Harriet C. Persinger

February 23, 1939March 15, 2020

Harriet Cecilia (Haboush) Persinger passed away peacefully on the 15th of March, 2020. She was surrounded with her children and loved ones as she entered eternal life. She was loved by all her knew her. Her favorite times were when all her family was gathered around, laughing, dancing, singing and just having fun.

She was crazy about her black and gold. Whether it was the Steelers, Penguins or Pirates, you would find her screaming loud and strong, waiting for them to score the next point. She also loved her Saturday night Bingo!

She never met a stranger. She had a way about her that made you think you’ve known her for years. She was a people person. If you were lucky enough to have met her, I know you are smiling to yourself and thinking, “What a wonderful lady she was.” We all have a huge void in our lives that will be impossible to fill. Heaven has definitely gained a very special person.

Harriet leaves behind her daughters Kim Thomas, Donna Benge (Carl), Marielana Lapaglia (Duffy), Brandi Persinger, her son, Michael Thomas, daughter-in-law Denise, her brothers Sonny and Michael Haboush, and sister Cindy Myers (Jerry), and many grandchildren and great grandchildren who loved her deeply.

She was preceded in death by her daughter, Melody and her beloved son, Don Jr. and many others that she will be reunited with in her heavenly home.

She was definitely one of a kind and will be greatly missed by all. Her family would like to thank everyone for the well wishes and prayers.

A celebration of Life will be held in Pittsburgh.


Harriet C. Persinger

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Elana LaPaglia

June 20, 2021

Happy Father’s Day ma, I miss ya so damn much. I am really having a hard time for some reason? Maybe cause things are opening up and I am thinking how nice it is and the things we can do and you’d be here now and the fireworks at the ball games and the sitting in my porch and the this and the that’s we could be doing and just sitting here. I always told you you were both my ma and dad you were my super hero my best friend my everything well I miss all that I miss talking to you I love you so much. But I do have Donna and she’s the best. BTW ma you know Donna will be reading this cause we are the only 2 who come here to talk to you so say Hi. Lol ( Hi Donna ). Love Mom
Well mom until we are reunited again I will continue to talk to you light my candles and cry and reminisce over our fun times. Until we are again complete. Love me.

Elana Lapaglia

June 3, 2021

Miss you mom, just laying here wishing I could talk with you face to face, sit on the porch, laugh, drool, have coffee and so on.
I got on my iPad the first time since you had passed and it was so hard, I cried so hard remembering how much you loved to play on it, sleep on it and me asking you, “mom? You still up” and you looking above your glasses saying, “yes honey I’m up” gosh would love to hear that again or, honey I can’t beat this level, you were so amazed at how I could beat a level so easy lol. Sure do miss ya, went to Anna’s sons service today and I just knew if you were still here you’d be going with me. I miss everything you can imagine. Love you to pieces and miss you constantly, I try so hard to do things but I always wish you were here doing them with me. Love you ma always. Until we meet again keep on dancing.

Donna Benge

May 9, 2021

Happy Mother's Day, Mom

I can't believe this is the second Mother's day without you. I can't even remember the first one. I thought about you 1000 times today. I look at your pictures constantly. I watched a small video of your 80th birthday today. I am sure we went to bingo that night because you received several cards with money in them and mentioned that was bingo money. I sure miss bingo with you. I have went once or twice since you've been gone, but it's just not the same. I miss you so much that it sometimes hard to breath. I don't know if it ever gets easier, but I can tell you this, having Elana always ready to talk and make sense out of some of the things that I question, has been such a blessing. You will be happy to know that all of your children have stayed close. I make sure that I text Brandi, Michael, and Kim at least once a week. As for Elana, we talk and video chat all the time. Sometimes we cry, but mostly we laugh at the memories of you. Actually, she tells me that I am more like you than I know. I consider that the best compliment that I could ever get. You are the best mom ever and if I am half the person you are, I cannot be happier. I love and miss you so much but I am also happy that you are out of pain. That is what gets me through some of the roughest moments of missing you. So I will just keep on keeping on and trying to live up to what you were to me. I hope I am making you proud mom. I still ask myself if you would approve of something before I do it. You will always be my guiding light. Hugs and kisses always! Your daughter, Donna.

Marie LaPaglia

May 9, 2021

Happy Heavenly Mother’s Day mom, well you have been gone a year and all the events in life are hitting 2 now, like this is officially the 2nd Moms day without you in my life and it sucks. I miss you so much!!! It sucks to have to come here and talk what’s on my mind!! But I love you so much and I do know you know this. I have a ton of memories, but just not the same. I miss your voice I miss your smile, your jaw, your everything. I miss the whole you! I hate when duff does something and I can’t call you that hurts a lot too. I feel so lonely, but I wait and hope someday I do see you again or if when we die we don’t know anything cause even being dead I wonder if I will still miss you if I don’t see you again? But I’m so glad and blessed that I had you as a mom to me the best anyone could of ever had!! But anyways Mom
Happy Moms Day. I love you (more).

