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Mr. Douglas Fletcher Redd

August 6, 1968June 23, 2020

Douglas was born in New York on August 06, 1968. He earned a PhD in Biomedical Infomatics and served as a Research Professor. He and Linda, who he adored and cherished, were married for 30 years. Douglas loved woodworking, hiking, was an accomplished drummer, possessed an overall love for traveling and was a passionate DIYer of many home projects.

Douglas is survived by his wife, Linda Ewing Redd; his children, Maxwell Redd (and his wife Ashely Black) and Eric Redd; siblings, Justin (and his wife Anna), Brandt (and his wife Julie), Michael (and his wife Hallie), Kristen Wilkenson (and her husband Mark), Matthew (and his wife Stacy), Erin Buteau (and her husband Andrew) and many nieces and nephews who adored him.


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Mr. Douglas Fletcher Redd

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Kristen Wilkinson

July 15, 2020

Of all the kids in our family, Doug was the closest in age to me. My earliest memories include sharing a room with Doug, and running around the neighborhood with him in Orem, Utah. As the little sister, I harassed him a lot. He was really patient with me. And I knew he would defend me if anyone else gave me a hard time.

In our teenage years, Doug was my “cute” and “fine” brother. The girls at school all swooned over him and many wanted to be my friend just in hopes of meeting Doug. Besides being good looking (and having great hair) he had that “cool” demeanor that made them all crazy about him. When we lived in Albuquerque, we had our yard TP’d about every other weekend by girls who were flirting with either Doug or Mike.

I can’t think of Doug in his adult life without Linda. They have been a perfect pair, best friends, and have always been completely loyal to each other. I was grateful that Doug had Linda to always love him.

I was so grateful that my family lived in the same state as Doug and Linda several times. We both lived in Southern California, they moved to Utah right after we did, and then (we teased) they followed us to Virginia. This allowed us some great times together at Legoland, Escalante, Great Falls, and Thanksgivings around the beautiful table Doug made.

I love my brother. I miss him terribly. I mourn that I don’t get to make more memories with him in this life. I look forward to seeing him again someday.

Linda, there are no words to say, but I am so sorry you had to suffer this.

Brandt Redd

July 15, 2020

My brother Doug was cool; really cool. He was soft spoken and a careful listener. He was handsome, calm, and generally willing to let his presence speak for itself. That’s not to say he wasn’t mischievous in his own special ways. But his deeds were entertaining, never hurtful.

When reviewing our wedding photos, Julie and I found Doug coolly posed in the distant background of numerous photos. And when the Wise Guys came out in our annual Christmas pageant, there was no one cooler than Doug.

Among my precious memories is of Doug with our daughter, Rachel. During our few months with her, Doug visited many times and went with us on a trip to Lake Powell. He would hold Rachel so tenderly and she was calm and peaceful in his arms.
On the rare occasions that we talked about deep or difficult subjects, Doug was always a careful listener. To be sure, he had opinions that didn’t always match others’. But his goal was always mutual understanding and respect. It’s an approach that we desperately need more of in this world. And that’s why so many people count Doug as a dear friend. Because all know that he cares about you and that he respects you.

If we, who miss him so much, can resolve to emulate his kindness, understanding, and love and then add a dash of coolness, there could be no greater tribute for this very good brother.

Julie Ewing

July 7, 2020

Doug was my brother-in-law. And I may be one of the only people who did not like Doug when I first met him; I was a surly 11 year old who squarely blamed him for “taking away” my wonderful sister. Fortunately, this did not last long. Doug quickly proved to be one of the most thoughtful, cool, kind, and smart people that I would get to know in life.

When Linda and Doug moved back from California to Utah, I would stop by their house once a week on my way home from hockey practice. Linda would cook us a meal, and we would sit around the beautiful circular table top Doug made (which for a very long time was perched on top of an Ikea table because Doug was trying different techniques to get wood to bend for the table legs), and we would play card games and talk and laugh.

