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Sebastian Penton

September 19, 2006June 10, 2019
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Born with a smile, and a joyful spirit, Sebastian lived up to his purpose to lift up the lives of all those around him.

With his fun and positive energy, it was almost impossible not to be gravitated towards him. His creativity, authenticity, caring heart and self-driven attitude allowed him to impact and inspire many lives including family, friends, classmates and many others all over social-media with his very original character called "Crunchy Toast".

But what made Sebastian so special is that he did not care of others' opinions, he lived according to his purpose and what he strived to create and become, but also by placing others before himself.

We will all remember his unique dance moves at his big brother's wedding but even more we will all be moved to live up to our destiny because it was his time to sleep in order for us to wake up.

May God open up the minds and hearts of all those that knew Sebastian to know that our lives, our gifts, and talents are not for us to keep within our walls but to break barriers and to make a difference in the world around us.


  • Visitation Friday, June 14, 2019
  • Funeral Service Saturday, June 15, 2019
  • Committal Service Saturday, June 15, 2019


Sebastian Penton

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Waleska Torres-Irizarry

August 5, 2019

Mi bebe... te di 12 años de amor y tu me diste una vida de enseñanzas. Vives y viviras en mi corazon toda mi vida, mi rey bello! Tengo paz, porque se que fuiste feliz y hoy estas en un mejor lugar. Nos volveremos a ver, te amo! Fuiste una estrella, un angel entre nosotros. Nos llenaste de alegria. Fuiste tantas cosas bellas y lograste tanto en tan corta vida que solo puedo decir lo orgulloza que me siento de ser tu madre. Mis lagrimas no son por ti, son por mi porque te voy a extrañar y mi vida nunca sera la misma. Nunca podre ser completa sin ti. Vivire para honrar tu memoria mi cielo bello. ❤ Una horrible bacteria entro a tu cabecita y termino tu vida en dos dias, solo Dios tiene las respuestas. Tu y yo hemos acceptado su voluntad. You did great papi lindo! Todo un rey!

Sofia Montero

July 21, 2019

me and Sebastian were friends and I will miss him so much because of how every single day he would make you laugh even if he’s was sad or mad. He would always make people’s day or their forever like he did with me. Me and Sebastian like each other at a point in 5th grade and I live it cuz me and him would make everything awkward but it was amazing. Everyone will miss him so much ❤️🥺but he is still in everyone’s hearts 🥰 ❤️ He was an amazing friend, smart,cute,funny he was everything you could ask for💔❤️😭🥰

Sofia Rios Moyeno

June 18, 2019

Me and Sebastian were not really close but i just have to say something he was the nicest person and also very respectful to teachers and students and never got into drama he was so talented and had a very special love for acting and was so great in working with others and was always really nice and kind to me and tried to help in barriers between people and i don't know how many times I'm going to say this but he was and will the kindest kid i have ever met since im being honest i have always look up to him and i know he is just resting and all my condolences to his family

Damien Acanda

June 15, 2019

Sebastian was the best friend anyone could ask for. It seemed as if he passed his joyful energy to those near by. Sebastian was a creative soul, drawing his character (Crunchy Toast) on what seemed to be every, single, sheet... of paper. Sebastian has passed on very wonderful memories that will last in our hearts for a lifetime.

Kailyne Riblet

June 14, 2019

Sebastian and I have been best friends since second grade. We shared so many memories together. He always made me laugh with his sense of fashion. Everywhere he went he was always himself and never changed who he was for anyone. He will be greatly missed as he’s a piece of our Squad puzzle that will never be replaced. Love you Sebastian.

Love Kailyne

Donna Bowe

June 14, 2019

My heart is broken for all that loved Sebastian. My daughter, Maddison, was a classmate and friend of Sebastian at both Stirling Elementary and Attucks Middle. Over the past couple of years we got to spend time with Sebastian on occasion and even went Trick-Or-Treating this year with him. He was a beautiful child, always so respectful, kind and funny. We are so incredibly sorry for the loss you are experiencing and feel like the world has been robbed of Sebastian's brilliance. We will always remember your sweet boy with fond memories, our hearts as parents mourn with you. We are praying that God will help you through your grief.

laurence Panadero

June 14, 2019

This is a moment of extreme difficult pain . Victor my son was in a class with Sebastian and always talked about him as a great inspiration of kindness and talking always about is artist common points and such an incredible spirit .
As a mother, our heart are in the deepest condolences for you and tears cannot be held. Our love goes for you to the deepest of our heart and to him as a forever angel. Please accept our condolences from our family to yours and all the thanks to him for all the love he gave . We will pray for the Lord to give you all the courage needed . All our love to youband faith to continue the journey .

HLH Drawd

June 13, 2019

I knew Sebastian quite well. We fought in the “Great War” of the Ellie Belly Reveal (Set up by Sebastian) on different sides. But it wasn’t anything violent, just some idiots having fun. Like we always did!

Sebastian was a great friend, fantastic at art, hilarious, everything I thrive to be. He was my friend since the beginning of my sort of career, and he was a valuable member of the artist community.

Sebastian may be gone, but his legacy shall be here forever.

See you in heaven radical broski. 💛

-HLH Draws

Kim Smith

June 13, 2019

Sebastian was my student in 5th grade, His raw talent was evident and one of a kind. I always thought that he was a gift given to the world. He always had a smile and was always there for his friends that were more like a family to him. He inspired others to also follow their passions. I loved having conversations with Sebastian about his work and always followed him as his passion grew. I am so happy that I was able to spend a few minutes with him at the school when he came to see our performance. He is an angel who was taken from us to soon. Always live your best life as Sebastian always did.

Jimin Kim

June 13, 2019

I was an online friend and he was the friendliest and nicest person I have ever met. He was one of the first people to encourage me to draw and learn more. 🍞❤️