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Feroze Minocher Patel

March 17, 1947March 5, 2020

Feroze Patel, 72, of Frisco, Texas, passed from this life on March 5th, 2020 surrounded by his loving family. He was born in Mumbai, India on March 17th, 1947 to Minoo and Shirin Patel as the fourth of five children.

Feroze was well-known by friends, family, and colleagues as a man of great integrity and honor. He was highly intelligent, enterprising, and a respected member of both social and business communities around the world. Feroze had an amazing ability to relate to people of all backgrounds, offering valuable advice and somehow knowing exactly what others needed to improve and enrich their lives. His philanthropy and compassion for those less fortunate were widely known, and he took enormous pleasure in knowing he was able to help people and organizations in need. In many cases, he did so anonymously. Feroze became a father figure and brother to so many people both inside and outside of his family. He considered all of his close friends as part of his own family, and he would go to great lengths to make sure they felt that way. He was always thinking of others before himself. He would lose sleep worrying over his friends or family that might be struggling with a difficult life situation and always sought ways to help them through it. His generosity and willingness to lend a helping hand were without limit. He lived by his own simple yet profound philosophy on life that can be summed up in three simple sentences: Never intentionally hurt anyone; Try to make at least one person happy or smile every single day; Do some good in this world, make a difference in someone’s life, and leave this world in a better state than you found it. This effect of his philosophy will be felt in this world for generations. He has helped enrich, teach, guide, encourage, and simply brighten the lives of so many, whether with his generous wisdom or his famous sense of humor.

Feroze grew up in Mumbai and enjoyed a strong bond with his siblings and parents, sharing a particularly special bond with his loving mother, Shirin. As a child, Feroze enjoyed playing cricket and table tennis, listening to all styles of music, and excelling in school, even skipping grades in his early years. We have all heard of the American Dream; of those who have come to the United States with next to nothing in their pocket, worked hard, and made a great life for themselves. Feroze embodied that very dream. Arriving in the United States with $20 and a full scholarship he received to the University of Kansas,he earned two masters degrees while supporting himself as a teaching assistant and even sold encyclopedias door-to-door. His stories of his first days in the United States are legendary, and it was truly a pleasure to hear him tell of his adventures in becoming acclimated to a completely new country and culture at such a young age. After graduating, he took his first job just to get some experience at Tranter in Wichita Falls, TX. What was originally going to be a 1-2 year stint ended up being a lifelong legacy spanning 47 years as he worked his way up from junior engineer to Executive Vice President of the company.

Feroze was happiest when he was with his friends and family, having a nice dinner together, telling stories, and enjoying company. He also loved music of all kinds, reading, watching world news, traveling, spending time near lakes and oceans, and playing golf. He spent over 50 years rooting for his beloved Kansas City Chiefs football team and was overjoyed to watch their Super Bowl victory this year. Despite living in the US for most of his life, he still loved his Indian heritage, food, culture, and people. His favorite movies of all time included Amadeus (which includes some of the music you are hearing today), Fiddler on the Roof, Phantom of the Opera, and even the Three Stooges. Most of all….. he cherished every moment he could spent with the love of his life, his dearest Ruby. Although they met later in his life, they truly enjoyed a lifetime together. His happiest years were spent in her company and her loving arms.

Feroze was preceded in death by his parents, Minoo and Shirin Patel, his sister Nancy, and his beloved lifelong friends Frank and Linda. He is survived by his wife Ruby Patel of Frisco, son Zubin Patel and his wife Jessica Patel of Houston, step-daughter Jenna Armstrong and her partner Sammy Garza of Austin, step-son Erick and wife Shazneen of Mumbai, six grandchildren and one great grandchild.


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Feroze Minocher Patel

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Darshana Muzumdar

May 4, 2020

I came to know Feroze through my dear friends Lily and Ruby. It's difficult to accept that he is no more because he was such a presence wherever he went. His sense of humor and generosity were something that touched everyone. He connected with the young and old alike and always had some magic tricks to dazzle young kids or some fantastic stories to entertain the adults. I especially remember the time he took my teenage daughter, her friends and me out to dinner one night when he was in India on a trip and he kept them entertained throughout the evening. His love of music and patience with others despite being so busy with work was heartwarming indeed, and his intelligence of course was his trademark. He was so full of life, he will be remembered for years to come. I am so glad he found the love of his life in Ruby and spent some wonderful years with her. My love to you, Ruby, and thank you for always being there for him in good times and through his fight against cancer. May the wonderful memories you created with him help you tide over these times. Thank you, Feroze, for being in my life though it was for a short time. May you rest happy and free of pain wherever you are.

