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Gary Leon Zouzalik

November 24, 1959May 11, 2020
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Gary Leon Zouzalik, age 60, passed away at his home Monday morning on May 11th. Gary was born in Shiner, Texas, on November 24, 1959, son of Daniel and Tillie Zouzalik. Gary married the love of his life Martha (Williams) in 1981. Gary and Martha have two sons, Phillip who resides in Humble and Gareth who lives in Flatonia. He attended Flatonia High School, was a member of the Flatonia High School Marching Band, and won the UIL State Typing Award in 1975. After graduation Gary did carpenter work for Charles Schoenweitz. After working with carpentry work, Gary continued to make cabinetry and other pieces of wooden furniture. Gary was also known for masonry work. He built the family home and also did the masonry work. Gary loved the last project he built which was an outdoor fireplace. Gary took art lessons with Mrs. Lillian Wotipka and became very good at it. His paintings included portraits and outdoor scenery. Gary painted a portrait of the group Alabama and was lucky enough to present it to the Alabama group leader’s wife, Kelly Owens. To this day it hangs in Randy and Kelly Owens home in Alabama. Gary had a love for classic rock and roll from his time period. He was in a band, in the 80s, with his brothers and a few other local musicians. His favorite band was Styx and he loved their songs Lady, Babe and (Come Sail Away). Gary started at the Flatonia State Bank in 1978. Gary’s favorite story about being hired by Mr. R.D. Zapalac and Mr. Edwin Zapalac was when they told him all the girls were having babies and that they needed someone who couldn’t have babies, so Gary was hired. Gary loved going to the mountains in Tennessee, in the Fall with his family. In more recent times, every night, he spent half an hour with his new best friend “Alexa” and had the old songs coming on into the bathroom while he showered, and he loved it. He also loved the History channel and Fox News. Gary is survived by his wife, Martha of 39 years, sons Phillip and Gareth. He is also survived by his brother Bobby Zouzalik and wife Peggy of Tennessee, sister Carol Vrana and husband Charles of Flatonia. He is preceded in death by his parents Daniel and Tillie Zouzalik, brother David Zouzalik, and sister Mary Ann Zouzalik. A public visitation is being held Saturday, May 23, from 2-4 at the Smith Funeral Home Chapel in Flatonia.

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  • Martha Zouzalik, Wife
  • Daniel James Zouzalik, Father (deceased)
  • Otillie Bartos Zouzalik, Mother (deceased)
  • Phillip Zouzalik, Son
  • Gareth Zouzalik, Son
  • Robert "Bobby" Zouzalik (Peggy), Brother
  • Carol Vrana (Charles), Sister
  • David Zouzalik, Brother (deceased)
  • Mary Ann Zouzalik, Sister (deceased)



  • Visitation

    Saturday, May 23, 2020


  • Cremation


Gary Leon Zouzalik

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Laura Freytag Zouzalik

May 23, 2020

We are so sorry for your loss. Gary was so smart, talented and generous with his talents; he will be greatly missed by all in this community.
Not long ago, I visited with Gary at the bank and he shared with me how he helped my dad with the house on the hill. I had many questions on how they constructed the ceiling and his answers helped me a great deal. I know my dad had the greatest respect for his carpentry skills and his over all knowledge of construction.
With great sympathy,
Laura and John Zouzalik

Lucia Repikova

May 23, 2020

Mom, Gareth, Phillip.
I'm speaking for both myself and also my family to say that we are so sorry for your loss and miss Gary deeply. I still remember when me and Gareth decided to stay back at Phillip's house to hang out and play games with Gary right before I flew back home. How we were driving around Humble just to find a good place to eat, trying to figure out how to get to Burger King for his vegan burger, since some advertisement on TV made him want to try it. Or the time when he was working on Gareth's room and kept asking Alexa to play the same 5 songs by Foreigner on loop all day. We all thought that we were gonna go crazy! It wasn't anything too special but looking back, those are fond memories of mine because I remember laughing a lot and just having a good time. My family, especially my mom, is also very saddened by these news. They shared a lot of emails together, with my mom worrying about her English and asking me to translate words and phrases which she didn't understand. Gary's Czech ancestry made them connect in a beautiful way, because she could share a little bit of our culture, while Gary could remember things from his childhood with his grandma. My parents want to let you know that they are very sad that they won't be able to meet Gary in person anymore. We want to express our sympathy and we wish we could be there to honor Gary along with you. Gary was a good, hardworking man, an artist, a handyman that was proud of his work. The memory of him will stay with us all forever. We are all sending you lots of hugs and strength to get through this difficult time.
Our heart goes out to you.
Lucy & Family

