Virginia Louise Herrick

August 29, 1929October 21, 2020
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Virginia Louise Herrick (8/29/1929 – 10/21/2020)

Virginia Louise Herrick was born on August 29, 1929 in a small town in Michigan. She spent her early years moving frequently, since her father took promotions moving from one job to another with increasing responsibilities during the great depression. During her middle school years living in Upper Darby, a suburb of Philadelphia, she took her first piano lessons while her younger sister Marion focused on art. The piano would be Virginia’s favorite hobby and strongest passion for the rest of her life. Virginia met her dear husband James Merritt Herrick while in college at Michigan State University. She moved to his family farm in rural Michigan and raised two children, James and Janice, on the farm. She fulfilled her husband’s dream of giving up the farm life and moved to San Diego, CA to begin a new life in a beautiful golden town by the sea. As San Diego at the time was in a growth mode and needed teachers, Virginia was able to get a job (without even an interview) as a kindergarten teacher in the San Diego School District based on her academic credentials. She excelled at teaching young children to read and was very proud of her success helping mainly young, and often very poor, Hispanic children to read and speak English. She was so good at this, Virginia was asked after retirement to come back and help some of the more challenged kids - which she did with amazing success. She was very proud on one particular occasion when a young Hispanic couple came up to her with tears in their eyes, and told her that their child came home that day and read to them for the first time in his life. Virginia was assisted during this time by her long-time best friend and assistant, Gloria Comagon. They teamed up to help many, many children learn to read.

Virginia was (to those who knew her, and even to those who just met her casually) one of the sweetest, nicest, and most positive people that ever lived. Countless times her children were told how lucky they were to have the “nicest” Mom in the world, and believe me, all her kids knew it, too! She was especially happy at family gatherings, and particularly when she met up with her dear younger sister Marion “Mickey” Langham. The joy and energy those two had when they got together periodically (as they lived on opposite sides of the country) was wonderful to behold. The laughing and storytelling was non-stop, except for the periodic afternoon naps that became more common as they both grew older.

James, her husband for 60 years, was at her side constantly and they did everything together. They were truly an inseparable couple until James became ill with very advanced dementia. During her later years Virginia began to have setbacks, beginning with the death of her beloved sister, and also dealing with her husband’s increasing dementia symptoms, and finally, his death. On top of this, she had a stroke that resulted in the complete loss of eyesight in her “good” eye, and another stroke that forced her to move into assisted living. Despite all of this, Virginia remained positive and upbeat about her life and the future. She once said, “I’m not an old person, but a young person trapped inside this (expletive) body!” She truly was young at heart all the way to the end. In her final couple of years in assisted living, Virginia practiced the piano and performed concerts with her son-in-law, Dwight Bean, which provided much needed joy and entertainment to her fellow residents. She was an inspiration to staff, maintaining a positive attitude during the Covid 19 crisis in a place where most struggle to find any joy at all. She left behind a gigantic crater of love that her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren will not be able to fill back, but she did provide to all who knew her a 100% certified blue print on how to live life to the fullest and be the best human being. Virginia is survived by three children (James, Janice and Steven), 6 grandchildren (Alana, Amber, Doug, David, Michael and Connor) and 6 great-grandchildren (Ival, Satta, Amara, Ester, Stella and Baby Marion) and 2 step-great-grandsons (Markus and Henrik.)

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  • Graveside Service

    Wednesday, November 25, 2020


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Virginia Louise Herrick

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Connie Herrick

November 25, 2020

I just loved this song when I first heard it. As I drink a toast to Virginia this evening, I'm playing this. She would love all of the children's voices, and it reminded me of all of the children's lives she has touched. This zoom version for this children's choir is so 2020!

Cheers, Virginia!

