For Italo, this was a natural order of life, one he gladly embraced.

Italo's matter-of-fact attitude about most things was developed during his childhood. As a young boy, Italo enjoyed being part of teams, and groups of other kids who shared similar interests. Italo played on multiple soccer teams and even dabbled in cycling like his father. In his spare time he liked to play with neighborhood friends and go for bike rides with his dad.

Italo graduated from William H. Wells High School in 1958. After high school he joined,served and fought for our country in the US Army. Following discharge from Army he married his first wife and soon had a family. Years later Italo saw an opportunity and was ready for change and decided to make California his home.

Italo was extremely sociable and approachable. Because he was always so straightforward in how he approached relationships, friends and family knew that what you see was always what they got. He enjoyed the camaraderie of his group of friends. He wasn’t afraid to confront his friends and, when necessary, he challenged and conveyed them to stick to the task at hand. Those close to Italo came to expect his high standards of performance. While growing up, one of his best friends was Sergio DiVincenzo. Later in life, his close friends were Frank Zucchini, Jarmo Sandelin, Rich Dinter and Tai Kreider.

An ambitious and conscientious individual, Italo reveled in the security of his family. On September 25, 2002 at the The Venetian Hotel of Las Vegas, Nevada Italo exchanged wedding vows with his soulmate and love of his life Maria Lourdes Cisneros. One of Italo’s most endearing qualities was his uncanny ability to remember important dates and anniversaries, and his immeasurable enthusiasm for organizing a celebrating for his family and friends.

Italo was blessed with two children, his daughter Luanna and son Ronald. John was also blesssed and proud to be called Nonno to his 4 grandchildren, Shay, Chris, Demetrius and Antonio. Italo was ever watchful of his children. He worried about them and was deeply concerned for their development as they grew up. He maintained a firm hand in their upbringing along with enforcing the rules as needed to ensure that his children were properly raised.

Being a hard worker who praised efficiency, Italo was always striving to make improvements when necessary. He was able to analyze situations and problems, keeping everything and everyone on track. An excellent project supervisor and manager to his staff, Italo was a person who could quickly make decisions based on the information available. He worked cooperatively and expected the same from his colleagues. In both his personal and professional environments, Italo upheld his standards. His primary occupation was Restaurateur. Italo was a team player who certainly lived out the motto of “give me a job, and I will get it done.” There was nothing Italo couldn't fix or do.

Italo approached his leisure time in the same manner that he approached his life. A person who enjoyed being neat and orderly and one who understood the nature of things, he appreciated the hours he was able to devote to his various hobbies. His favorite pursuits were golf, cribbage and poker. Italo was content to enjoy his favorite pastimes alone but was also willing to share his interests with others. He loved to travel as well with Lourdes, family, and friends

Playing by the rules was a natural thing for Italo to do in life and that carried over to his enjoyment of sports. In high school, Italo played soccer. Recreational sports included soccer and golf. He also was something of a sports fan and enjoyed watching his favorite events whenever he got the opportunity. Tops on his list were baseball, football, soccer, golf and basketball. The Chicago cubs was his team.

All who knew him would agree that Italo was a pillar of the community. He lived his life with his feet firmly on the ground. He had a strong work ethic, was pragmatic in his thoughts and acts, and constantly sought the means for self-improvement. Italo did his best to ensure that his family, friends, loved ones, co-workers, and everyone whose life he touched was given the chance to become a better person.

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