Mr. Philip Hernandez

November 10, 1971November 1, 2012
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Philip Martin Hernandez was born on November 10, 1971 at Doctors Hospital in San Diego, California and passed away on November 1, 2012 in San Diego at the age of 40. Philip is survived by his mother, Bernadette Joy Gonzales, father, Felipe Hernandez, daughter Vanesa Hernandez, brother, Rudy Alexander Hernandez, and sister Christina Elizabeth Gutierrez. He is also survived by his Grandmother, Grandfather, Aunts, Uncles and cousins.

Philip graduated from Chula Vista high school in 1990. He then served 4 years in the U.S. army from 1990 to 1994. Philip became a volunteer firefighter with Riverside County Fire Department, where in 2002 he was hired as a paid firefighter with California Department of Forestry/Riverside Ranger Unit from 2002 to 2012. He proudly served for 10 years throughout different Communities within Riverside County. Philip was a great son, a loving father to his daughter and a caring brother. He was a kind and dependable man who loved his family and always had a great sense of humor. Philip has moved on to a better place but continues to live in our hearts and memories. He will be missed by all but forgotten by none.

Philip will be laid to rest on November 29, 2012 at Miramar National Cemetery.

If you would like to send flowers, please call 1-877-894-0431, use family code 31525 or click on the FTD link to the right of the obituary.


  • Visitation Tuesday, November 13, 2012
  • Service Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mr. Philip Hernandez

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Norma Zawrotny

April 10, 2018

Dear Bernie:

I have called a few times and left messages as I always think about you and hope you are ok. I miss the times spent with you when we worked together and hope you and I can get together again some day and get caught up on everything going on in our lives. Glad I found you here sending special love to your son. Just want you to know I love you Bernie and miss you!


God bless you!


April 9, 2018

Hello mijo:

First of all, I want you to know that I miss you everyday... Not one day goes by that you are not on my mind... I went yesterday to take you some flowers to your gravesite... I always want your gravesite to have flowers ... Rudy, Christina and Vanesa are doing fine. Just missing you...The day you left us unexpected, all our lives were turned inside out... I can only speak for me... 2017 was a better year for me since your passing... I am no longer in that dark place... I have learned now to go on with my life without you... The day I loss you, my life changed and I will never be the same...

Today I know you would want me to go on with life which that is what I am doing.... I know you are surrounded by so many people in heaven that loved you, like Nana, Manuel, Stella, your Nana Cotita and you Nina, Becky.... Continue to watch over me and be my guardian angel... I have not dreamt you lately... Please come to me in my dreams....I love you yesterday, today , tomorrow and forevermore..... Mom


January 12, 2018


It been awhile since I have been back at this site but the holidays are always so difficult for me, especially your birthdate, Thanksgiving and Christmas.... This Christmas I did not put up a Christmas tree because I just was not in the mood... I have been just taking it easy, taking care of my health issues... Going back and forth with doctors... Sometimes I just feel like not going to see anymore doctors because doctors are not GOD and GOD has the last say so not MAN... I have lost so my confidence in the medical field since the passing of Stella and Nana...

Other than that, I went a bought your own Christmas reef for your gravesite... Last year they threw your Christmas reef and I was so upset I was crying because I felt like they violated something personal to me and that was your reef but I made sure this year I went to pick up your reef before the same thing happen again.

I have not been to visit you since January 2nd because I have been really sick with influenza... I have been home and have not gone anywhere for 10 days... I have been stuck at home, resting, sleeping, resting and sleeping... I am so tired of being home sick but today, I am feeling for the first time better.

I just had an urge to come to this site and share my thoughts with you... I know mijo that you are always in my heart mind and around me.... Continue to guide me, stay near to me and continuing being my guardian angel...

A Mother's Love is infinite.... Never ending.... That is my love to you my dear son...

Mom misses and loves you.....


November 1, 2017

Today marks exactly 5 years you left me.... Its really hard during these times for me because I remember what this day meant to me 5 years ago when I received the terrible news you had been killed... At the beginning I was going crazy trying to figure out what happen to you and why... I was in a really bad dark place at the beginning of your passing but today mijo, I have accepted that I will never know why this happen to you... It is only by the grace of GOD that I am still in my right mind and here because I did not want to be here anymore in this world but after the change in my heart I knew deep inside that you would want me to continue to live... I still have my bad and good days but not as often... I just miss you so much... No one can or will know the pain I feel unless they have loss a daughter or son... Part of me died inside when you left... Today I hold onto all the memories I have of you... You were a great son, brother, father and just a great man... I know that you are with GOD... GOD told me so... and you are also with your nana, Tia Stella and Tio Manuel... You are with family...

Just know that I will never ever forget you as long as I have breath. I will be going later today by myself to the cemetery to take you flowers and just sit there with you.... I love you my precious son.....


