May 31, 1982September 10, 2021

John Jacob STANISZEWSKI, age 39, of North Port, Florida passed away on Friday, September 10, 2021. John was born May 31, 1982.

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Dan Phillips

September 16, 2021

In the six months I worked with Jay we became friends quickly. After that we became best friends. Jay was one of a kind. His thoughtfulness and kindheartedness knew no bounds. Always putting others ahead of himself. He would do anything for the people in his life, including the occasional trips to check in on my parents. We’d talk and laugh everyday, send each other countless memes and play hours of video games together. I remember when Jay flew out to Seattle to visit me; he instantly fell in love with the city and the major difference in climate compared to Florida. Knowing Jay the past decade was my honor and privilege. I will forever cherish the memories we had together. Wish you were still here man. I love you, brother. Rest easy.

Aaron Goude

September 16, 2021

I was transferred to Publix #1215 (Roundabout) when I met Jay Ski. My first week, being the "new manager" in town, I walked around to introduce myself to the store, when I got to the meat department there was this big guy, tatoos, bald head, and looked ready to rumble lol. I greeted him and shook his hand, and obvious questions of "what store are you from, what department do you manage?" and so forth. I actually think I was sweating as I head to the Grocery department and thought to myself, well if I get on his good side he can be my bodyguard! Well, lets just say not only was he my bodyguard, but he was to all of his family at Publix. Jay always made sure on nights that I was closing the store to check on me, I always called on him when I had "potential problems" that came into the store, and Jay was right there by my side. I will always cherish the times we spent together, the laughs we had, and conversations about life, and work. Deep down Jay is the most kind hearted person, huggable guy anyone could ever meet. I am so happy that I was able to be apart of it for some years. I pray for peace and comfort over his family, that God will shine his light on them. Rest in peace my friend, my bodyguard. We love you!

Daylon Tucker

September 16, 2021

I love you and will miss you brother, Any time I needed advice he was there , a great person he will be missed

Hansel Valdes

September 16, 2021

Oh boy…what can I say about JJ? Met him about 20yrs ago…long time friend for sure…so many memories of hanging out playing cards drinking…laughing and sharing stories along the way…no matter how long we went without talking…when we would? It was like time hadn’t passed by at all…picked up were we left off…whether I would just stop by his house…or run into him at Publix while he was working…always took time to talk for a bit…for the longest time I didn’t know what JJ stood for…till the time we went to a bar and we got carded…had to know…and of course John Jacob…lol..I started to sing the song and he just put his head down and started laughing with me…I thought he would be mad…but he was always good with some ball busting…of course this man could dish it out as much as he can take it…there is just too much to him…I could type out so much about him…but I know he would want me to just stop and make it seem like he wasn’t a good hearted mushy big guy…miss and love u my brother!

George Mihali

September 15, 2021

I met Jay while working at Publix store 1215. At first, he seemed very intimidating. A big guy with tattoos all over. However, he and I instantly clicked and bonded over our common interest in a show called Dexter. Jay had obviously finished the series, but I had started watching recently and he would always ask me what I thought of the episodes I had just watched. It just so happened that our lunch breaks would align on most days we worked together and we'd always talk and laugh. We had similar senses of humor.

When I moved to Orlando, he gave me the biggest hug I think I've ever received. Everytime I came back to visit or to work over a holiday and I'd see Jay, he do the same thing when he saw me. He'd come out of the meat department, take his apron off and pick me up and hug me and then we'd talk as if no time had gone by. We'd pick up wherever we left off.

He had such a good soul and an incredible way of making people feel loved and special. I know my life has been better for having him in it. My condolences to his friends and family.

I will always cherish our memories and the laughs we shared. Thank you for being my friend Jay. It was an honor and may you rest in peace.

mari-beth gregory

September 15, 2021

Meeting this big gulug with a heart of gold was one of the best days of my life and i didnt even know it at the time. Publix has this weird thing where you don't just work with people but you become family. Jayskkkiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii as i always yelled for him down an isle or the opposite end of the back room. He would laugh then we would plot our escape from work. Literally pinky and the brain and he was brain. He was always there for me when i needed to vent or a shoulder to cry on. We always shared what meals or desserts we made, id text him a pic of what im making and he would guess what it was he would do the same to me. If he didnt get a pic of food for a few days id get a text asking if everything was alright. So many great memories.. Ski you will be deeply missed rest easy my best good friend. ♡

Colton Schuchert

September 15, 2021

I met Jay when I had transferred to Publix store 1215. I was young at the time and Jay intimidated me when I’d see him around the store. He was a big tough guy and was an extremely talented meat cutter. Something along the way though broke the ice between him and I and we became best friends almost instantly. We started playing a particular video game online together and we continued to do so for years. It always included great conversation and laughs. They are some of the best memories I have with him and were almost a type of therapy session for the both us. I remember too, anytime he’d come by my house he’d bring some type of gift or food to give to me which just showed how much of a giver he was. He never needed anything in return and always was so excited to give and put a smile on your face. I could go on and on about how great of a man Ski was but I’ll keep it short. I know for a fact that he will hands down be one of the best people I will have ever had the pleasure of knowing in my lifetime. He was a rare breed and I will forever love and miss him. My condolences go out to his family and friends and I hope they know how appreciated he was by me. Rest In Peace Jay Ski. “I feel the need, the need for speed!”