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Yolanda Prieto Vest

March 7, 1925May 10, 2020

Yolanda Prieto Vest, 95, fittingly joined her mother and father in heaven on Mother’s Day.

Born in Mexico City of March 7, 1925, Yoli was predeceased by her loving parents Ethel and Fernando Prieto (Mexican Embassy Agricultural Attaché), her grandmother Francisca Lujan Vest, her aunt Katy Vest Glass, and her uncle George F. LeBreton. She was a descendent of two prestigious border families, the pioneer Lujan family of San Elizario (great grandfather J.M. Lujan was the first County Clerk of El Paso), and the prominent Prieto family of Juarez. She lived in several cities while growing up including 1st grade at St. Joseph’s school, Our Lady of Angeles School in San Diego, Long Beach, San Pedro, Chihuahua City, and graduated high school in Mexico City.

She was very fond of dancing, all forms of dance and enjoyed the many dances sponsored by the Boton Rojo woman’s club of Juarez, the Casino Juarez, the Juarez Lion’s Club, as well as those sponsored by her own Club Juvenil Deportivo, a Juarez club for young ladies.

Yolanda was the last Lujan Family member to have lived at the home her grandmother built at 3808 Montana in 1916, where she lovingly cared for both her grandmother and mother. She is survived by cousins Sonia Hemley, George A. LeBreton, Charles Victor LeBreton, and countless other Lujan and Prieto descendants.

Yolanda in Matriarchal lineage: Francisca Lujan LeBreton Vest: 1871-1966---95 years Katherine Vest de Glass: 1907-1969---62 years Ethel Vest de Prieto: 1908-2004---96 years Maria Yolanda Prieto: 1925-2020---95 years

Since many are unable to attend the service, we ask that you share your memories & stories online. The service will also be shown Live on the Hillcrest Funeral Home West - Facebook page on Tuesday 5/26/2020 at 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM. Graveside services and internment following at the Lujan Memorial in historic Concordia Cemetery.

The family wishes to express their Gratitude to the tender loving care of SunRidge Palisades and Desert Springs where Yoli resided for the past 10years. Both communities brought so much to her life and the staff were always so loving and courteous. We are forever grateful+ 🙏

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Yolanda Prieto Vest

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Vic LeBreton

May 20, 2020

My oldest memory of Yolanda is from a talent show sponsored by her club, El Chub Juvenil Deportivo De Juarez at the Teatro Victoria when I was in grade school. The highlight came when Yolanda danced the Blue Danube Waltz in a pink chiffon gown with the dance director, who stated that he was the only one good enough to lead her. A bare stage with only a gigantic Champagne cup allowed for the focus to remain on Yolanda gliding so gracefully across the stage that it seemed her feet were not touching the floor. Much later in life, when she was at an advanced age, I had the opportunity to dance with her at a birthday party for my mother. The memory of her Blue Danube performance came to mind. Leading her was utterly effortless, light as a feather, perfectly in sync. I forgot how old she was, as did she, because we danced until both of us were exhausted, and realized that we were pushing it.

The beauty with which she danced represents the beauty of her soul; gracious, gentle, soft spoken, kind, and spiritual. Her Catholic faith and prayer were the core of her being. Never ever did an unkind word or crudity cross her lips.

A couple years ago, while I visited her at the nursing home, I told her that I thought she had never had an unkind thought. She smiled coyly, and said softly "oh, you'd be surprised." To me that spoke of sanctity, temptation resisted.

For all that gentle sweetness, however, there was an equal amount of grit. She was untiringly strong when it came to caring for our aging grandmother, and then her mother. My entire life, I witnessed Yolanda's tireless dedication, never ever uttering a complaint. You see, the greater part of her life was not spent indulging her passion for dancing, but rather to caring for those she loved. Only now has the dancing resumed, in heaven, to the delight of those who were there waiting for her.

Kym Hemley

May 20, 2020

I am grateful for all the time together growing up till now and privileged to have to learned and been witness to a 'real and genuine lady.' Her iconic image will be forever imprinted in my memory and on my heart.

Liz Lujan Arroyos

May 20, 2020

My memories of Yolanda. I remember them coming to visit in the taxi sometimes to auntie Lola and Tina s house or us going their s on Montana street. Once when we went over Ethel made Cubed steak I have loved it ever since and everytime I eat it or buy it I remember them both each time. I have NEVER forgotten. Yolanda was always put together with elegance, her hair never out of place, her Jewerly worn well with selective pieces to represent her elegance. Her shoes always matched her purse, nails done. She had all the markings of a Royal. She sat down so elegantly with a straight back. That red lipstick she wore I envied you always were strikingly beautiful, truly. I suppose that's why I wear red myself. Yolanda was is and will always be a True Lady. She never mistreated you, nor judged you if you were poor or not....she was so sweet in every sense of the word. When I told my dad she passed he was sad naturally and stated...She lead a clean life always taking of her grandma and and mother too. Yolanda you will be missed. I know you are with all the family in Heaven and having a good time. They were waiting for you. You will be missed. Rest in Peace and may God Bless you. Love you, Lizzy

Lizzy Lujan arroyos

May 20, 2020

I remember Yolanda and her mom Ethel visiting at auntie Lola and Tina and me and lLittle Leo at Tina s house or us visiting them on Montana street. Ethel made us Cubed steak I loved it and whenever I eat it I remember them truly. She liked to drink Dr. Pepper. She would walk to the grocery store on copia and Montana. But the most striking Yolanda was Always dressed beautifully her hair just perfect, her Smile. She was is and always be a True Lady in every sense. Her shoes matched her purse. Her clothes were timeless. Her nails always painted and she wore her Jewerly well. She sat so royally and straight in the chair. Her manerisms were impeccable. When I told my dad that she had passed he was sad of coarse and stated...She lead a clean life always taking care of her grandma and her mom. Yolanda I know you are in heaven with all the family and friends who have passed. We will miss you until we see each other again. Rest In Peace


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