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Elizabeth Ann Stryk

November 16, 1945November 8, 2019
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Elizabeth Ann Stryk, age 73, of Flatonia, Texas passed away on Friday November 8, 2019. Elizabeth was born November 16, 1945 in Texarkana, Arkansas to the late Lillie and George Easley.

She was preceded in death by her parents and 1 brother, Charles "Red" Easley.

Elizabeth is survived by her husband, Anthony Stryk of Flatonia, TX; 4 sons: Virgil Crysel (Diana) of Colorado, Grady Crysel (Terri) of Schulenburg, TX, John Hodde (Jessica) of Eagle Lake, TX and Jason Stryk of Sealy, TX; 2 daughters: Rhonda Perez (David) of Eagle Lake, TX and Lisa Berckenhoff (David) of Hallettsville, TX; 2 very special children: Arriana Crysel and Mason Crysel of Flatonia, TX; 3 brothers: Larry Easley (Sandra) and John Easley of Texarkana, AR and Allen Easley (Connie) of Washington; numerous grandchildren and great grandchildren.

A Memorial Service for Elizabeth will be held Sunday, November 17, 2019 at 2:00 PM at Flatonia Baptist Church, Flatonia, TX, officiated by Pastor Tim Rowell.

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  • Anthony Stryk, Husband
  • Lillie Easley, Mother (deceased)
  • George Easley, Father (deceased)
  • Virgil Crysel, Son
  • Diana Crysel, Daughter-in-law
  • Grady Crysel, Son
  • Terri Crysel, Daughter-in-law
  • John Hodde, Son
  • Jessica Hoode, Daughter-in-law
  • Jason Stryk, Son
  • Rhonda Perez, Daughter
  • David Perez, Son-in-law
  • Lisa Berckenhoff, Daughter
  • David Berckenhoff, Son-in-law
  • Charles Easley, Brother (deceased)
  • Larry Easley, Brother
  • Sandra Easley, Sister-in-law
  • John Easley, Brother
  • Allen Easley, Brother
  • Connie Easley, Sister-in-law
  • 2 very special children: Arriana Crysel and Mason Crysel.

    Numerous grandchildren and great grandchildren.


  • Memorial Service Sunday, November 17, 2019


Elizabeth Ann Stryk

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Stacey Lynn Allen

November 17, 2019

I will never forget my wedding day as she made both the bridal and grooms cake...she made my cake so thoughtful and put the most delicate flowers and leaves....she made the grooms cake a chocolate cake and wrote in big beautiful green letters...” YOUR LIFE WILL NEVER BE YOUR OWN” ..... that my friends is my ex mother in law....hahahah....I love her....and I’m sorry things were left unsaid....peace be with you!



When someone is identified as a natural leader, certain images come to mind. First thoughts are of a no-nonsense, tough-minded, dedicated and disciplined person. This description accurately fits Elizabeth Ann "Liz" Stryk who was indeed a born manager. She will be remembered as being highly organized, practical and realistic. She was a person who always carried a strong sense of duty with her throughout her life. Possessed with traditional “old school” morals, Liz was an individual who clearly communicated to those around her just who she was and what she was all about. Everyone acquainted with Liz knew her as a well-respected woman who was a stable force in her community.

      Liz was born on November 16, 1945 at home, in Arkansas. Her parents were John and Lillie Easley. Even as a youngster, Liz learned to be objective and decisive. Her faith in the principles of authority and dependability was something that she carried with her throughout her life.

      As a young girl, Liz was able to put her natural abilities to work. She was a bit like the sergeant of the family, helping to make sure that the others did what they should do and that they avoided those things they weren’t supposed to. In other words, she liked to organize and direct. Liz was raised with four brothers. Charles (Red), John, Larry and Allen. She had an inborn appreciation for the order in the family, allowing for the oldest members to be the most respected and to take on the most responsibility. For Liz, this was a natural order of life, one she gladly embraced.

      Liz's matter-of-fact attitude about most things was developed during her childhood. As a child Liz mainly helped maintain the family home and helped with her siblings. She cooked and cleaned as a young child. She did enjoy reading in her younger days when she'd find the time.

      In school, Liz was as close to being a model student as one could possibly imagine. She sought to achieve perfect attendance in all of her classes. She would eagerly complete her homework, and often put in extra study time when she felt it was necessary. A logical and focused thinker, Liz was always good at following directions and meeting her schedules, whether they were set by her teachers or were self-imposed. Liz’s personal motto could well have been, “Do it right the first time.” She attended Gensa High School and later obtained her G. E. D.

      Liz was sociable and approachable. Because she was always so straightforward in how she approached relationships, friends and family knew that what they saw was always what they got. She enjoyed the camaraderie of being with a group of friends. When Liz was a member of a group, her interaction worked to keep the others grounded. She wasn’t afraid to confront her friends and, when necessary, she challenged them to stick to the task at hand. Those close to Liz came to expect her high standards of performance. Liz had many friends throughout her life. She'd strike up a conversation with nearly anyone she met. She always found something they had in common and it would go from there! Some would become the best of friends and others good friends. Liz was known for "taking in" families in need quite often. She always had an extra family living in the household most of the time.

