Rose Marie Ferraro Murano

March 4, 1935February 8, 2011

When Mrs Rose Marie Murano walked into the room, those in her company felt energy, an enthusiastic spontaneity. This was just one example of who Rose was and how she impacted those around her. Rose was a clever and gregarious person who always sought out the finest attributes in other people. It was as if Rose wanted to share all of their experiences, revel in their lives and celebrate their discoveries. Rose was tireless and had boundless enthusiasm that would serve her well throughout her life.

Rose was raised in New Haven, Conneticut. Always at the ready with a good joke, she grew up to be quite a humorous person. While some who knew Rose might describe her as an idealist, her friends and family understood well that Rose was always in pursuit of life’s endless possibilities and opportunities available to her.

Rose was raised with five brothers, Richard and Johnny who are still living and Jimmy, Nicky and Louie who are predeceased. Rose was very accepting and supportive of her family. She was perceived as the central person in her family in terms of keeping communication open between the family members. Whenever discord or tension arose within the home, Rose was typically the member who brought about resolution and harmony. These traits served Rose well in her adult life and, along with her wit, outgoing personality, and understanding of others, drew the admiration of many who knew her.

Rose's skill at “building bridges” played an important role in her ability to make her new family happy. She was quite sensitive towards James' needs, showing her constant concern, fondness, support, and love of music. Rose was tenderhearted and sensitive, qualities that served her well in helping to nurture her family.

Rose was a natural and creative parent who was willing to provide her family with all sorts of new and interesting experiences. For Rose, parenting was a particularly enjoyable and pleasurable part of her life. Every activity, from chores to bedtime routines, became a game in the Murano home. Rose's skill at understanding her children's feelings, her sensitivity to their needs, and her gift for gentle persuasion enabled her to find novel solutions to any problem or situation that might crop up. Rose was blessed with 6 children: Marie, James Murano III(predeceased), Chris, Michelle, Carl and Ronald.

Rose was uplifted by new ideas and was excited by life’s possibilities, traits that made her an exceptional worker. Her primary occupation was as a homemaker. Rose was enterprising and inventive. Rose had the uncanny ability to identify a win/win solution to just about any problem, possibly because of her gift for insight. Rose's fellow family members saw her as a supporter and a mentor.

Throughout her life, Rose was actively involved in professional and community organizations. She was compassionate, accommodating and quick to move into action. Always able to build a consensus, Rose seemed to be the person smack dab in the middle of things, working to get things done. Those who had the opportunity to work with Rose usually agreed that when you were involved in an organization with her, it was as entertaining as anything you could imagine. Throughout her later years, Rose was an active member of the the Moose Club and the YWCA and was the coordinator of karaoke night at Marcella's. Although she was not a singer, she supported her husband on Karaoke night and through his musical career.

Rose Murano passed away on February 8, 2011 at Memorial Regional Hospital. She is survived by her loving husband, James Murano, Jr.; 5 children: Marie Segui, Chris Petrillo, Michelle Jacobs, Carl Petrillo, Ronald Mulano; 17 grandchildren; and 10 great-grandchildren. A Memorial Service will be held Sunday, February 13, 2010, 3:00 pm at Forest Lawn Funeral Home & Memorial Gardens South (The Pyramid) in Davie, Florida. The family will be receiving friends from 2-3pm. In lieu of flowers, the family asks that donations be made in her memory to the American Cancer Society.

There was always a certain style and inventiveness to Rose. She was a dynamic, self-expressive person who was forever looking to celebrate the endless possibilities life had to offer. She had a knack for being clever, creative and witty, and for others, was a joy to be around. While she was often fiercely independent, it seemed as if many others looked to Rose Murano for inspiration, leadership, wisdom and even courage. Rose was always more than willing to share life’s experiences with her loved ones. Rose Marie will be dearly missed and forever in our hearts.


  • Memorial Service Sunday, February 13, 2011

Rose Marie Ferraro Murano

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Vincent Piscitelli

January 3, 2018

She was a person I will never forget .We knew her and geno from Hamilton st in new haven 1953 .we staid friends til they moved to florida. Rest in piece love you till I die . vinnie

marie segui

February 4, 2012

Hi Mom. I can't believe a year has gone by already. Seems like yesterday and yet a life time ago. I miss you more than words can say. I still have a hard time not having my mom and my best friend around. I need you mom still. What am I going to do? It won't be easy as it hasn't so far. I know you are atpeace and in a better place an I know I will be seeing you again. Until then, please watch over me. Say hi to Jimmy for me and my love and hugs go out to the both of you. I love you, love always your daughter Marie

Sarah Papesh

December 22, 2011

Rosa....Here it is the first Christmas without you..It is still so surreal to me to have you & Jimmy gone. You two were the meaning of Christmas for this family, Jimmy cooking on Christmas Eve and you on the phone guiding everyone what to do... Even though I am not part of the family anymore, you were always my best friend and I miss you very much...Merry Christmas to both of you...Love Always, Sarah

December 21, 2011

Hi Mom, I miss you so much. It is real hard not having you here. Dad called me a little while ago and he is so sad with out you. I am sad without you. You were not only my mother but my best friend. So many times I want to call you and tell you what is happening and I can't your not there, this is the first Christmas your not here and I didn't get that beautiful card you always send me. Say hi to Jimmie for me and I wish you a wonderful Christmas. I miss you mom so much and I love you. Love always Marie

ron murano

December 21, 2011

Mommy i miss you and jimmy so much..i hate seeing dad so sad..i know your in a better place,but i want u here..i love you u both..Please watch over us,its so hard....Ronnie your little boy

chris petrillo

November 30, 2011

hi mom just sitting here thinking of you i love and miss you,Chris

October 30, 2011

HI Mom I miss you still. The other day my boss made a remark about the sweater I had on, she said it was ugly. I said to her well, when my mother died I went through her clothes and I took it you see it was hers and I started to cry.She felt so bad and gave me a hug, she said I didn't mean to make you cry. I said I can't talk about my mom without crying. I miss her so much and it still hurts real bad. Mom I do miss you every day and wish you were here. I will talk to you again. Loving and missing you your daughter, Marie

September 1, 2011

Hi Mom, How are you? I miss you so much. Did you see the Hurricane we had here in CT? It made a big mess of East Haven, so many homes down the street where we grew up are washed away or fallen to the ground. Remember the resterant that was there the sandpiper i think that is the name well, it is no longer there. Oh mom, I can't get over you really are gone I still want to call you and talk to you and I cant. It's not fair that you left us. It still feels like a nightmare and I can't wait to wake up.
I will always love and miss you mom, Please watch over me.
Loving you always, your daughter Marie

Sarah Papesh

June 30, 2011

Mema,since your departure life has been so different for everyone. You were the Glue that kept the family together. Your daily phone calls are missed soo much. I reflect on all the family events and I can not get over the changes in one year, All I know is I miss you & Jimmy sooo much, but I also know you both are in a better place than I. Happy 58th wedding Anniversary. I love and Miss you very much!!!

Joni Matthews (Kilgour)

June 28, 2011

Hi Rose,
Happy Anniversary to you and Geno...58 years is a long time to be together and I give you much praise as most can't make it together that long. That proves the love, the endurance, the trust, the faith that you two have in each other. I admire you..
It isn't the same without you here...when we visit, I can feel your presence but wish so much I could talk to you and hold your hand. You are missed more than you'll ever know. To see your smiling face would be the greatest gift...but I know you are loved where you are and you walk with God. For that, you are lucky. Keep watching over everyone, and especially Geno (dad). He misses you so... we all do.
Love always,