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Jeffrey Ho-Lam Wong

April 4, 1984January 16, 2020

Jeffrey Ho-Lam Wong was born on April 4, 1984 and passed away on January 16, 2020.


  • Visitation Thursday, January 23, 2020


Jeffrey Ho-Lam Wong

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Jessica Ng

February 15, 2020

I miss you. You were one of the most important men in my life - one of my biggest supporters - the one I turned to whenever I needed help. Growing up, you taught me to be tough, how to be street smart. When we got older, you taught me how to drive, how not to jerk the wheel, what’s good what’s bad, you even hung out with me and my friends and looked after us as the big brother. When I had a flat, you were the first to the rescue and took care of everything afterwards so I wouldn’t have to worry. When I found a house I liked, you were the one I relied on for feedback and inspection- it was assurance from you that I felt comfortable enough to buy the house. More and more I realized how smart and talented you were and how you always knew so many random things (even if things were exaggerated).

Even after I moved out, you continued to take care of me. You gave me the Nissan so I could get around when George was working. You did all my renovations and took long daily drives to Brooklyn to perfect my house until I was finally satisfied with the tiniest detail. When I was stupid enough to vacuum the drill bit out of my pipes and ended up flooding my kitchen and basement, you dropped everything and came to the rescue once again. Man, you even took care of all my grocery shopping! Never once would you hesitate to help, even if it was out of the way. In fact you were always the one supporting me and ensuring that if I wanted to do something, you would help make it happen.

You were a great brother - you always took care of the family and house and prioritized that. And of course, you were an amazing uncle to Evan. He adores you and still comes to your room to find you whenever we go over. Everything around me has a touch of you; it’s amazing how much you did for us and how lucky I was to have you as my big brother. We shared so many great memories, so many experiences together. I want you to know that I always loved you, always will, and will always miss you.

Christina Wong

February 9, 2020

My lovely son,

Jeffrey, We love you. Since the day you were born, you’ve bought us so much happiness and joy. You really cared about us and took care of us. When I brought you to Hong Kong and you were still a young child, popo would go buy rice and you would help her carry it. Your observation skills were so strong - you knew what oil popo would use, what brand rice she liked. When grandma and grandpa were in the backyard for long, you would regularly peer out the window to see if they needed any help. What I reminisce most is you calling me, “Mommy, Mommy”.

I know you loved everyone, especially us. Whenever anything happened, you would immediately come find me and together we would solve it. You always updated us on the latest news, trends and technology, shared the most random things, brought us shopping, dealt with all our car stuff, renovated our entire home and updated it with the best electronics and happily drove us everywhere. You even cared a lot for our friends - no matter what they needed, you were always happy to help. We were very proud of you. You are our perfect son. Sorry - mommy and daddy didn’t care enough, we didn’t know this car incident caused you so much stress and disappointment. This wasn’t your fault, even the court dismissed the case and found you not guilty because there were so many issues with the claim. You can let this go.

We pray that you are happily resting in peace. The love, care and joy you brought to us will forever be in our hearts. We love you forever.

Mommy and Daddy

Connie Yuen

January 23, 2020

Dear Jeffrey,

From the moment we met you’ve always made me feel welcomed. You are a kind, caring and sincere person. I will never forget our random chats, the laughs we shared, the joy you showered on our friendship. You will be missed truly!


Jodie & Alister Hill

January 23, 2020


You were a beautiful and misunderstood person.

We love you and hope you have found peace.

Jodie & Alister

May Cheng

January 22, 2020

Christina, Peter & Family,

We are deeply sorry for your loss of Jeffrey. From my long friendship with Christina, I know he was a kind and loving son and brother who will be missed.

At this difficult time, please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.

Rest In Peace Jeffrey

May Cheng & Patrick Locke

Iris Huang

January 22, 2020

Wong Family,

Our hearts are deeply saddened with the news of Jeffrey's passing. He was a kindhearted, genuine soul, and he will be truly missed. May we offer our love and support during this difficult time.

Rest in peace, Jeffrey

- Portia, Louis, Claire, and Iris Huang

Laurel Hui

January 22, 2020

My dear cousin, Jeffrey,

I miss you already. Over 30 years of my trips to visit your family in New York, your trips to visit my family in California, and vacations in Hawaii, Hong Kong, Seattle, Vancouver, Sydney, and San Diego, I enjoyed the good times we spent together. It was fun chatting, laughing, and hanging out with you.

New York will not be the same without you. I really appreciated all the times you took me around and served us with your time, patience, and kindness. You would pick us up and drop us off at the airport. You would drive us around in the car that you had taken out the shock absorbers so we would bonk our head on the roof when you drove over speed bumps. You would brew coffee, one cup at a time, for us in the mornings. You would barbecue many feasts of steak in the backyard. Thank you for taking this California girl to all the touristy spots I wanted to visit in NYC. Also, I will remember that you took me to my very first baseball game at the Yankees Stadium.

I will cherish the memories that we shared. Thank you for being my cousin. Love you, Jeffrey!

Jessica Wong Mui

January 21, 2020


In 2006, I gained a brother and you gained another Jessica Wong. :) Your kindness and thoughtfulness will be truly missed.

Sandy Huang

January 21, 2020

Dear Jeff,

I'm at loss for words...
There isnt just one single memory I think of, but all the ones growing up where we laughed, joked, and talk about the silly things and the not so silly things. You were a jokester in the best possible way, always knew how to break the ice. We may not saw each other often, but you were always someone I knew I could count on, someone with a kind heart, and always has an solution to the problem, a man of integrity who genuine cared and did his best for those he loved. Everyone who knows you know what you were capable of, and you had endless potential to be the best version of yourself.
I wished we had more time, but I cherish the times we had and I respect your decision & your courage.
I'm going to miss you so much, my 84 buddy.

Soar high and rest in peace.

Love you cuz,

Joanna Wu

January 21, 2020


You were hilarious! I'll never forget the random talks, Y memories we shared and how you tried to link me to one of your friends when I was single HAH!

"Death is not extinguishing the light. It is putting out the lamp because the dawn has come." You will truly be missed.

Rest Easy my friend ♥