Frank Joseph Durda IV

July 27, 1958March 12, 2018
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Frank Joseph Durda, IV, passed away on March 12, 2018 after complications from a brain biopsy. Frank was a devoted son, brother, father and husband. He was born July 27, 1958 in Fort Polk, Louisiana to Patricia Ann (Elliott) and Frank J. Durda, III. But he got to Texas as soon as he could, at age 6 months. Frank was a brilliant technical mind and easily the most intelligent person you’d ever actually met. He is the original Sheldon Cooper. He could write code in well over 2 dozen languages and devoured technical manuals as easily as most scroll through a social media feed (which he hated.) Frank enjoyed long careers at Tandy, AST, Internet America and West Telecom Services f/k/a Hypercube where he did everything from software engineering to network architecting to writing documentation. Frank was the ultimate “fixer” in work and life. If your server went down at 2:00 am, not only would he take your call at the middle of the night and help you but he’d have it up and running better than before by the start of business. He was stubborn and snarky with a dry sense of humor, yet humble, kind, caring and frugal. When Frank knew something on a topic (which was most topics), he knew everything about it and enjoyed sharing his knowledge with you as well. As he was so well versed in a plethora of subjects, he could speak easily to anyone no matter their interests. His talents were broad and diverse. Frank was an excellent photographer and gardener. He enjoyed music, the theatre, movies and fixing things in the garage or around the house. He loved dogs, nature, being outside, birds, skiing, travelling, and loved Dr. Pepper, Mexican food and Whataburger. Frank was a graduate of O.D Wyatt High School. He earned his B. S. in computer science & engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington. He also instructed computer courses at Tarrant County Junior College. A longtime volunteer at Casa Manana, Frank was also an elder at his church, and a licensed FCC radio operator. Frank married the love of his life, Colleen Chunta on October 15, 2016. Frank wanted to be, and waited his whole life, to be a father and husband. Their love story was four years of fun, travel, adventure, activity and a deep love and respect for each other. Colleen has lost her soulmate and her true north. Frank is predeceased by his mother, Patricia Ann Durda and his grandparents. He is survived by his wife Colleen, his beloved infant daughter, Kathryn Anne “Kate”, father, Colonel (Retired) Frank J. Durda, III, his brother Michael Durda, sister Karen Doland and husband Frank, niece Paige Doland, nephews Brian & Ben Doland & Barrett Chunta, mother and father-in-law, Anne and Don Chunta, brother-in-law, Collin Chunta & his wife Leslie, sister-in-law, Maureen Chunta and her fiance’, Ivan Kornienko. He is also survived by a large extended family of aunts, uncles, and cousins who supported him during his 4-month illness. A special thanks to the wonderful Neuro Sciences Intensive Care Unit at Harris Methodist who were so devoted to him during that time. Donations may be made in Frank’s honor to: the Goodfellow Fund (practical gifts for schoolchildren) or Box 1870, Ft. Worth TX 76101; American Brain Tumor Association; or Trinity Cumberland Presbyterian Church, 7120 W. Cleburne Rd., Ft. Worth, TX 76107.


  • John Patterson
  • Doug Davis
  • Collin Chunta
  • David Durda
  • Michael Durda
  • Frank Doland


  • Visitation Friday, March 16, 2018
  • Funeral Service Saturday, March 17, 2018

Frank Joseph Durda IV

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Lisa Durda Lee

March 16, 2018

Frank was the eldest of our generation, and we all looked up to him. Even as a kid, I knew he was pretty smart, for a nerd anyway. I don’t think I really appreciated just how smart he was until our career paths crossed and we worked together for a couple of years. Frank was always coming up with ingenious ways to solve problems. Frank was good at so many things, like gardening and photography, and he was devoted to his family, especially Colleen, his dad and his brother. I am so glad he met Colleen, I have never seen Frank happier than he has been these last few years. He had so much to live for, and to look forward to, and that is all because of his meeting and marrying his wonderful wife. It is so sad that Frank and Colleen did not have long together to live happily ever after, and to know that Kate will grow up without knowing the wit and wisdom of her father. Frank would have so loved being a dad.

Frank was always one to march to the beet of his own drum, and wasn’t afraid to go his own way. These last few weeks, my mind has kept going back to this picture, taken Thanksgiving 1986. It couldn’t have been easy to be the only non-aggie in an aggie family, but it never phased Frank, and he found subtle ways to show his independent spirit “aka thumbs down Frank”. As we celebrate Frank’s life and legacy this weekend, I will look back on many fond memories of him over the years: rescuing the catfish from my dad’s dwindling pond, re-roofing the house at my granddad’s place, watching cowboy games together, endless risk games, and his helping my son with his entrepreneurial project. Family gatherings just won’t be the same without him. Frank will be greatly missed, and my heartbreaks for his wife and daughter, and his dad and brother as they mourn his passing. We will see you on the other side Frank!