Shiroz Nambiar

March 22, 2020

Our first meeting in 2001 started with Feroze saying that I tried to copy his name but spelled it wrong..!!
He was a great boss for all of us in India plant, he knew everyone by the first name. Everything here has his touch.
I feel lucky that I could meet him recently and as usual, he ensured that every detail is taken care for me, just the way any father would do for his son.
Thank you Feroze for everything. We will miss you.

Alex Gabriles

March 21, 2020

I was devastated when I learned about my beloved best friend Feroze. We first met when I visited Tranter in Lansing, Michigan, after he company where I was employed in Houston were appointed sales representatives by Tranter for this part of Texas. Over the ensuing years , especially when Tranter relocated to Wichita Falls, Texas, Feroze and I became close friends, making sales calls together and free time together.We had a game , of geography... "what is the capital of Moldova , for instance, Feroze always knew the answers. Then it was turn to ask and so forth.
And years later when he and his loving wife Ruby, we renewed our friendship, and they were a pillar of strength for my daughter, who was going thru a terrible divorce.
Feroze's generosity knew no bounds. I was hosted in their home often, and when he was in Houston for treatment during his courageous and long ongoing battle with cancer , he Ruby and would get together for lunch. In the closing days of his life I was planning to go to Frisco to see him. Unfortunately I had an accident and underwent surgery and have been on the long path to recovery. Feroze was the most generous person that I have ever known, treating others with respect and dignity. And Ruby, the love of his life , was a pillar of support throughout.
Feroze will be missed by all whose lives he touched, and mine.
He will live in the hearts of his family and all his friends. Farewell beloved Feroze.

Pierre Chou

March 19, 2020

Hi Buddy:

Your death makes me sad.
You always asist us in difficult matters.
In my country the Buddha will protect those who leave, and my Buddha will take care you too.
Even if you have left , I'll remenber the good times I spend with you

Pierre / Taiwan

Claes Svensson

March 17, 2020

I met Feroze the first time in 1994, after Tranter acquired Swep in Europe. Already from the beginning I saw him as a diligent and savvy businessman with a technical mindset that never saw problems as limits or hinders - just something to deal with. After I moved with my family to Texas and we got physically closer did we develop a relation that lasted. We spent a lot of time together on the road in Europe and Asia - we bunked together in apartments in Vanersborg, Sweden, and in Beijing, China while on company business. Feroze was one of the sweetest men I have ever met and when with him you realized how much he cared about others. He was a great storyteller and could lighten up quiet board dinners in Sweden with his colorful stories. During the last few years we have met regularly for lunch and exchanged stories and kept each other updated about our lives' stories. His several years long courageous battle with cancer has kept many of us in high spirits and we were so devastated when he recently let us know it is soon over.
Thank you for all the years together and for spreading warmth around you!
Your friend Claes

Marzi & Shireen Patel

March 12, 2020

Feroze was a school friend, since our youth. We spent a lot of time together in Cusrow Baug and at St. Xavier’s High School, Bombay. I have some fond memories of those days.
Feroze was very good at Mathematics. Since it wasn’t my favorite subject, I would ask him for help. He was very generous with his time, and not only willing, but more than eager to show me, how to solve mathematical equations. We did this, sitting around his balcony, in Cusrow Baug, and also shooting the breeze, with a spirit of camaraderie. He had a huge heart and was ever ready and willing to help others in need. He also had a great sense of humour.
We used to play cricket and table tennis together in Cusrow Baug, and it was always a lot of fun, as team mates, competing against opposing teams.
Once, we were going to a New Year’s Eve dance together, as a group, at a place called Cooperage in Bombay. My partner suddenly couldn’t make it, due to a death in her family. Feroze took it upon himself, to try and find a new date for me, through a mutual friend, so that I wouldn’t miss the dance party. Guess what? I ended up marrying my date, Shireen, from that night.
When Feroze was finishing his engineering studies in Bombay, I was finishing my education in dentistry. He told me that he had been admitted at the University of Kansas, to pursue a Master’s degree. Then he kept insisting for me to apply at various schools in US, to get my Master’s degree in dentistry. Again he guided me through the various steps of applying for a foreign degree etc., and I ended up in USA, like him.
When I first heard that Feroze was in treatment for cancer, I messaged him, wishing him a speedy recovery. He said, ‘ Will be OK...been there done that. I am going to beat this’. I am sure his courage and positive attitude, helped him fight the dreaded disease, till the end.
Rest In Peace, dear Feroze.
Deepest condolences to your entire family.