August 11, 2017

Life is not or will ever to the same without you... Today, I really try hard to remember the good times and not focus so much on the bad.... It will never get easy for me.... I am learning how to live each day without you.... I still have my good and not so good days.... I just miss you so much.... Everyone is fine... Vanesa is doing fine also.... She is working right now for the summer but will return back to finish up her internship.... She will be graduating from Fashion Design school sometime in February or March 2018.... I will be going to Greece.... As for me, I am still struggling with certain health issues.... Sometimes I just get so tired of always dealing with one thing after another with my health.... Sometimes I want to give up but then I think of Rudy, Christina and Vanesa.... I still need to be around for them...

Please continue to watch over us and be my guardian angel....and protect me.... I know you are with me.... You may not be here physically but I carry you in my mind, heart and spirit...

I love you my beloved son.....


June 16, 2017

Life has its way of showing me what I need to be grateful for in my life even though you are not here... The breathe of life, the breath I breathe, Rudy, Christina and your daughter, Vanesa... These are my reasons to go on even when I want to give up.... I have had many of those where I just wanted to give up and stop fighting... Today, I am no longer in that dark place that I was for awhile after your passing... Today, I am in a better place... GOD has been my source of help when I need strength to go on... GOD is my everything.... I spend at least 30 minutes everyday in mediation with GOD....

How I miss your sense of humor... Our long conversations, your touch on my neck, your kiss on my cheek, your beautiful smile... I can close my eyes and see you smiling.... I bet all the angels around you just love your smile... Everyday I think of you no matter what is going on in my life you are thought of daily... I still take you flowers to your resting place to make sure you always have flowers.

I just miss you and how I wish I could turn the clock back so you could be here with us.... I look forward to seeing you someday again....

You are surrounded with beauty, peace, serenity, love... No more pain, suffering or depression... Just the good things of GOD... Always know that I will never every forget you as long as I can breath.... Still going through some health issues but I have given all that to GOD... GOD has the last say-so, not man... Man thinks he does but GOD is the ultimate healer.... I love you mijo...

Ru Cassadas

March 30, 2017

Philip Just want to say I miss you much ,still hard to swallow that your gone but I know your always watching over us , Anika is doing so good she is going to graduate next year and she is going to Loma Linda University to become a ultrasound tech, she misses her Uncle Phil so much,we all miss you !!!! I pray every morning and night for the family I love Phil miss you so much bro

Bernadette Gonzales

March 29, 2017

Hello my son:

I miss you so much.... Its been a little over 4 years but time does not get any easier.... I will never get over your death... Part of me left with you when you were taken so unexpected... Some days are good and others are not so good... Life for me, Rudy, Christina, Vanesa are not the same... We all miss you tremendously... So many good things have happen to Rudy and Christina.... Rudy got promoted to Fire Captain and Christina is now going to culinary school and working part-time at a resort in Fallbrook.... They are both doing great... They tell me at times they wish you were here to see it all but I encourage them that you may not be here physically with us but spiritually you are and see everything.... I know in my heart that you are with me mijo... I feel you especially when I am sad and depressed... I still go visit and take you flowers to the cemetery each week... I just want your grave site to always have flowers and never be bare without flowers....Vanesa is also doing good... She will be finishing in June 2017 from Fashion Design School in Greece but she needs to do a 6 month internship before she actually graduates.... I believe she will graduate sometime in November of December of 2017.... As for me, I am still struggling with health issues but you already know what I am dealing with... I have much faith and trust GOD in all areas of my life.... I love and miss you my son.....

Bernadette Gonzales

January 31, 2017

Hello mijo:

First of all I want to tell you I miss you everyday.... It has been 4 years that I put you to rest... It does not get earlier... I am just barely learning how to go on with life without you... Everywhere I go there are memories of you... I have so many pictures of you everywhere in the house... For me, I need to see and remember you everyday... You are so missed by Rudy, Christina Vanesa... Vanesa is doing great... She will be graduating from school the end of this year I believe and will pursue her career in Fashion Design in Europe... Vanesa has grown up into a beautiful young lady... Your sister is also doing really good... She got married and is very happy... Rudy is doing great and so is Melina... They just got back from Hawaii... Since Rudy's promotion to Fire Captain he is so busy,I barely see him... Other then that all so find with family... I am still dealing with my health issues but you already know what I am going through... I know you are with me all the time... I feel your presence and you always send me some kind of message that you are near me and I appreciate it very much...

You may be gone physically from us but the memories we have of you will always live in our minds and hearts... Watch over me all the time my son... Part of me is with you... When you left part of me left also... I love you yesterday, today, tomorrow and forevermore.... Mom

Bernadette Gonzales

November 16, 2016

John Mendiola:

This is Philip's mother. Philip is buried at Miramar National Cemetery in San Diego, CA. Address is: 5795 Nobel Dr, San Diego, CA 92122.