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Carley Aurora Lee-Lampshire

August 28, 1988January 18, 2020

Carley Aurora Lee-Lampshire was born on August 28, 1988 and passed away on January 18, 2020.


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Carley Aurora Lee-Lampshire

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Mikayla /Mac Connell

February 21, 2020

Carley has one of the brightest smiles and laughs. Her free spirit and go with the flow attitude will be sorely missed in its physical state. But her spirit lives on through her friends and family. Sending peace and embraces to all feeling her absence. Will continue to love and shine brighter everyday in her honor💚💚💚

Diana Zoelle

February 1, 2020

I remember a bright, articulate, and inquisitive little girl of about seven. I was interviewing for a teaching position and attending a campus lecture. At the conclusion of her lecture, the speaker asked for questions.
A tiny, golden-haired child raised her hand and asked a well-formulated and pointed question. That was my introduction to Carly.
We didn't see much of one another over the years, but the glimpses I had were of an impressive young woman. Her passing is a loss to all of us.

Wendy Lynne Lee

January 31, 2020

Perhaps it is in the death of a child that it becomes that much clearer what it is to be a mother. Just as I sought to cradle and protect my baby at her birth, so too now. Perhaps the difference isn't as simple as that the first moments are a hello, and the last a goodbye. Perhaps it's something more like the difference between the anxiety of knowing that someday you'll release your child into a living world, and that of having to live in the world without them. Both generate angst, but only the latter substitutes hope and joyousness with a thud in your chest where your body remembers everything.

Sue Sarver

January 26, 2020

Beautiful girl!
Oh Carley, I’m so glad you spent time with our family (2003-2004) at our house, at the shore, and around town. It was such a pleasure to know you. The gift of roots and wings your mom provided you with allowed you to touch the lives of people all over the world. In your short life you left your mark on this earth. Even though your beautiful spirit will shine on through all those you inspired - - my heart is broken thinking of the pain your mom must be in -- that none of us can ease.
Beautiful girl…

Sam Dion

January 26, 2020

Many years I sent portrait portfolio to NY “portfolios inc””
& a full figurepaiting of Carly sitting on a bench @ 11 yrs old this is a detail on the Ist pg

Ashley Jones

January 26, 2020

I miss you my forever friend

Ashley Jones

January 26, 2020

We went through our parents divorces together. I remember the one day we spent at your dads house. We played at the far end of the yard where there was a small creek and a log of a fallen tree over this creek leading into the woods. You wanted us to cross this log and play on the other side. You went first, and about half way across the log you lost your balance and fell into the muddy water below. After making sure you were ok and after laughing we had to sneak you inside the house past your dad so he wouldn’t discover how muddy drenched you had just become... I had to play the distractor - most awkward 5 min conversation with your dad ever! lol

Gloria Lee

January 24, 2020

I remember the pride I felt watching Carley grow up ,and her accomplishment in South Korea. But mostly the love she showed myself and her cousin Shelby. We will mis her.

Debbie Sicari

January 24, 2020

Carley brought sunshine wherever she went. She effortlessly lifted the spirits of everyone around her with her loving and kind disposition.
She helped me through the early dark days when my mother passed away by being especially kind and attentive to me. I have thought about that many, many times and have always been so grateful to this precious and darling girl. Her smile was not only beautiful but contagious. She absolutely was one of the most special and memorable people I have ever known. I will carry her with me in my heart and will never forget her sweet and loving ways. I will always think of you with much love sweet Carley.

Susan Hay Hales

January 24, 2020

Carley was so beautiful, petite with long blonde hair and elfin features. I always thought that she would be great cast in The Lord of the Rings (especially if they made a part for Legolas’ sister!)

When Carley was four, her mother brought her over. While Wendy and I talked, Carley lay on the floor petting my dog, Brenna. Suddenly she looked up and asked, “Why don’t her claws go in?” I laughed in amusement and surprise, realizing then that Carley had never had any pets but cats.

She soon remedied that. Growing up, Carley and her mom adopted all sorts of animals—she had inherited her mother’s caring and open-hearted ways. Countless animals have had wonderful lives in their care.

To me, Carley always had an air of sweetness and innocence. It was a joy to have her babysit my toddler daughter. And I loved it when we would have long conversations about what was going on in her life.

As she grew up I saw Carley less and less, but it was clear that she remained idealistic and open-hearted; she joined the Peace Corps and worked with Americorps (among numerous other service activities). I was proud of her.

Even though I haven’t seen her in years, I loved Carley the little girl and Carley the young woman, and my breaking heart has a piece missing today.