Smiley El-Abd

March 11, 2020

I was really lucky to have met Feroze when I started working at the G F Morin Company back in 1978. Feroze was truly a unique guy that was approachable, a problem solver and most important a down to earth dude. They broke the executive molds when Feroze was promoted at Tranter cause NOBODY did it as good as he did. I know he loved his Kansas City Chiefs and I am glad he got to see them win a Super Bowl. Lastly Feroze called it the way he saw it, I loved that about him. The world lost a great guy. My sincerest condolences to the family and to all of us that knew him and called him a colleague and friend.

Charles Monachello

March 10, 2020

Open Letter to Feroze:
I know you can hear me. I was devastated when the word of your passing reached me in Florida. I had been optimistic that you were slowly winning your terrible battle against cancer. You fought hard, but victory was not to be. The Lord wanted you home.
Be proud of what you accomplished.
You built our Wichita Falls Operation into a consistently profitable solid company.
When you became head of our Asia operation, you won so much business we built a new plants in India, in China and dominated the largest marine plate business in the world in South Korea. You also added your technical expertise to Europe, Brazil and the North American Ethanol business.

But it was not all work, we had fun also.
Remember the time we were in Latvia and our driver took us over ice encrusted 60 mile trip at 100 miles an hour. We didn’t argue on the way back on who would sit in the front seat. We both sat in the back seat with our eyes closed. How about the time, in Germany, when we were catching trains very early in the morning and we unfortunately got off not at the main station but a desolate satellite station and when the train pulled away there we were two American business men in the mist of lots of derelicts eyeing us up and down. Thanks for the timely arrival of a traffic policeman to get us on our way. My favorite of our many, many adventures is when we were in India our driver speeding down the highway when suddenly a herd of donkeys appeared. The driver missed all but one and all we could see from our seat were four donkey hoofs flailing in the air. We were immediately surrounded by the villagers yelling and shaking their fists. Your eloquent Farsi and my $50 got us out of that one with smiles and goodbyes. It also helped that the donkey popped up and ran away.
Now, a new chapter starts. Until we will meet again, my friend. Take good care.

Perin Unwalla

March 10, 2020

Very sweet and happy memories flood my mind when I think of our dear Feroze.

There is one incident (among several) I so clearly remember which truly touched my heart.

My sister Lily and I had visited Ruby and Feroze a few years ago.

We were driving back home after a wonderful day out.

I suddenly spotted one of those antique stores and exclaimed with excitement how lovely it would be to visit one of those!

Feroze kept driving quietly when suddenly, he made a U turn and drove us to that antique store!
I was overwhelmed.

That was Feroze ..... He went out of his way to make sure we had a GRAND TIME !
He left no stone unturned to give both Lily and me, the time of our lives.

He was a very generous human being. He was very caring and "giving". I'm sure he touched the lives of many and got their blessings .

Feroze fought his illness valiantly till the end. He was sharp, witty and told us jokes even while life was ebbing away from him.

Good bye dear Feroze.
I'm sure the gates of Heaven were wide open to welcome you !

Marzia Rowhani-Dalal

March 9, 2020

My memories of my cousin Feroze are of a tall, slim, tanned teenager with gentle eyes and an infectious laugh. I often visited his home in Cushrow Baug and loved the lunches Shirin Aunty would serve. Then he left for the US. The only time I met him again, with his brother Carl, was at our cousin Rajeev's marriage in Mumbai. This was decades later, and my two kids were completely bowled over by Feroze and Carl, delighted at meeting these unknown members of their family.

Reading the obits, I realise how much he accomplished in life - in the most profound, meaningful sense. Clearly he was a large-hearted and true friend to friends as well as strangers (so rare in these times) and has left a legacy that will endure with all who knew him.

"The troubles of this world pass, and what we have left is what we have made of our souls ..."
(From the Baha'i Writings)

Thanks, Feroze for being such an inspiration to us all.