Memories, One Voice Children's Choir

Mario Sharp

November 25, 2020

I grew up with Jimmy and Janice five houses away on Scripps St. in University City. Jimmy and I met when we were 10 and 9 years old in a new housing development and became best friends very quickly always at each other house. Even as young as I was then I thought Jimmy's Mom(Virginia) was the most kindest and loving Mom around. Looking back I always enjoyed being in her presence while visiting at their house. She treated me with such kindness that I never forgot. In later years when I would see her at gatherings she always wanted to know about what was new in my family. I will always cherish the times we spent together in her last couple of years when I took her to lunch once a month. I will greatly miss her and will always remember her for her kindness and loving manner.

Nancy Langham

November 25, 2020

Don, Peter, Marcia and I just finished watching Virginia’s memorial service. It was lovely. Such touching and heartwarming memories. Wish we could be there to hug everyone.
The Langham’s send their love.

Jeffrey Turner

November 25, 2020

I met Virginia late in her life through Janice and Dwight. I got to see her several times at social events. I remember her so well because of her warmth and high spirit, not to mention her piano skills. She was so charming, even while dealing with her own and husband’s health issues. I’ll miss her and remember her as a person who aged with great strength and love.

Barbara Price

November 18, 2020

Barbara L Price
Tue 11/17/2020 9:48 PM

Sisters, Aunt Ginny and Mom maintained a deep and loving relationship. Each and every Sunday morning, they shared an eagerly awaited and 'oh so special' phone call. Although they were 3,000 miles apart, they were actually sitting right next to each, other holding each other close!

Ben Langham

November 17, 2020

Many years ago, my parents took us on a family vacation to visit the Grand Canyon and to meet family in California. I recall staying with Aunt Ginny and Uncle Jim and being received with love and warmth. Meeting Aunt Ginny and Uncle Jim, and the rest of the CA family, is a special memory.

Several years before my grandmother's passing, we looked at old family photos. Grandma Marian made a point to specifically identify which photos contained images of her and Aunt Ginny together. Each time she found one, she became excited and quickly identified them as sisters. It was plain to see that my grandmother loved her sister very much and they had a special bond.

Rebecca Langham

November 17, 2020

Aunt Ginny
You taught me my first song on the piano, a duet of course!
You made me feel so incredibly welcome when I visited you all in California.
You made me laugh across the country with your hilarious music video.
Thank you for being in my life and bringing so much joy to all of us 💕

David Langham

November 17, 2020

One year, the North Carolina Langham clan (David, Lauri, Ben, Daniel and Rebecca) took a trip out west. We flew into Las Vegas and rented a car to go camping in the Grand Canyon. As part of the trip, we drove to San Diego and stayed with Aunt Ginny and Uncle Jim before driving back to Las Vegas. We were sitting around the living room with them talking about what we should do in the short time we were there. Aunt Ginny said “You should go fishing on a charter boat for Rockfish. It is so much fun”. She was right. We had a great time, caught a nice bunch of fish and were quite tired by the end of the day. The big surprise came the next morning when we all were awoken to the wonderful smell of fish frying! Aunt Ginny had cooked us up a big fish breakfast and it was fabulous! The fish was delicious and what a surprise. She really had the knack of creating memories.

Peter Langham

November 16, 2020

What do I remember?
Laughter...and more laughter...and even more laughter.
I have happy memories of family gatherings in her backyard with Gramps, Nana and my cousins.
Visiting with my kids and the smiles she brought.
She and Jim always reheated coffee in the morning and how practical but funny she thought that was.
Kicking out a tune on the piano and bringing more joy to the room.
My parents laughter and smiles as they relived the fun cruises they took with Jinny and Jim.
And Jinny and Jim driving all the way from San Diego to Atlanta (took 3 days back then) to visit for the week...
and then the laughter began all over again.

Jinny, I will miss your laughter. Thank you for all of the joy you shared with us.


November 14, 2020

Virginia was responsible for getting me and Carmen together. We both came to Virginia and Jim's wedding anniversary in 2015 and reconnected. We have been happily together since that time and will be celebrating 4 years together in December. Virginia was my next door neighbor for 30 years.
Fondly, Dick Hill and Carmen Engstrom


Virginia as a baby
Born: 8/29/1929


What a sweetheart!


Harold and Virginia


Marian and Virginia


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Harold with Virginia and Mickey


Virginia and Mickey

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