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Gregory Joseph Boros

April 12, 1985December 19, 2020

Gregory Joseph Boros, age 35, of Fairfax, Virginia passed away on Saturday, December 19, 2020. He was born April 12, 1985.

Gregory Joseph Boros, age 35, of Fairfax, Virginia joined his Savior in Heaven on Saturday, December 19, 2020. Following a life devoted to Jesus and leading others into a relationship with Him, Greg passed away at his home surrounded by his family. Greg then entered a place where there will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the former things have passed away (see Revelation 21:1-6).

Greg's singular greatest passion was his relationship with Jesus, which was the only pursuit that exceeded his love and devotion to his wife, Elise (35), and son, Paul (6). After the very first time he met Elise during their freshman year at Pennsylvania State University, Greg told his family that he had met the woman he was going to marry. However, Greg's ability to convince Elise of this would take some time. Fortunately for Greg, despite a campus population of 40,000+, the two of them were assigned sophomore dormitory rooms one floor apart in the same building, and the rest was history. Greg and Elise married in June 2007 and became partners in every sense of the word; building a home and a ministry that was recognized by family, friends, ministry partners, students, and strangers for its unique warmth, love, and sincerity.

Anyone who knew Greg knew how profoundly proud he was of his son, Paul, and how fiercely Greg loved him. Paul was Greg's greatest source of joy and his special, special boy. Greg's favorite pastime was playing with Paul - using his unmatched imagination and creativity to fully immerse himself in Paul's world. It is impossible to overstate the joy Greg took in Paul as a person, the importance Greg placed upon his relationship with Paul, and how much he loved his dear son.

Apart from Elise and Paul, Greg was closest to his brothers who were privileged among all the people in Greg's life to call themselves Greg's best friends. In childhood and adulthood alike, Greg showed them the steady and constant love that only a big brother can give and demonstrated how to lead a life rich in meaning and purpose. Greg was a bedrock and a shelter to his brothers in every season of life.

To understand Greg's life and the legacy he leaves behind, it is essential to understand his faith and how it informed everything that Greg did or felt. After searching for meaning and identity during his freshman year of college, Greg entered into a life-changing relationship with Jesus. Greg grew in his faith through his involvement in Cru (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ) and knew that God had called him to be a missionary to college students. After their marriage, Greg and Elise joined Cru as missionaries at George Mason University in Fairfax, VA where they served for five years. During this time, Greg received a life-saving heart transplant that gave Greg and Elise the gift of 10 more years together. Following a subsequent three year assignment leading Cru’s ministry at their alma mater, Greg and Elise returned to George Mason University, where Elise still serves today. Those who met Greg during his career as a missionary with Cru will tell you of the powerful conviction with which he delivered God's word and the thousands of lives he impacted as he shared the love, forgiveness and hope he had found in Jesus Christ.

Greg's life, memory, and personal wishes would best be honored if the readers of this message understood how urgently Greg would want them to consider the free gift of salvation that is open to all who trust in Jesus.

Greg was a delightfully unique and complex man who enjoyed many good things in this life but also faced incredible personal and medical hardship. His brilliant mind, fiery wit, unmatched humor, and unending love and care underscore the man who meant so incredibly much to so very many people. Greg embraced outsiders and cared most for the people whom he perceived were forgotten or excluded. Greg dove headlong into ambiguity, confronted preconceptions in faith, and honestly grappled with life’s most difficult questions in both private and public settings. Greg was a humble, honest man, and lived with a consistency of character that conveyed the enduring imprint of a life transformed by Jesus.

While our hearts are broken by his untimely departure from this world, those who love Jesus can take comfort in knowing that we will see Greg again in the place that Jesus has prepared for us (see John 14:1-6).

Those who are interested in financially supporting Elise and Paul at this time may do so at the following website:

Note that any gifts made through this website are not affiliated with Cru nor will they be tax deductible.

A memorial service celebrating Greg's life will be held at Burke Community Church at a to-be-determined time following the conclusion of the COVID pandemic (likely Summer 2021).

In lieu of flowers, contributions in Greg’s memory may be made to support Elise and Paul. Please consider donating through the Go Fund Me website noted above. Please contact Murphy Funeral Homes at (703) 533-0341 to inquire if you have any questions on how to contribute to helping Greg’s family.

Fond memories and expressions of sympathy may be shared at for the Boros family.


Gregory Joseph Boros

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Kathie Virunurm

January 31, 2021

I am so grateful for Greg and the years of doing life and ministry together. I feel like my words can’t express all that is in my heart as I reflect on Greg, his friendship, and serving the Lord together in ministry. I loved how Greg could always find the right words to build up others and to speak courage into others’ lives. His encouragement was genuine. Just recently this fall, I can think of specific ways that his encouragement was a gift from the Lord and built confidence in me to trust Jesus more. Also, Greg used his gift of teaching to make Jesus known! From every day conversations to speaking at Cru meetings and retreats, Greg could take a complex theological truth and not simplify it, but make it understandable by the way he explained it. Greg’s teaching of scripture helped me see Christ more clearly and glorified Christ. Greg lived his faith and his love for Jesus was absolutely evident! And, anytime you spent time with Greg, his deep love for Elise and Paul was abundantly evident too! There are so many memories with Greg that I will treasure!

