Matilda Ann Svet

February 28, 1927December 19, 2018
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Matilda Ann Svet was born on February 28, 1927 and passed away on December 19, 2018


  • Celebration of Life Friday, January 11, 2019

Matilda Ann Svet

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Dennis (Son) Svet

January 18, 2019

(continued from page 1 ) only recount only two times, she washed out my mouth out with soap. So yes, I was not the model kid, but we always came home when it got dark and never had a care in the world. We were loved and mom made it known to us by the way she acted, was there, as she made our household a wonderful Home to us. Oh, the good ol simple times with a black and white TV for years and only 3 area codes back then, 714/213 and 619 and good ol rotary dials that took forever if you had to dial zeros! I still remember the old phone number growing up 714-871-6357. The simple pleasures of great memories growing up.
Later in life, it was great growing up too….as mom was my beer supplier at 19……nothing beats mom, buying you beer when you are under 21. She was an angel here, and at times, kind of nieve, but we were good kids and would drink it at home……usually. Oh, the fun times I had living with mom and dad growing up!

If only they kept the house in Fullerton……I would have not left at 24 years old….but oh well…..we all have to grow up, sooner or later.
I have great values, morals and traits stemming from both mom and dad. Mom is finally with dad……she was always wanted a simple dream, so be a loving wife, and loving mom. She obtained her dream and was a mom, that I was always proud off. She lived a long life and now, is with my dad. I could have never picked a better mom. I was indeed blessed. She will always be with me in my memories.
I love my mom!

Dennis (son) Svet

January 18, 2019

My mom.
I have been blessed to have my mom around 55 years, as my parents were married 66 years.
I had the “Norman Rockwell” existence growing up. My own room, for 24 years, as my sisters had to share…. some pluses being the only boy…. were the best years growing up, in a nice, safe, cul de sac home on an acre of land.
Mom, was always there, she was a wonderful homemaker, mothers, wife, and had some really interesting rules/routines for us growing up. One was the same breakfast day of the week. Monday was a tossup day, Tuesday was cereal/oatmeal, Wednesday was eggs and bacon…I always seemed to have a headache that day, as was not my fav. But Thursday and Friday were the best days, pancakes and French toast. Mom made the best French toast, always perfect, and pancakes too, I can never get mine to be as good as moms.
Speaking of mom’s touch, she baked and made great deserts…. we were pretty spoiled as she excelled in making a great home for all the kids. OK, not a fan of liver and onions….never got that…dad and mom liked it….but we had to sit there for what seemed hours sitting there, trying to devise ways of hiding it in napkins or other ways……for us it was torture, but looking back at it now…..was pretty funny.
Growing up, mom, always made us sack lunches with always a fun desert we loved….for me it was Hostess ding dongs…..she always wanted us to be happy as my dad, just loved deserts! She was also the Ice Cream lady at St. Mary’s, at times…. it’s was always a great day when she was, as mom got me an ice cream sandwich for .10 cents and if it was an especially good day, .15 cent big stick, chocolate covering with vanilla and chocolate ice cream. Mom loved to volunteer and be there for us for scouts as well. She was the best Den Mother…. had the best skits….and crafts at scouts. I think the other den mothers were jealous of her…. she always had the knack of being a great role model for use kids.
I have so many great memories……. (continued on page 2)

Brandon Berberet

January 6, 2019

My beloved grandmother. Best memories I had was the fun we had in Ohio. Grandma always found out what cereal we liked so she would have it when we got there. She always took care of others before herself. Kerri and I would play games with her when we should've been sleeping. She was just so sweet and caring. I can see the big smile on grandpa's face when he greeted you in heaven.

Love your grandson and great grandchildren! Xoxoxo

Kerri Berberet

January 6, 2019

I’m so blessed that I had you as my Grandmother. You were the perfect definition of a Grandma, loving and caring and would do anything for me and your family. I don’t have the space to write out all of my memories of growing up with you, but I keep them all close to my heart and smile whenever I think of them. You are missed but I know Grandpa is holding your hand and you two are smiling and together again. xoxo