Alice ColbertWife

Claude ( Ericka) Colbert III.Son and Daughter-in- Law

Eric (Laina) ColbertSon and Daughter-in- Law


Joshua BrownActive Pallbearer

Kenneth PolidoreActive Pallbearer

Claude Colbert, III.Active Pallbearer

Antoine PrinceActive Pallbearer

Irvin CrosbyActive Pallbearer

Charles SandersActive Pallbearer

Eric ColbertHonorary Pallbearer

Dallas McClarty, Sr.Honorary Pallbearer

George GrayHonorary Pallbearer

Johnny Butler, Sr.Honorary Pallbearer

Gary DupasHonorary Pallbearer

Henry FreemanHonorary Pallbearer

William DennisHonorary Pallbearer

Derrick LovelyHonorary Pallbearer

Wilfred Colbert, Jr.Honorary Pallbearer

Herbert PhillpsHonorary Pallbearer

Jason DwyerHonorary Pallbearer

Nathan PaytonHonorary Pallbearer

Charlie Williams, Sr.Honorary Pallbearer

William PaytonHonorary Pallbearer

Ivory KellyHonorary Pallbearer

Ronald JackHonorary Pallbearer

Rodney DavisHonorary Pallbearer

Walter JackHonorary Pallbearer

Larry CrosbyHonorary Pallbearer

Jeremy SmithHonorary Pallbearer

Anthony James Crosby, Jr.Honorary Pallbearer

Brian DanielsHonorary Pallbearer

Jules MadisonHonorary Pallbearer

Ron NottoHonorary Pallbearer

Edward Young, Sr.Honorary Pallbearer

Edward Young, Jr.Honorary Pallbearer

Charles MiltonHonorary Pallbearer

Dimpsey TinsleyHonorary Pallbearer

Harry SmithHonorary Pallbearer

Darrell SmithHonorary Pallbearer

Donald Ray SmithHonorary Pallbearer

Steve PaytonHonorary Pallbearer

Larry CeaserHonorary Pallbearer

Michael CeaserHonorary Pallbearer

Leroy CeaserHonorary Pallbearer

Darell CeaserHonourary Pallbearer

Tarrike Phillps, Sr.Honorary Pallbearer

Gerald MiltonHonorary Pallbearer

Jeffery CarsonHonorary Pallbearer

Travis RideauxHonorary Pallbearer

Frank TateHonorary Pallbearer

Lavonne JohnsonHonorary Pallbearer

Donald ColbertHonorary Pallbearer

Robert ColbertHonorary Pallbearer

Mark ColbertHonorary Pallbearer

Dallas McClarty, Jr.Honorary Pallbearer

Kevin WilliamsHonorary Pallbearer

Jermaine ThomasHonorary Pallbearer

Demarcus KealHonorary Pallbearer

Aaron WigginsHonorary Pallbearer

Daylon RichardHonorary Pallbearer

Anthony WilsonHonorary Pallbearer

Jessie Lee BrownHonorary Pallbearer

John ConnorHonorary Pallbearer

Carlos ConnorHonorary Pallbearer


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