Elvira Demetrashvili

February 21, 1947February 2, 2019

By Alex Dediashvili: My grandmother was bold and powerful, progressive and resilient. She was loud through action, ahead of her time. She was gentle and caring, always loving. There when you needed her, without a fault.

To us as children, she was adventurous and playful, always leading us down paths untraveled with loving determination. Wise and learned, she was an accomplished historian and librarian. She loved a good time, good music, and good cold pint of beer.

She was a simple woman who loved her family. It showed, we saw it clear as day. She was a fighter and took hardship in stride, always believing there was better times to come. She was right about this - her light lives on in all of us.

My grandmother helped to raise me into the man I am today. I am honored and blessed to have spent so much time with a truly incredible soul. I choose to remember her as she would want to be remembered - with a smile on her face and fire in her eyes.

Elvira Meloyeva Demetrashvili, thank you for all that you did for us, all the love that you gave us, all the memories we will forever hold dear. We love you so very much and hold solace in knowing you understood the love we have for you. Thank you, I love you.


  • Visitation Wednesday, February 6, 2019
  • Funeral Service Thursday, February 7, 2019

Elvira Demetrashvili

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Mari Kojiashvili

February 6, 2019

To my babuka, I Admired so much about you. Where do I even begin?
You were a genuine woman who loved her family.
You raised me as if I was your own granddaughter. You managed to give us all these memories and your not here for us to remind you of them.
That breaks my heart.
In my life, you have taught me more then I realized till recently.
You were vivacious
Filled with love and passion for your family.
You were the energy we needed as kids who wanted to explore and be free. You never resitricted us. You let us be kids!
I learned to love nature because of you, you knew everything about anything within the forest.
Mint leaves that your discovered,
Acorn by your bedsides to smell the pine Tree
Blueberry picking and, and we would have blueberry cereal for breakfast
The blinchiki I kept sneaking as you made it.
You were a child with us, you made us crowns from field flowers.
You taught me how to knit
I’m so sad I’ll never hug you again and tell you how beautiful you look.
I know you are at peace but it will take some time for us, we will celebrate you as the woman we remember and nothing short of it.

I love you babuka

Maya Dediashvili

February 6, 2019

Long ago I had a conversation with Elvira, I was complaining about something and she told me everybody sees the story from their own perspective, so everyone is right in the way they see things. I was confused by her answer and disappointed in her response,but didn’t say anything. It took me long and some life experience to learn about the wisdom of those words. Time is telling us a lot of stories, and today’s story is very sad ,But every time I remember you Elvira I will remember those days when we would laugh together, when you would read my Turkish coffee , when you were hugging the trees upstate and telling us that trees and nature have good energy, , and the way you took care my dog July ; Now I want to say thank you for everything, you are an amazing, brave, beautiful,and loving person ! I love you ❤️

Natiya Krikheli

February 6, 2019

My bebuka, you are so strong to have fought so hard and long to stay in our lives. I was blessed with a third grandmother who took an essential part of raising us through childhood. She has gifted us with so many beautiful memories. so adventurous and passionate about life, she took us along for the ride. Picking berries and mushrooms deep across the forest, taught us how to make flower crowns knowing queens were being raised, she had a deep love for nature, no materialism can amount to the happiness she received from the simple things in life. Her happiness was contagious, you can’t help but to smile and laugh when she was around. She is the essence of light itself and that light is eternal. I will always love her immensely.

Lika Krikheli

February 6, 2019

Elvira Demetrashvili was our Babuka, my third grandmother. She was a blessing to us all. She was a beautiful soul radiating love and light. She filled our lives with smiles, love, joy and adventure (And thousands of blinchiki). My memories of her will live strong in my heart forever. No one was quite like her. She was a lover of the forest and always took us on adventures to pick mushrooms, berries, and mint leaves. She loved to sing for joy in Russian, and her voice was always so lovely to me. We are all so blessed to have known her in our lifetime. She will forever be a part of us. Thank you for your beautiful presence in our lives, I love you always Babuka.