Mery Vicario

July 12, 1931September 5, 2018

Mery Vicario, age 87, was living in Carlsbad, CA at the time of her sudden death on September 5, 2018.

Mery was born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia on July 12, 1931 to Sima and Elda Adanya. During WWII, her family had to leave their homeland, so Mery spent much of her childhood living in several different countries in Europe, with her parents and two sisters, Regina and Alice. In April 1949 they all finally settled in Argentina.

She married José (Bebe) Vicario in Buenos Aires, Argentina in May 1958 and on their honeymoon made the voyage by ship to the United States, where they made their home in Berkeley, CA, and their two children, Andrea and Daniel, were born. Mery spoke six different languages and was a teacher of History, Civism, Literature, and Languages. She loved her students and they adored her. She was always helping her children’s friends, her friends’ children, nephews and nieces, neighbors, or anyone who came to her, needing help to pass a test or exam. Not only did they pass, but she took pride in the fact that they had also learned.

Mery was anxiously awaiting (and knitting for!) the arrival of her first great-grandchild. Mery deeply loved her family and they were the center of her life: her children Andrea & Claudio Garcia and Daniel & Paula Vicario; her sisters Regina Adanya Chicano and Alice Adanya Galdeano; her grandchildren Ivan (Holly), Carolina, Marina (Kasey Warner), and Martin Vicario; her nieces and nephews; her dear family friends Evangelina Garcia, Peter and Donna Harris, Del Piero family, Bertero family, Jelena Kolarovich, Cristina Curto, and so many more dear friends. Mery was preceded in death by her husband Jose Vicario (1992), her grandchildren Maria Eugenia Garcia-Vicario (1995) and Nicolas Garcia-Vicario (2011), and niece Ginny Coelho (2012) whom she loved immensely. Mery will be deeply missed by all.

Till we meet again Mom, Grandma, Mery. Love you always!


Mery Vicario

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Lili Morini

December 3, 2018

Andy, que puedo agregar a lo que ya te han puesto muchos amigos.
Tengo tantos recuerdos que pasan y pasan por mi cabeza, son casi 40 años de conocernos y haber estado prácticamente viviendo en tu casa mientras estudiábamos ... Álgebra.... inentendible para ella lo que hacíamos, sus charlas, su sonrisa, sus enojos... todo mi ❤️ junto a vos y un beso enorme para Danny. El haber estado acompañándote en ese momento tan duro me hizo sentir una más de la familia. Amiga, hermana, BFF, su luz seguirá iluminando el camino de sus hijos, quizás no la veas, pero ella siempre estará al lado de sus seres más amados!

Maria Teresita/Nydia Bertero-Barcelo

October 4, 2018

Dearest Andrea, Danny and Vicario/Garcia family:

Our family has so many memories of our times together. I really don't have words to express what a lost this is for you, your families, friends and for my family.

One personal memory that I have always held on to was your mother attempting to teach me French, 2-3 times/week after school. I still hav the book she gave me, "Langue Francaise, Premiere Anne" .
I wasn't too happy at the time learning another language but I very much enjoyed the French coffee float she would make for me almost all the lessons.
One of her favorite poem, that she tried to teach me, from the lesson book was by Paul Verlaine, "Il Pleure Dans Mon Couer" The first stanza , which I finally memorized , but not with your mother's animated deliverance was,:
"Il pleure dans mon coeur
Comme il pleut sur la ville,
Quelle est cette langueur
Qui penetre mon coeur?

Know, that although we are seldom in touch you are in my heart, thoughts and memory, just as your parents have been. You are part of my familia!Never will I forget Mery! She was special and truly one of a kind, whom I always saw as a mentor as well as an aunt.
Teresita y Nydia

M Felicitas Duche

September 29, 2018

Queridos Dany y Andy:
Les mando un fuerte abrazo en estos momentos delicados.
El recuerdo de Mery me lleva a mi temprana infancia, cuando nos sentaron al lado en segundo grado del colegio Jesús Maria con Andy. Ustedes recién llegados de Usa, no hablabas casi español, Andy. Y nos entendíamos tan bien con amor.
Luego tuve la dicha de reencontrarme con Mery al trabajar en el Redbrick school of English. Era tan amorosa y cariñosa! Gracias doy a Dios por esos tiempos compartidos. Su amor y afecto nos daba seguridad y hacia sentir la calidez de una familia. Sobre todo a las que recién comenzábamos.
Las despedidas no son fáciles, pero tenemos la esperanza de volver a encontrarnos, en el gozo eterno junto a nuestro Padre.
Hasta ese momento, sigamos viviendo con el amor, la alegría y la paz que las personas como ella ofrecen a los que los rodean, y con los recuerdos que hacen la vida más linda.
Gran abrazo y muchos cariños.
M. Felicitas Duche.