Donna Benge

May 1, 2021

Hi mom,
Well, it is Don's birthday today and I know that you are celebrating it with him in Heaven. I haven't been feeling too well today. I really can't explain it, but I know that you were in my dreams last night. It kills me that I cannot remember what the dream was about. I just know that I wasn't ready to wake up. I really don't know when this empty feeling is going to subside. I think I hurt even more knowing how much you were hurting after you lost Don. I never understood your pain. Well, I certainly do now. I just really want you to know how much I loved you. It was a blessing to have you here with me for that year and 5 months. I just wish I would have hugged you longer and spent more time with you. I will never have that opportunity again and that hurts so much. I just pray that you knew how much I loved you! I will always question that for the rest of my life. Hugs and kisses. So glad that you are celebrating with Don on his birthday. Missing you dearly.

Marie Lapaglia

April 5, 2021

Well mom another Easter passes and I made it through, I would call you today and tell ya it’s all good, but since you’re not here with me I have to talk to you hear. I got 1 more day to struggle through and you know that dreadful day. You always knew my hardest days to get through and would just wait for my call or text, lemme tell ya just how much I miss those I would bother the hell out of you and you were like NEVER!! Or I’d hear ya say 2 seconds after I hung up I’d call and you’d say miss me!!!! Hell ya so you can just imagine how much I do and always will. I have your voice in many messages but for some reason they just aren’t the same! But I do appreciate the fact I have them and all the great memories, I guess that’s what life is about in time we live on memories. I guess no matter how old and senile we get for so reason we always remember OUR memories ( except our Sunday trips to McDonalds ). Love you to the moon and back to heaven and earth and all of the above. Until we reunite as a whole. Love you ma

Elana Lapaglia

March 27, 2021

Miss you ma, in times it’s not real but yet I know it is cause when I need to call there’s no answer. When I need to see you it’s a still picture, it’s like my life, empty, no sounds, no action, just walking around lost. I lay around and think of you til it hurts even though I knew you’d never be around forever it still hurt and feels yet so unfair. Life has no meaning, I know I have people in my life that mean the world to me yet I have no more real laughter, I don’t have you and that really is hard! Can’t wait til we meet again and then I think do we really? I just do my thing and go through the phases on a normal, but it’s just not fun like it use to be. Tears are the normal for me these days but I try to do that in hiding. You always knew me so well understood my ever thought and yet I was happy, but that just doesn’t feel the same. I know I have lost a lot in my life but losing you.... that was my everything. You left a huge impact on me, I love that you were such a special caring loving great and the best mom, kinda wish you weren’t and the pain problems wouldn’t be so bad. But I rather live with the pain and love you like I do adore you as you were and know my mom was the best there ever could have been, then to be like I was about our father. You were both mom and dad to me and I guess that’s why I loved and admired you to the end and rest of my life. Gosh you are my life. Missing you hard. Love you constantly and you will and NEVER can be forgotten. Love love love you ma. RWG, Loved always, Elana

Donna Benge

March 26, 2021

Hi mom, sitting here at work missing you like crazy. It's coming up on Easter and Elana is already making herself scarce. You know how that goes. Every holiday is hard for me. I see you everywhere I look. You were always smiling. I don't know anyone who loved life more than you. Every picture I look at of you, you have this enormous smile on your face. I wish I could just hold you one more time. Everything that happens around me, there is a memory of you. I wonder if it will ever get easier. I sure hope you are dancing up there. Love you!!

Donna Benge

March 15, 2021

Hi mom, just sitting here at Elana’s. Kim, Brandi, and I flew up to be with her. We seen Uncle Sonny yesterday. It was fun but nothing like when you were here. Missing you quietly. You were always such a big influence in my life! There was so much I’ve wanted to share with you during this past year and just smiled and thought, “she already knows.” You always did know things before we told you. You had that special talent. Well, l leave tomorrow but no worries, we talk every day and more often if we need to. Everything is going good. I only hope to be half the mom you were. You have raised us to be strong and caring. I love you mom. I feel you near me when I most need you. I’m staying strong for you. Miss you mom. One year past and I made it!! Tell everyone I said hi. Until we talk again. Hugs and kisses, your angel, Donna. Now you’re my angel.

Elana Lapaglia

March 15, 2021

Well mom it’s a year!! Missing you like crazy and sitting here at Central Diner wishing you were here with us. I know you loved this place. Love you to pieces. Never will you ever not be thought of no matter what I do in my life. You da best!!