Edward Floyd Lamb

August 28, 1926July 9, 2018

EDWARD FLOYD LAMB 8-28-1926 TO 7-9-2018

Ed was married to “Pat" Lamb and was father to Julie Catherine Lamb. He is survived by: his daughter, Julie Boudreau and husband Allen Boudreau, grandsons Brian Ely and Leon Boudreau and great-grand children Luci, Alice, Emma and James.

Ed served in the U.S. Navy during WW II. He was on the U.S.S., James C. Owens, DD-776. A Warren Class Destroyer and saw combat.

Ed was a Deputy Sheriff and a Criminologist with Fresno County Sheriff’s Department. The title Criminologist left the Fresno County Job Descriptions long ago. A Criminologist was a Deputy Sheriff assigned to the Identification Bureau. Ed served the public in the Identification Bureau for many years working on cases ranging from burglary to homicide.

Ed was an accomplished crime scene investigator and developed valuable probative in a large number of cases investigated by the Sheriff’s Department. He was accepted as an expert witness in many areas of crime scene investigation. As such he was privileged to testify as an expert and give opinion evidence.

He was found to be an expert on: the identification of bloodstains; comparison and identification of latent fingerprint, shoe/boot impressions and tire impressions; crime scene photography; tracking shoe, boot and tire impressions from the crime scene to an individual, a location or vehicle.

Perhaps, one of his greatest strengths as a Criminologist was in the area of toolmark and firearms evidence. Ed was a Court Qualified Expert in the comparison and matching of evidence bullets and cartridge cases to test fired bullets and cartridge cases from suspect firearms.

His skills in general toolmark comparisons was equally well known. In the 1970’s copper wire theft was rampant in the San Joaquin and Sacramento Valley’s. These thefts were of transmission wires as well as large copper wire conductors used to power high horse power agricultural water pumps.

Ed had an amazing ability to make the three dimensional comparisons and matching of the cut ends of such wires.

He was so competent at this that he was “loaned" at times to other Law Enforcement agencies as far South as Kern County and as far North as Marysville. He was able to assist those agencies in identifying the perpetrators(s) of wire thefts by demonstrating that the cut ends of the evidence wire from the crime scene matched the cut ends of wires collected from suspects.

After his retirement from the Fresno Sheriff’s Department Ed worked for the U.S. Marshall's Service at the Federal Building in Fresno with retired Sheriff's Sergeant Robert Miller.


Edward Floyd Lamb

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William Lamb

July 27, 2018

As I was growing up, I didn't really get to know my brother Ed very well, partially because of our age difference but mostly because he went off to war. He was always "Junie" to me, a nickname my sister Frances called him because as a toddler she couldn't pronounce Junior (as our Mom and Dad called him) so I was always uncomfortable calling him any name but Junie.

I was only about five or six when my big brother was called away to serve our country in the US Navy during WW lI, aboard a destroyer radar picket ship, not a healthy ship to be a crew member of because it spent a lot of time in "harms way." After his Honorable Discharge from the Navy, he returned home and started working as a machinist for Federal Mogul and next a stint with Hobbs Parson Produce Co. He then decided to take the test for the Fresno County Sheriffs Office, from which he retired.

It wasn't until I was in my twenties that my brother and I became very close and remained close through the years, even though we lived miles apart. I am very grateful that I did get to visit him a week before he passed, and was able to tell him that I loved him and was that it was an honor to be his kid brother.

Rest in peace Junie, you are my Hero!

I love you,
your "baby brother" ~ Bill

Kenneth Flores

July 11, 2018

Ed was a good friend of my dad and mom I new Ed and his wife Pat for as long as I can remember and there daughter Julie there were always good times when they were over at my parents house for barbacues Ed gave me fond memories of growing up as alot of my parents friends did Ed and Pat will be missed