Rhonda Mowell Jackson

March 15, 2018

I hadn’t kept up with him since high school but I’ll always remember his brilliant mind, but never once did he make anyone feel sub-par in comparison. He was always willing to help. My prayers for your family.

Colleen Durda

March 15, 2018

Wedding Day. October 15, 2016. I loved making him laugh.

Ann Burns Moyer

March 15, 2018

I met Frank more than 45 years ago when we both arrived as freshmen at O. D. Wyatt High School in Fort Worth. He was then and always remained one of the kindest and most genuine people I had ever met. I enjoyed visiting with him in class and outside of class. We shared many honors classes together, but he always left me in the dust intelligence wise! When Frank and I were freshmen, my brother, Robert Burns, was a senior. Robert was the student answer to all things technical (lighting, sound, etc. etc.) at Wyatt for every production that was undertaken. Frank was ready, willing, and able to take over when Robert graduated, and for that reason and many others, Robert and Frank became very good friends. The natural progression was that Frank's family became friends with our family. My cousin, Gerald Marcell (also a Wyatt grad, graduating one year earlier than Robert), and his wife, Linda, and family were the Durda's neighbors for several years. On our parents' 35th anniversary we had a party for them at Robert's house. The Durdas were there, and Karen even helped by washing dishes. Frank and I also worked together at Tandy for a time. He was a constant... always a part of my life... dependable and steady. The last time I saw Frank was at my mother's visitation last May. He was healthy and very happy in his role as new husband to Colleen. We had a good visit even under the somber circumstances of my mom's recent passing. Thank you, Lord, for that last encounter! Colleen, I'm so glad you and Frank found each other (although I'm very sorry your time was so short...), and I praise God for Baby Kate! Frank, thanks to God's grace and His amazing love for us, I'll see you again. I look forward to the visit!

Steve Veal

March 15, 2018

The Durdas were our family’s closest friends. We met at Trinity, and since we were all very active in the church, Frank and I sent a lot of time together growing up.

I loved going over to the Durda’s. We spent hours watching Frank III’s slide shows from places that we only dreamed about. When mom and dad and Pat and Frank III played cards or dominoes, Frank and I retreated to the garage and listened to the shortwave radio or engaged in some sort of electronics project.

Those experiences shaped my life. From following Frank III into the Civil Engineering profession on into the Amateur Radio hobby, the Durda’s had an enormous influence on my future.

After Frank and I reached college age, we grew apart as we pursued our respective careers. On the few occasions where I did get to see Frank, he never changed from the kid that I grew up with. Smart, nerdy, kind. I always learned something being around him.

We will miss you Frank. But we will never forget you.

Patricia Durda

March 14, 2018

This photo was snapped about the time I met Frank, 12 years younger than his uncle and my fiancee. At one point, Frank took me aside and asked, "Are you going to marry David?" Yes. I am. "Well. Will your name be Durda then?" Yes, it will (I was so excited to become another Mrs. Durda!) "Don't do it, Patricia. Don't do it. The kids will tease you. They will call you Dirty Durda. Don't do it!" In spite of his advice, I did marry his uncle and Frank even attended the wedding in 1967.

As everyone else who knew him, Frank was kind, friendly, helpful, loving, a spectacular scholar but an even more stellar human being. Words can not express how much he will be missed but Colleen and Kate and Frank and Karen and Michael....his love and memory lives on as long as we remember him. And Frank will not be forgotten!

Love, Aunt Patricia

Kathy Dickson

March 14, 2018

Yes, Frank was THE smartest person I ever met, and the most fair, forgiving, helpful person . Frank is proof that only the good die young - they don't come any better than him and he didn't get near enough time here to show us that!

Colleen, there are no words to express how sorry I am that your time with him was cut so short. There also aren't words to express how INCREDIBLY grateful I am that you two met and were SO happy together.

There was nothing Frank couldn't do - because he would try everything and stick with it until he got it! Yes, he WAS the original Sheldon Cooper. That made me chuckle because when I see that commercial I wonder if Frank was like Young Sheldon as a child.

Technical documentation? In 35 years, I have NEVER worked with a technical guy with anywhere near Frank's ability to write! I probably quote him more often than anyone when I ask people "did they have a sale on [commas|capital letters] so you felt the need to throw in a few extra?" Classic Frank!

Rest in Peace my friend and thank you for your witness of grace you demonstrated to all!

Larry Rosenman

March 14, 2018

Frank was one of my favorite people at Internet America, and one of the reasons I'm involved with the FreeBSD operating system. As stated above, he was one of the smartest people I knew and was always willing to not just share his knowledge but teach as well. He will be sorely missed. To Colleen, I'm so sorry for your loss, and if there is anything I can do, please feel free to ping me.