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Mario A. Soares

September 1, 1949October 14, 2019

Mario Soares was born in Boston; he grew up in its Roxbury Neighborhood – his most wondered place – his base, his home. Mario attended Boston Public Schools and studied at University of Massachusetts, Boston. He succeeded as an auto mechanic and excellent writer, at these educational institutions, respectively.

Globally aware and a man of his convictions - right or wrong by any other’s standards - it was his canvas, and his alone to paint; accordingly, he did. He had the courage of his personal and social convictions. He was intellectually, socially, politically and technologically astute; additionally, he was a great photographer. Mario would not hesitate to advance his opinion, or actions, on social, cultural or familial issues – on historical, contemporary, futuristic and visionary frontiers. Mario enjoyed all sorts of television, yet unknown to many, he enjoyed Public Broadcasting, especially Nova, Frontline, National Geographic and documentaries of broad genres.

For many years, Mario worked for Meals on Wheels. This job involved much more than delivering food to those in need, it also involved his personal interactions with people with access and functional needs, of all sorts.

A saying might best describe him: Life is a Tragedy for those who Feel and a Comedy for those that Think. Mario laughed heartily, as he was always thinking. To survive and thrive, Mario employed wit and reason over emotion. He embraced his Cape Verdean and Puerto Rican cultures and traditions. He was an international and cosmopolitan man. He would fit in most anywhere on this planet. This was unique about him; as he despised and repudiated injustice and intolerance.

Mario is the son, of his much loved and departed parents, Cethe (WWII Pacific Veteran) and Rosa Rivera-Soares (The Anchor) and the grandson of Fontabella and Joseph Soares – all of great Roxbury and seafaring traditions. He leaves his brothers Raoul, Hector, Guillermo and Tomas Rivera (all Veterans); and, his children Christina Soares, of Salem; Brent Soares, of Bridgewater; Belmiro “Tyler” Barrows III, of Chicago; Tammi Barrows, of Winston-Salem; Taj Byers, Hartford; Tenea Byers, PA, Yasmin Harris, MA. He also leaves eleven grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren, many cousins and lifelong friends. Truly, he loved them all. Peace unto you, Mario, and to all those that will miss and remember you.

His visitation will be held on Thursday, October 24, 2019 from 9:30 to 11:30AM in the WARING-SULLIVAN HOME at FAIRLAWN, 180 Washington Street, Fairhaven, MA 02719 followed a Funeral Service at 11:30AM. Relatives and friends are invited. Burial will be in River-Side Cemetery, 274 Main Street, Fairhaven, MA 02719. To leave a note of condolence: www.waring-sullivan.com


  • Visitation Thursday, October 24, 2019
  • Funeral Service Thursday, October 24, 2019
  • Burial Thursday, October 24, 2019


Mario A. Soares

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Tomas rivera

October 25, 2019

Tomas Rivera

October 25, 2019

Dearest Family and Friends of Mario,

To attempt a reflection of Mario's ceremony and burial, I say: Our gathering represented Core People - in Mario's life. The setting and forum were most appropriate. Guillermo, Kathy and Lenice (my brother, sister in law and niece, respectively) made a sad day, most wonderful and symbolic. Having You, Tony Silvia, John Taylor and Rodney Walker there, was most special and honoring...

Peter Pagãn

October 25, 2019


Wow, I did not see this one coming.

My beloved cousin we had so many great times. We laughed and we disagreed on a few things, but we never argued. We had good times and good memories.

For those of us that matter. You will not be forgotten. Because your legacy will live on.

Primo, you are now with God along with other family and friends.

I will miss you.

Your cousin

Peter aka Pedro Pagãn

Gloria Gonzalez-Rivera

October 24, 2019

My deepest condolences to the family, specially, for Tomas and Guillermo. I met Mario with Juanita some time within the past 10 years or less. I only share with him very little but enough to remember him for his big smile and sweet personality. I wish that this memories continue living in all of us.

Receive many blessings, peace and love.

Rest in Peace, Mario!

Elizabeth Rice Smith

October 24, 2019

Thursday, October 24, 2019.

Our Prayer of Invocation and Consecration~

Beloved God~ Creator, Redeemer, and Sustainer of our lives,

We ask you to be with us as we gather today to honor the life and memory of
dear Mario, your son, most precious to us
in family, community, advocacy, work, and faith.

We ask you to be with us in these moments, hours, and days as we grieve
his passing, as we ache in our missing him, as we weep in sorrow that his life amongst us is transformed to our shared hope and vision for life in eternity.

Beloved God, we pray for your presence amongst us now, and for the comfort that only you can give. We pray for your presence here, and for the strength you provide in our mourning for Mario, trusting that he is with you, our Father and Mother in creation,

trusting that he rests on the wings of angels,

trusting that he is in the most tender care of Jesus, and

trusting that he is guided by your Spirit, with you in these moments, and every moment, forever.

Beloved God, we invite your peace, a peace which passeth all understanding, as we join our hearts in love for your son
Mario. May we always remember and honor his breathing moments, his vital presence, his gifts and talents, his failings and faults, his hopes and dreams, his vision, and his love for us.

To you, Creator, Redeemer, and Sustainer of our lives, we consecrate the life, the soul, and the spirit of your son Mario, most precious to us in family, community, advocacy, work, and faith. Beloved God,
hear our deepest prayers as we turn to you, entrusting Mario to your eternal care, entrusting Mario to your energy in the cosmos, entrusting Mario to your love, which knows no bounds.

Hear our prayers, beloved God, as we bring many names, many visions, and many traditions together to honor you and to honor our Mario, now consecrated to you, forever and ever, world without end.

Amen, and Amen.

Offered by Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Rice Smith


October 23, 2019

My condolences to our family in the
Death of my Brother Mario
Although we did not get together for lots of years he was my brother and i respected and loved him
May God reserve a place by his throne

James Inzeo

October 21, 2019

On behalf of our family, my father and I offer our thoughts and prayers in memory of Mario Rivera.

While the death of this brother, friend, and father inflicts the sufferings of loss; may Mario continue to vigorously breath through the lives and memories of those who will always love him.

May eternal rest grant to him, O Lord; and let perpetual light shine upon him. May he rest in peace

James Inzeo Jr. and James Inzeo Sr.

Maria Gonzalez-Mandrafino

October 21, 2019

Dear Guillermo, Thomas and Family:

May the Angels hold you close to comfort you keep you strong and heal your broken heart. We will keep you all in our thoughts and prayers.

Rest in peace Cousin Mario.

Warm Hug,
Maria and Tom Mandrafino

Alex Rodriguez

October 20, 2019

He is leaving
Alex Rodriguez

He is leaving

His body was first to say, “It is time to go.”
I have said my earthly goodbyes, he thought

But his spirit lingers
Awaiting the rites of passage the we perform today
As he observes our ritual he asks and he hopes you hear

Have you journeyed to the spring of the sea?
Or walked in the recesses of the deep?
Have you discovered the way to the abode of life?
And where does darkness reside?
Have you comprehended the vast expanses of the earth?
Tell me if you know all this?

We mourn, cry, and express our polite sadness as he watches

Do you know where my soul goes?
Have you visited with those who have gone before?
Do you know the real value of your life?

His remains go to his resting place

As you ponder these questions, he thinks
Do you know I am still with you,
and the love we take it with us ?

And for just a second we realize the eternal truth
Life is before and after and forever

And he will always be with us.