      Liz was ever watchful of her children. She worried about them and was deeply concerned for their development as they grew up. She maintained a firm hand in their upbringing. She would give her stamp of approval to their requests, as long as she could see how they might benefit. She also had the ability to enforce the rules as needed to ensure that her children were properly raised. Liz was blessed with six children, Virgil Crysel, John Hodde, Rhonda Hodde Perez, Grady Crysel, Lisa Berckenhoff and Jason Stryk. They were also blessed with eighteen grandchildren along with thirteen great grandchildren and one great grandchild on the way.

      Liz approached her leisure time in the same manner that she approached her life. A person who enjoyed being neat and orderly and one who understood the nature of things, she appreciated the hours she was able to devote to her various hobbies. She started out decorating cakes at home as a hobby. She made all the kids in the family a cake for every occasion, even the kids she babysat got birthday cakes and big parties. Her love of cake decorating soon became known by all and became a business as well as her love and passion for it. She'd design any cake requested. Cakes like armadillos - alligators - wedding cakes w/fountains and many tiers, to dolls, bunnies, puppies, etc. You wanted it, she'd make it! Liz was content to enjoy her favorite pastimes alone but was also willing to share her interests with others.

      Playing by the rules was a natural thing for Liz to do in life and that carried over to her enjoyment of sports. Liz would enjoy time in the pool, ride bikes, play cards, play baseball and soccer with her children as they grew up. She was not your athletic type but she made sure it was a family event and everyone played. She also fished with us occasionally. She was something of a sports fan too and enjoyed watching her favorite events whenever she got the opportunity.

      Being generous with her time and energy, Liz liked to belong to a variety of groups and organizations. She was a vocal leader who enjoyed being a part of things. Her desire to uphold traditions and her ability to take charge of any type of project made her a tremendous asset. Liz was a Cub Scout Leader when her sons were growing up.

      Faith was important to Liz. She held high moral standards and was worried about the moral decay she saw around her. For that reason she held deep spiritual beliefs that she was willing to share. Liz was always a firm believer in God and in her later years became more involved with church and fellowship. She would help organize gatherings and meals, fellowship with ladies and members of the church.

      As someone who placed a high value on showing gratitude, Liz could graciously accept a “thank you” extended to her by those she helped. However, individual recognition wasn’t a motivating force for Liz; rather, when she saw that there was a need to get something done, she was more than willing to give her time and energy in order to see it accomplished. She was not one to boast or go for awards, though one of her wedding cakes did make the front cover of "Austin Bride" magazine. She didn't even know it until a friend saw it in the check-out line at a store.

      When it came time to travel or take a vacation, Liz used her scheduling expertise to make sure everyone and everything was ready to go. That also meant that she made certain no single person was overworked in putting the trip together. Liz had a knack for making sure that everyone who was involved had their specific tasks and that those tasks were completed. Liz loved to travel in her younger years. She took her family to Arkansas where she grew up, to Disneyland in California, Colorado to enjoy the snow. The most remembered was making cool-aid from the fresh spring water in Colorado for her children. She was adventurous! And fun!

      Liz was a lover of animals and cherished her pets. OMG! They had nearly any pet you could think of. An injured owl (Liz loved owls) - she had owl figurines everywhere. They had a pet squirrel, cats, dogs and even a pet raccoon that lived inside with them. They also had a pet chicken that answered and came running inside with the dogs when they were called. The coon stayed in a tent with the family on the beach for three days and never left Liz's side.

       She used her critical evaluation skills to make sure that every detail had been preplanned and attended to. Liz never formally retired from anything. She always said the busier she stayed, the longer she'd live. She kept busy till the very end.

      Liz passed away on November 8, 2019 at St. David's South Hospital in Austin, Texas. She is survived by husband - Anthony Stryk; children - Virgil Crysel (Diana) of Colorado, Grady Crysel (Terri) of Schulenburg, John Hodde (Jessica) of Eagle Lake, Rhonda Hodde Perez (David) of Eagle Lake, Lisa Berckenhoff (David) of Hallettsville and Jason Stryk of East Bernard; brothers - Larry Easley (Sandra) of Arkansas, John Easley of Arkansas and Allen Easley of Washington. A Memorial Service was held on November 17. 2019 at Flatonia Baptist Church with a meal and fellowship afterward attended by family and friends. She was cremated, some of her ashes will be scattered on Calhoun Rd, some at the beach (where she longed to go once again but was unable to) and others will rest at home with loved ones.

      All who knew her would agree that Elizabeth "Liz" was a pillar of the community. She lived her life with her feet firmly on the ground. She had a strong work ethic, was pragmatic in her thoughts and acts, and constantly sought the means for self-improvement. She was willing to share her ideas and knowledge for the benefit of others, so that they could accomplish more in their lives. Elizabeth Ann "Liz" Stryk did her best to ensure that her family, friends, loved ones, co-workers, and everyone whose life she touched was given the chance to become a better person.