Gustavo García Igarza

September 22, 2018

Mery fue un ser de Luz, de una sabiduría y una cultura pocas veces vista ,era una Enciclopedia ambulante , pero de una humildad que solo los grandes la tienen .Tengo muy gratos recuerdos de ella, excelente anfitriona,siempre dispuesta a escuchar y a darte un consejo, era como una mamá postiza del corazón,para todo el grupo de amigos de Andy y Dany.Muy dulce,afectuosa,te expresaba su cariño de mil maneras,generosa como pocas,y una verdadera Lady super elegante .
Detallista al extremo de que una vez nos juntamos para una Navidad pasadas las 12 en su casa de Av. S Fe.en Buenos Aires y tenía un pequeño detallito de regalo con golosinas y un souvenir , para cada uno de los amigos de sus hijos....eso la hacía única. Me enseño muchas cosas, me corregía mi Inglés me hablaba de ,Historia,de Arte,de París ,de como era la Clipper Class de Pan Am,de su amor x USA y S.Fco,de la historia de los Kennedy,me enseñó también a disfrutar de cosas simples de la vida,desde los secretos de un brownie o un cheesecake por decir algo, o a paladear un frozen yoghurt en Sausalito cuando no existía en ese entonces en Argentina. Que decir de sus anécdotas con sus hermanas y Mamita Elda.... pero su" Don de Gente y su Fineza" difícilmente se repitan.Siempre recordaré lo buenos que fueron Mery y Bebe conmigo cuando estuve rotando en la NICU de UCSF y pasé un tiempo con ellos en Danville,nuestros paseos por Sausalito,Tiburon,Belvedere,Oakland y S.Fco Downtown, le encantaba llevarme a conocer los más lindos Htls. el Fairmont por ej.donde nos cruzamos una tarde con James Brolin y Connie Sellecca y Ann Baxter que estaban filmando la serie Hotel, Tambien fuimos al St Regis y al St.Francis Drake a tomar un aperitivo
Estarás siempre en mi corazón. Jamás olvidaré cuando te despedías con un beso y un abrazo y me decías "Todo mi cariño"...tenía la fuerza y la energia de una Bendición.Un abrazo gigante para Andy,Dany y toda la,Flia Garcia Vicario y Vicario Stabile,Lili,Regi y para tí en el cielo.

Pete and Donna Harris

September 21, 2018

We are so sad to hear about our beloved Mery. And we are so sorry for you, Andrea and Danny, and the rest of the family. She was a big part of my life (Pete), and was always so kind and loving toward Donna and me after we became a couple.

Shortly after she and Jose were married and first came to the United States, when I was about 12 years old (1958?), she walked into my parents' dry cleaning store on Silver Ave in San Francisco with Jose, with a huge smile on her face, and enthusiastically shouted out to all of us, “Hi, I’m your cousin Mery”. My father, who was related to her in a complicated way through marriage, had never met her before. She has always remained our "cousin Mery" since then.

I know when her health took a serious turn for the worse about 20 years ago, Andrea and Claudio and Nico took her in to their home in Seattle and nursed her back to health, and helped give her the will to get stronger. Since then you have all taken such good care of her. You probably gave her another 20 years of happy life, and such a good life, surrounded by a big loving family and a beautiful environment.

We will dearly miss our cousin Mery. Love - Pete and Donna

Alice Adanya Galdeano

September 21, 2018

My dearest big sister! She always protected and defended me. She called me her mishka (little mouse in Serbian). I miss her so much already....but she is in peace now and looks after all of us! Of that I’m sure! You’ll always be in my heart Militta❤️

Regina Adanya Chicano

September 20, 2018

My dear Sister Mery,
You were always so generous and good to me. I have always loved you and always will.
You did a lot for me and we had a wonderful childhood, which I have such fond memories of. Growing up, you would let me wear your clothes, even if you had never had a chance to wear them yet. You were the kindest and sweetest sister, and I wasn’t deserving of such.
Unfortunately, life led us in different directions, but that didn’t take us from each other’s hearts.
I’ll miss you, I’’ll miss you a lot. At least we would talk on the phone, and now I can’t even do that. But never mind; you are in my heart and I talk to you still.
God bless your wonderful children and your wonderful grandchildren. I am sorry you did not get to see your great grandchild. But you’ll see him from up above and he’ll know how much you love him.
I will always love you, my dear, kind, sweet sister Mery!

Paula Vicario

September 20, 2018

Para mis queridos primitos Andy y Dan y familias, sepan que los estamos acompañando en su tristeza y recordando a la querida tía Mery🙏🏼💕 con el amor y cariño que nos regaló siempre. Su calidez, alegría y generosidad derramada dejaron frutos de amor. Los tengo en mi corazón❤️
Un abrazo sostenido de,
Paula, Ernie y Luli.

Marcela Zunino

September 19, 2018

Extrañaremos mucho a nuestra querida Mery.
Compartimos innumerables horas con ella en las epocas en que viajabamos a Seattle o recibiamos visitas desde Seattle.
Mery (la embajadora) siempre tenia algo amable para decir.
Mery (la maestra) siempre tenia una leccion para ofrecer.
Mery (la historiadora) siempre ofrecia discusion inteligente de hechos historicos.
Mery (la artesana) siempre compartio sus hermosos tejidos.
Nos quedamos con un monton de recuerdos felices, de risas, de juegos, de momentos compartidos en familia.
Que descanses en paz!
Marcela & Luis Zunino y Evangelina Sanchez

Cristina Damasco de Curto

September 19, 2018

Querida Mery,
Siempre estarás con nosotros, acompañándonos con tu cariño, comprensión y sabios consejos.
Has dejado tu huella mi querida amiga, y junto a nuestras familias, intentaremos seguirla para lograr un mundo mejor.