Terry Hebron

May 21, 2020

Martha, Teresa and I want to send our condolences to you and your family. So sorry to hear about your loss. I hope you can find peace in his memories. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Deondra Moore

May 20, 2020

Martha I’m sorry for your loss. Gary always was very kind to me. Hugs

Dolores Schulze

May 14, 2020

Martha and Sons,
You are all in my thoughts and prayers during this sad time for you. My dearest condolences on your loss. I was in the same class as Gary there was never a time where he didn't say hello to me , he was truly a dear friend. Mary Ann was my best friend in school and all three of us would go to dances together and he was always the one that made sure we all got home safe we had some great and wonderful times and now all memories. Gary was a true, thoughtful and caring man. Gary is now your guardian angel and remember the wonderful and great times you both shared through the years. God took a wonderful friend to heaven now he is looking over you and all his family.
Much love to you all,
Dolores Schulze

Kimberly Parker Gavaletz

May 13, 2020

So many fond memories of Gary and his family. We were neighbors for a few years as kids and spent our school years in the same class. Eventhough most of our times together were early in life, it feels like we are woven together thru time and shared experiences. Gary was always super smart and kind, and he will be missed by all who were blessed to know him.



Gary Leon Zouzalik was a modest man, quiet and observant in his ways. He was trustworthy and traditional in his approach to his life and in his relationships. He was tough-minded with the kind of “stick to it” attitude that earned the respect of all who knew him. He was also a man who was meticulous, carefully disciplined, and orderly in virtually everything he undertook. Realistic about life, he was always at the ready, prepared to take on responsibility.

      Gary was born on November 24, 1959 at Shiner Hospital in Shiner, Texas. His parents were Daniel and O'Tillie Zouzalik. Gary was raised in Flatonia, Texas. He was brought up to be self-confident and dependable. These were traits that would serve him well throughout his life.

      Growing up in the Zouzalik household was a bit different than most homes. There were good times to be had, but just as often there was a fair share of challenges as well. However, Gary was able to work through the usual family problems when they appeared, and he was the one person in the family who seemed able to keep the stress at bay. Gary was raised with four siblings. He had two older brothers, David and Bobby and an older sister, Carol and a younger sister Mary Ann. Gary was constantly involved in activities with his brothers and sisters. Gary and his siblings may have had the typical rivalries while growing up but Gary was always consistently loyal to his family.

      As a young child, Gary was never someone who needed to be the center of attention. He wasn’t pushy and never forced his way into games or other activities. Gary developed a variety of interests, though, and the things he enjoyed doing he did well. He was always curious about the world around him and was often eager to explore it. In his spare time he liked painting, wood building and music. Gary's memorable achievements included president of his class and won state typist. However, what Gary enjoyed most was simply playing and spending time with his many friends.

      While his teachers and even his friends generally thought of Gary as being a serious person, he managed to have a pretty good time in high school as he made that critical transition from adolescence to adulthood. He graduated from Flatonia High School in 1977. He enjoyed some courses more than others, having favorite classes and teachers. His favorite classes in high school were typing and history. The teacher he enjoyed learning from the most was Mr. Robert Etlinger. His accomplishments in high school included State Typist, lead Cornet/Trumpet in band and Class Favorite. Gary was a very logical person who enjoyed learning about factual information. Using his exceptional memory, he was able to learn much through observation. Gary always seemed to have a command of the facts and was able to make it seem as though he could easily master any problem that might be presented to him.

      Always considered to be a solid friend, Gary was fortunate to have numerous acquaintances and several very close friends during his life. Since he disliked making generalizations about people and preferred to draw his own conclusions based on direct observation, Gary was able to see beneath the surface of relationships and became a true friend to those who knew him. He was committed to his friends and valued the trust he placed in them. It was not uncommon for Gary to go beyond the call of duty for others, and friends frequently sought him out for advice because he had a knack for coming up with practical solutions to any type of dilemma. While growing up, some of his best friends were Dean Stavinoha and Richard Schacherl.