I spent a large chunk of my adult life as a single woman, and Doug was always there to help me. When I bought my condo, he brought his truck and helped me move, changed the locks on my doors, and affixed my bookcases to the wall so they wouldn’t tip over. If I had questions about what a mechanic was telling me about how to fix my car, I always knew I could call him to make sure I wasn’t getting taken advantage of. One night I’d stopped at Linda and Doug’s house and stayed until about midnight. On the way home my car broke down. I called them, and Doug jumped in his truck and towed me to my mechanic. Even though it was nearly one in the morning by the time we got there, he didn’t act at all like I had inconvenienced him, and was just kind and happy to help.

My heart aches that he is no longer with us. I loved him so much, and I will forever appreciate how he made me a better person by knowing him. Linda and kiddos, you know I am here to help you through this and I’m holding you all in my heart.

Olivia Ewing

June 29, 2020

My uncle Doug was such a cool guy. I’ve never known someone so brilliant and successful, yet so humble and down to earth as he was. I remember one year at our annual Ewing Christmas party when I was about 14, Doug won the big money prize in our traditional game of “House of Fire.” I was his partner at the end, so he decided to split the money with me. I just thought that was so cool and one of the nicest things someone has ever done for me. Now every time we play “House of Fire,” I think of my uncle Doug. I’ve decided that if I win, I will always split the money with my partner because of his example. Doug will be greatly missed. My heart goes out to my aunt Linda and my cousins Max, Ashley, and Eric. Love you all so much.

Bruce Bray

June 29, 2020

Doug was such a great guy to work with both as a PhD student and research associate at the University of Utah. He was my go-to person when I had a technical computing question, and I learned a lot from him.

We had a great time presenting a program together at MEDINFO in Brazil a few years ago, and I enjoyed catching up with his projects when I visited GWU occasionally.

We also used to joke that "we were at West Point Military Academy together" since he was born when both our dads were working there and I was in grade school.

We have lost a great friend and colleague.

Kim Stewart

June 28, 2020

Gary and I have loved having Doug and Linda as our neighbors and friends. Doug was there with Gary the day Gary’ father passed away. When Patrick was trying g to build a computer the first time Doug came down and worked with him on it. He has always been a reliable friend. And I am sooo glad that we spent a couple of evenings together recently since we have been at our homes for so long. Thank you Doug for your friendship. We will be there. For Linda and Eric and all of your family. We miss you but you live in our hearts.

Liz Workman

June 28, 2020

I have many memories of working with Doug. He was always willing to answer a question, to talk for a minute, even when he was very busy. He was kind, and also very smart - he always had great ideas and solutions.
My love and prayers go out to Linda, Maxwell, and Eric. May God's love and peace comfort you.
-Liz Workman

Steve Ewing

June 28, 2020

I will always remember uncle Doug as a gentle giant. He was incredibly smart but never braggadocious. Whenever we would talk he would ask me what was going on in my life and be genuinely interested, even if it was something very simple. He had a way of making you feel special no matter what you were doing.

I also loved playing games in my grandparents’ backyard with Doug. If someone suggested we play something like SPUD or kickball or wombat, Doug was always one of the first to hop off his chair and be ready to play. He was competitive but always made sure everyone was having fun and was included.

I really miss uncle Doug. I’m happy to have some special memories of him and I know he will live on through the influence he’s had on so many of us.

Rachel Dreyer

June 28, 2020

I am deeply saddened by the loss of Doug. Although I knew him only for a brief time, I feel as though I connected with him on a personal and professional level. He was a wonderful human being, a fantastic collaborator – and so incredibly humble. I will miss working with him and getting to know him more every day. My heartfelt condolences go out to Doug's family and friends during this difficult time.

Reamer Bushardt

June 27, 2020

I will always remember his creativity and curiosity — they were the purest types, like those of a child. These qualities, along with his strong mind, generosity, and passion for teamwork, made him an exceptional scientist. My family and I grieve with all those he leaves behind, and his family will be in our thoughts and prayers. His legacy and cutting-edge science will be lasting in the George Washington University’s School of Medicine and Health Sciences.