Sarah (Voegtly) Gill

January 2, 2021

So many regret highschool- I can not say the same. I still look back with fondness and it's amazing how one person can be such a big part of so many memories. His laugh and mischievous spirit brought so many together. I am glad to know we have hope of eternity, but this hurts. I can't imagine the hurt you all feel but I will pray soon the memories bring peace instead of sorrow. May the Lord Bless you and keep you until you meet again.

Judith Kercovich

December 31, 2020

I had Greg in preschool and he was always looking to climb on something to see better. He always said that he wanted to someday climb the highest mountain. You did it Greg because you climbed right up to Heaven and there is no place higher.
Blessings for your family at this sad time and strength to care on your legacy.
Mrs. Kercovich

Alexandra Howes-Hill

December 27, 2020

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Boros,

Greg was one of the most joyful persons I knew as a young child. His smile, laughter and positivity was such a gift on Evan’s Road growing up. Greg would occasionally babysit Jon and I. He always was upbeat, patient, amazing at redirection if Jon and I started to squabble, (could have used his 13 year old tips with my now family, how wise he was at a young age) he loved to play and make believe and met us where we were at.

My fondest memories were on Evan’s road included Greg and your family from Trick or Treating together all the neighborhood kids, playing in the huge blizzard- building forts, igloos, snowball games, veggie tale shows on cold days, summer fire works in your families back yard, and the neighborhood plays, carnival and swim lessons at the West’s home. Your family was also apart of loving and praying for us during a challenging point in my own childhood. For that I am forever grateful for the love and compassionate that was every part of your whole families being. Greg was an extension of the love you both have and it is beautiful as an adult to look back and see the fruit that came from you all.

My deepest condolences to you and your whole family and Greg’s wife/son. My husband is close to Greg’s age, I have 4 kids (including a 6 year old son) and being a mother/wife I lament in so many ways for your loss. However, as a believer, this life is temporary and I take comfort in knowing we will all enjoy time together with Greg and I look forward to seeing him one day with our Lord and Savior.

Kelsey Rivers

December 24, 2020

Greg was such an encourager. He always believed the best in people. There were so many little joys in working with him. I won’t forget the way he talked about Paul. Greg overflowed with. It was obvious how much he loved him. He cherished his son and wife in a way that inspires me to value those close to me. I am so grateful to have known Greg.

Valerie McMahon

December 24, 2020

I remember seeing Greg at Harmony Zelienople United Methodists Church in youth group growing up and also on a mission trip in 2004 with the youth group. I am keeping the Boros family in my prayers. From Valerie McMahon

Eric Ervine

December 24, 2020

Greg was, first and foremost, a man totally devoted to his Savior and his family. He loved fiercely in all he did, and demonstrated humility, compassion, and an uncompromising faithfulness in all circumstances. I know he has helped ground the faith of many in our Savior, including myself. Praise God for his life, his ministry, his family, and his legacy. We have the blessed hope that we will be reunited with Greg in the presence of our God, where we will all be made new.

Sean Zippie

December 24, 2020

Greg was a large part of me growing in my faith at Penn State Cru. He was real all of the time, and I appreciated that about him. His love and passion for the gospel was contagious and man, could he give one heck of a talk on a Thursday night. Greg didn’t care about social norms, as he challenged most of them. I loved that about him. He’s not missing this earth anymore but we’ll miss him. As we pray for Elise and Paul I’m also thankful that God put him in my path.

Robbie Hanberry

December 24, 2020

Greg was the light of my college experience. He was such a big influence on my faith and walk with Jesus Christ. I remember every discipleship we had, he would bring a new light to my life and stoke the fire for Jesus within me. His love for his family was unmatched by anyone I've ever met. He was always so excited to get a spindrift from panera for Elise when we met every week. He loved to go home and see her smile and do anything to make her happy. He had so many new stories of Paul each week of how they played together and the time he got to spend with his special boy. While I am heart broken that Greg is no longer with us, I've never had more confidence in a person experiencing God's presence right now. Heaven gained one powerhouse of a soul this weekend. I miss you buddy

Janet aka Jant Tempalski

December 23, 2020

It was 1985. My family belonged to St. Gregory Church in Zelienople. Our three boys then 5, 7, and 10
attended school there. We had decided that it was time for me to find a babysitting job outside our home. One Saturday I saw an ad for “childcare needed for four month old boy” in the church bulletin. I called and talked to Becky and explained who I was and was inquiring about the job. When she realized that she actually had been observing our family at the evening mass every Saturday she said when can you start. And the rest was history. Greg was a wonderful sweet baby and I enjoyed every moment I was with him. I loved him like my own! I watched him grow into a fine young man on fire for Jesus. I am proud to have played a very minor part in his early life. I know he is whole and beautiful and alive in eternal triumphant peace at last.