      On February 20, 1981 Gary exchanged wedding vows with Martha Anice Williams in Moulton, Texas. Compassionate and devoted to Martha, Gary held endearing, traditional values about marriage and family life. He took the responsibility of marriage to heart, giving it his total commitment. He was a source of strength to Martha and using his gifts at nurturing one-on-one relationships, he worked hard to make his new family happy.

      Gary brought the same traditional values in his marriage to bear on how he raised his children. He was a good parent to them, always firm yet fair in his dealings. He would always listen carefully and think things through before he acted, even when it was an adverse situation. Gary was also a walking schedule, always seeming to know what everyone in the family needed to do, where they needed to be and when they needed to be there. Gary was blessed with two children, oldest son Phillip Zouzalik and younger son Gareth Zouzalik.

      Gary greatly enjoyed what he did for a living. He was a hard worker who expected the same in return from his co-workers. He was skilled at working effectively in small groups and in one-on-one situations as well as handling solo assignments efficiently. Gary enjoyed dealing with concrete ideas and could penetrate any amount of fuzzy information to reach the essential facts. Always able to attend to the task at hand, Gary was excellent at meeting deadlines. He was an efficient worker, one who paid careful attention to detail, allowing sufficient time to complete one task before moving on to the next. His primary occupation was in banking (Loan Officer, Teller, New Accounts). He was employed for forty-one and a half years at Prosperity Bank. Gary worked hard to be a team player, doing what was necessary in order to get the job done.

      Gary liked to experience things first-hand as well as learn about them. This trait carried over into his hobbies, where he was very methodical in how he organized his activities and categorized things. Since he enjoyed his private time, Gary always tried to allocate a specific time for working on his hobbies. His favorite pursuits were carpentry, masonry, music, painting, candle making and golfing. Gary was content to enjoy his hobbies alone but was also willing to share his interests with others.

      Gary found pleasure in sports. Being a person who was comfortable making win/lose decisions throughout life, he could appreciate that athletes made those types of decisions in sports. He applauded those who won, and he enjoyed the statistical data and sports facts and could find himself wrapped up in those details. He would watch his favorite sporting events whenever he got the opportunity. Tops on his list were football.

      Many organizations were grateful to have Gary as a member, since he always brought with him a “stick to it” attitude and a high degree of common sense. Using straightforward methods to successfully complete the job, Gary was a great planner who was incredibly well organized. It seemed that he was able to schedule any event or activity with ease. He always seemed to know exactly what needed to be done. In high school, Gary was a member of the student council, president of his class and treasurer of his class.

      As a man who always showed great commitment to the things he believed in, it’s little wonder that Gary was so active in his community. Being practical and mentally disciplined, Gary preferred to base his decisions on first-hand experiences. Gary was never afraid to roll up his sleeves and dig right in. Gary was a strong supporter of the republican party.

      Gary was a man who was dedicated and devoted to his faith. He was a Catholic and a sympathetic man who valued his beliefs and was willing to work tirelessly for them.

      Gary enjoyed traveling and taking vacations. Since he was an early starter and had a knack for planning everything, traveling with Gary appeared effortless. He enjoyed researching all of his examined options and applying cost-effective planning techniques. Plus, no matter where he traveled, Gary always had a back up plan at the ready, just in case. Favorite vacations included the Tennessee Mountains.

      Gary was a lover of animals and cherished his pets. His favorites was Sonic, a chihauhau yorkie mix and Chi-Chi, a chihauhau that Gary adopted. They were best friends for 11 years with Sonic and 3 years with Chi-Chi. His family was rounded out by his goldfish in their pond.

      Gary Leon Zouzalik passed away on May 11, 2020 at his home in Praha, Texas. Gary fought a brave battle against lung cancer. He is survived by his wife Martha, two sons Gareth and Phillip, one sister Carol and brother Bobby. Services were held at Smith Funeral Home in Flatonia, Texas.

      Commitment is a key word that can be used to describe the life of Gary Leon Zouzalik. He was committed to living the life of a good man who was both practical and trustworthy. He was committed to the traditional values that he upheld his entire life. He committed himself to being a hard worker who expected the same effort in return from those around him. Most of all, he was committed to those he knew and loved.