Samantha Peña Also known as "Samantha Arreguin"

June 9, 1994July 29, 2018
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Samantha Peña Also known as "Samantha Arreguin" was born on June 9, 1994 and passed away on July 29, 2018


  • Esmerelda Arreguin Peña, Mother
  • Jose Peña, Father
  • Stephanie Madrigal Peña, Stepsister
  • Alyssa Lissette Peña, Stepsister
  • Jose Michael Peña, Stepbrother
  • Jose Izaiah Peña, Brother
  • Jonathan Izrael Peña, Brother
  • Julian Izacc Peña, Brother
  • Jaden Izmael Peña, Brother
  • Sabella Bebe Seleste Peña, Sister

  • Jose Juan Arreguin, Pallbearer
  • Silverio Arreguin Jr., Pallbearer
  • Jesus Fernando Arreguin, Pallbearer
  • Fernando Peña, Pallbearer
  • Jose Michael Peña, Pallbearer
  • Baby Jose Izaiah Peña, Pallbearer
  • Brian Arreguin, Honorary Pallbearer
  • Brandon Arreguin, Honourary Pallbearer
  • Andrew Reyna, Honorary Pallbearer
  • Andres Mata, Honorary Pallbearer
  • Jonathan Izrael Peña, Honorary Pallbearer
  • Julian Izacc Peña, Honorary Pallbearer


  • Visitation Friday, August 10, 2018
  • Rosary Service Friday, August 10, 2018
  • Funeral Service Saturday, August 11, 2018
  • Committal Service Saturday, August 11, 2018

Samantha Peña Also known as "Samantha Arreguin"

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Teresa Hernandez

August 12, 2018

Samantha "pena" like i would call u at work from the frst day i met u i knew u were someone special ur heart pure as gold your devotion n care for the residents we cared for was so sincere. U enjoyed the job we had we were inseprable at work the memories we share i will hold on to forever. U made being there a party always had a smile on ur face. We clicked n became a team on our station at glc. We had r days of thngs bugging us n we would find the time to sit dwn n listen to eachother. Ur fav line whn it was a guy issue was "leave tht kid alrdy Marie you desrve to b happy". Each night of our rotation we walked out to our cars togther we wouldnt lv until the other got picked up if we didnt hav a car that night. Ur friendship was genuine. Leaving glc didnt end our friendship and wat hurts is knwn tht the carne asada n drinkn we planned each time we talkd is nvr going to get here. Girl i never knew tru friendship with a coworker like i did with you. U n me always said we would kp going up the ladder in the health field n im going to do it Pena for u boo. Dont ever stop smiling from heaven here ur smile will live on. "Our little secret" glc st 4 samantha i luv u fly high baby girl. Te llevas una parte de mi contigo amiga le doy gracias a dios por vernos crusado los caminos amiga.

Syna Younn

August 9, 2018

Dearest Mantha... I'm so very blessed that we were able to cross paths in this lifetime. I met you when you were just a little girl. How can I ever forget that smile of yours and I can still remember how shy you were when we use to talk. You use to giggle and laugh when I asked you cute little questions and I honestly can still see your face expressions. As time passed, we grew older and our paths in life went separate ways. But that didn't change my memories I had of you. Nor did it stop me from loving you and your entire family. You were very much loved! And you will be missed and you will always be remembered. Thank you very much for stamping your mark in my life and my memories! Rest in Paradise mama...❤❤❤

Michelle Gonzalez

August 8, 2018

Sam...your spirit is so pure....loving...genuine...just like your momma....your Instagram posts always made me smile.... I love you baby girl💕would love more than anything to be by your momthers side but believe me sending so much love from Vegas...

Michelle Santacruz

August 7, 2018

Your cousins are usually your first Best Friends you have as a child, and Mantha you were mine. Through up and downs you were the closest thing to a sister I ever had. You are such a pure soul who loved our family dearly, your first priority was family. And because of your stubbornness you helped me see this. I reunited with my mother and brothers. Because of you my children were also able to have a big loving family to call their own.
No words could ever describe how eternally grateful I am to have had someone like you in our lives.
Mantha you were too beautiful for this earth...

Vicky Santacruz

August 7, 2018

Nuca olvidare cuando de pequeña te tuve en mis brazos, y me ganaste con tu particular sonrisa. Desde ese día te empese a querer con el alma y te seguiré queriendo porque el alma nunca muere.
Le pido a Dios que donde quieras que estas bien.

Stephanie Pena

August 6, 2018

My beautiful sister, I can't believe your gone. I wish I could tell you one more time that I love you. I wish I could go back to the time we had to share a room. Your beautiful smile and your sense of humor will be missed. You have a heart of gold. Tell your grandma we miss her and her carrot cake so much! I miss you so much! But I will definitely charish our memories and the fact that you came to my wedding and you were so happy for me.
Until we see each other again. Cowboys all day!

Lissette Oseguera-Pena

August 6, 2018

I love you mantha, this pain I’m feeling is crazy. I’m sorry I was so caught up in other things I didn’t call/text/visit like I should’ve. I have so much regret. We drifted apart. We would see each other here and there.. but my love for you never changed. I love you sister. It does bring comfort knowing your exactly where you want to be; with your grandma. I bet your so happy being with her. I’ll never forget all the good/crazy/funny times we had together and that smile of yours.

Ralph Poage

August 6, 2018

Shuch a beautiful soul taken home way to soon. I know their was a choir of Angles there to meet her. Such a bright star and wonderful young woman with so much compassion for the people that she helped that could not help themselves. We loved it when she came to the house with a big beautiful smile so glad to see us and we were always so glad to see her. She will be forever in our memories. God Bless the family and please know you all will remain in our prayers for peace.
Raymond and Penny Poage 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Silverio Arreguin

August 5, 2018

Samantha ur tio June bug loves u so much words can't explain my pain,I miss u Mantha until we me again ur favorite tio forever and ever u will never be forgotten on this Earth.....I am so proud of u,it still amazes me how much of a inpact u made in this world in such short time.... damn Sam ur such a brat u just had to be the first one to be with Mom lol.....we'll see u up there soon for now give Mom a kiss and big hug for me..