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Arthur Carlos Perez

July 18, 1961October 1, 2019

Arthur Perez, a 38 year UPS driver and life-long resident of Arizona, died unexpectedly on October 1, 2019, at the age of 58.

He is survived by his three daughters Tasia, Camille & Tianna Perez, his three sisters Silvia, Rachel & Joanne Perez and his brother Joe Perez, Jr.

He was predeceased by his parents and his sister Ester Vasquez.

Arthur was born in Glendale on July 18, 1961 to Joseph and Sally Perez. He graduated from Glendale High in May of 1979.

He was a loving and generous father who loved to spend his free time deep sea fishing and cheering on the Cardinals with his closest friends. With a laugh as infectious as his, it was hard to take him anywhere without him already having or making a friend.

Words could never justify the man he was or how greatly he will be missed

Family and friends are invited to a memorial service on Sunday, October 20, 2019 at 11AM at Corona Ranch, 7611 S. 29th Avenue, Laveen. A celebration of Arthur's life will follow.


  • Memorial Service Sunday, October 20, 2019


Arthur Carlos Perez

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Ronda Gandolfo

October 20, 2019

"A Cut Above," that's the thought that came to mind when I sat to write. Words that come to mind when I think of Art are jovial, friend, stable, positive, fun, dependable, strong work ethic, honorable, and family. Always bearing a smile and friendly word.

UPS workers were known for being hard working, honorable and friendly. It was those character traits that made a person a success as a UPS employee. I was a feeder dispatcher at UPS and worked with Art for many years, before quitting in 2006. I worked with so many amazing men and women and Art was no exception.
Years ago, I worked on the weekends and had many opportunities to get to know some of the driver's on a more personal level, since there weren't as many people around. As it was on the weekends, with a limited crew, Art was always a driver I could count on. He was dependable, worked safe and I never saw a negative attitude get in the way of his performance, which made him very reliable. I appreciated that so much! His commitment made my job easier and as most know there weren't a lot of, "easy", jobs at UPS.
I know Art was equally committed to his family. He was a good man. Many of the upstanding things he did was done without fanfare. That makes me think of the saying that says, you can judge a man's character by the things he does when no one is looking. Ok... he was human and may not have been perfect, but who is? He has a good soul and will be missed by all who had the privilege of knowing him. I did say, "Has a good soul," because I believe our souls go on forever, we will see Art again.
His family was blessed and must be so full of pride.
Art we all love you!

Harry Nowlin

October 13, 2019

I worked with Art before my retirement, my heart goes out to his family, Art was a good friend, RIP Art

Diana Kolb

October 9, 2019

I feel like I have known “Booboo” all our lives. Our family & the Perez family grew up literally down the alley from each other. I have been a part of their lives forever. He was a young boy when I came into their lives and have loved every minute spent with them. Rachel is my life long friend as are all her siblings. I think we spent more time sitting on the porch of the Perez residence than I did at my own home. Oh the lemons & grapefruit we consumed. Over the years I lost touch with Art but my memories are fond. I got to visit with him recently, unfortunately at another celebration of life for Rachel’s son. He has left us much too soon. He will live on in our memories and in our hearts. Rest In Peace. All my love to the Perez family. RON and Diana Kolb

Melinda Wilson

October 8, 2019

I first knew Art when I lived next door with his Aunt Rita. He was 10 years old and we celebrated the same birthday in July. He will always be "Booboo" to me although I understand why he disliked it when he grew up. Rita and I took him and his cousin Jeannette to Disneyland. It was his first ever "road trip" and he was so excited. When we got our first glimpse of the Pacific Ocean he said "wow, look at that big lake!" He was always fun to take places because of his curiosity and good nature. And from what I'm reading here that never went away. It's tough to see someone who contributes to a better world be taken so young. Love ya kid.

Tim Mulligan

October 7, 2019

I met Art 38 years ago in the Phoenix Hub. I remember he was driving the irregular cart around the building during the sort but was always willing to help out wherever he could. Art never had a bad thing to say about anyone and he was the kind of hard worker you were glad was with you when the sort ran heavy.
We would see each other now and then after we both went driving and after he went on to feeder but I still remember how pleasant and down to earth he was to talk with.
R.I.P. Art, you will be missed.

Bobby Warren

October 5, 2019

I was not a close friend, but we drove thousands of miles talking on the CB through the state and California at all hours of the day and night back in the day. We traveled in groups of up to 5 or 6 and sometimes just he and I. I always appreciated the times we were alone, and the conversations about life and family would bring out the more serious side of Art. Art's fun persona was infectious, and I'm certain wherever he went, he always made a friend. He was always kind and respectful to my wife, asking when our paths crossed how she was and what was she doing "these days". Art treated me like I was Father Mulcahy on M*A*S*H because of my faith, always adjusting his "French" for any given conversation. The last time I saw him was at his mother's funeral, and the last conversation was on FB congratulating him on his 35 years of safe driving for the company. Typical, he down played the honor with humor, deflecting the compliment. As drivers we don't run into burning buildings, or face gunfire from criminals. However I can say, that Art probably saved many lives in his career by his safe driving habits, avoiding drivers displaying aberrant driving behaviors on a daily basis, benefiting those who will never have a clue just how fortunate they are to have had someone like him seeing the situation and making professional decisions quickly. My favorite memory of Art was meeting him by chance down in Old Port, Rocky Point. We were on a mission trip to build a house and after a long day we took some teens to shop in town. We went into a shop with tee shirts and the selection was not kid friendly. Someone behind me said," Hey, Bobby". It was Art. He wanted to why we were there, and when he heard why, he said to me" Why would you bring kids to a store like this"? in his best mock judgmental voice. It still makes me laugh. God's peace to his family and friends

Bobby GRAY

October 5, 2019

I met Art thirty years ago. I remember playing paint ball games with him back in the early 90's. We always had a great time. As a co worker he was great to be around. I hadn't spent much time around him lately because I'm retired. I always looked forward to seeing him at the feeder retirement party in March. He always had a smile on his face. You will be missed Art, see you again down the road.

Kenneth Westbrook

October 5, 2019

I’ve known Art since 1981 we worked part time at UPS together. My first memory of Art was him picking off the blue belt and I was loading the Chicago Trailer. Even though I haven’t been in touch with Art that much lately I have great memories of our time at Ups together. He even was the package driver that delivered my parents home for awhile. Our paths would still cross once in a while when I would make it over to Phoenix. But most of all what I remember about Art was his big smile his laughter his sense of humor and being a good friend to everybody. May you rest in peace my UPS brother

Kenny Westbrook

Mona Bellah

October 5, 2019

To the most beautiful daughters Camille Tianna and Tasia your Dad was the most wonderful loving and caring person I met 17 years ago my deepest condolences to all three of you ❤️ I love all of you so much ❤️ May God bless you and give all the strength and peace 🙏

Love you always❤️❤️❤️

Mona Bellah


October 4, 2019

Well my friend i will truely miss seeing you every morning as we cross paths going down the road we can see each other coming miles down the road flashing our lights at each other always laughing or some kind of hand gesture . and now for the last few days I've been praying to see you but no luck may you rest in peace brother as your shift is over god bless you 🙏🙏🙏🙏😎😎 FROM YOUR OLD DOMINION FREIGHT LINE BROTHER MARIO A MALDONADO RIP can one of the daughters or sisters call me 702 672 7539