Brandon Patrick Caserta

May 25, 1997June 25, 2018

Brandon Patrick Caserta died on June 25, 2018. He was born on May 25, 1997 in San Diego to Patrick and Teri.

Brandon has always lived by his karate code words: Honor, Respect, Patience and Kindness. He was a very happy, compassionate, giving, supportive and respectful young man. His smile was so contagious. No matter what he was doing, he would smile. He had a great personality and made you laugh. He was always joking around. He always found and saw the good in people. When he ran into the bad people he would try to look for the good in them and try to bring it out of them. He never placed judgement on anyone. He touched so many lives in such a short time. Brandon was very athletic and took karate, swimming, football and track. He was always on the go. If he wasn’t doing sports, he was working out. Brandon was in karate for 17 years. He played flag football for about 10 years and graduated to tackle football. He was on his high school team freshman and sophomore years. He took swim lessons, joined the USA Swim team and swam for his high school. Brandon did not like swimming at all at first, but then he learned the breast stroke and that was his favorite stroke. Brandon decided to join the Navy and worked very hard to get a Navy SEAL contract. He worked out with a great bunch of guys who he helped and pushed so they could get their contracts as well. Brandon would ride his bike everywhere. He put at least 17 miles a day on his bike and did this for about four years. Brandon would work out for hours and that was after riding his bike.

Brandon touched more people than he realizes. He helped so many of his friends and was very supportive and compassionate. He was a great son, grandson, cousin and friend. Brandon, you will be missed by so many and we are so proud of you. We are honored God put you in our lives.

Brandon is survived by his mom Teri, dad, Patrick, maternal grandparents Fran & Larry Myhre, paternal grandmother Rosemary Wehbe, aunt Renae Myhre, uncle Tim Caserta and five cousins Eric, Junior, Jessica, Bobby & Michael.


Brandon Patrick Caserta

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Tyler Salonius

July 14, 2018

I had the privilege to know and serve alongside Brandon in the U.S. Navy from October 2017 to June 2018.

More than just shipmates, we had become friends. We both had a dream to lay down our lives as good and faithful sailors, if need be. The aspiration perhaps was rooted in our lives being part of something greater than just ourselves. A brotherhood and family of servicemen that we could find our identity in.

We labored alongside each other day in and day out. Brandon always donned a smile as we worked, and was quick to lend a helping hand. You’d often see him cracking a joke or playing around to lighten the mood. He never hesitated to do the job nobody else wanted to, and in fact, he would RUN to do it! He’d also ask me and our other shipmates whether we were okay and if everything was all right when he saw we had a long face.

Brandon exemplified selfless service, hard work and compassion.

Outside of squadron life, we worked out together, ate together and even visited a church service and concert or two with friends.

Brandon was loved by many, and will not be forgotten.

I thank him for his service and his friendship. He will be sorely missed.

AEAN Salonius, Tyler J.

Raymond Wehbe

July 13, 2018

Patrick, Teri and Rosemary, may Brandon's soul rest in peace. I am so sorry for your loss. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Raymond Wehbe

Lottie Wehbe Bruno

July 13, 2018

Dear Patrick, Teri and Rosemary, my love and deepest sympathy goes out to you at this time of sorrow. You are in my thoughts and prayers. May Brandon's soul rest in peace.

Cousin Lottie

Cousin Kathy and Joe Ducato

July 12, 2018

Although I never met Brandon, I know from his beautiful smile that he was a wonderful person, son and friend. He was a very handsome young man. Our deepest condolences are sent to Patrick, Teri and Rosemary at this time of sorrow. You are in our thoughts and prayers always.

Amy Radosevich

July 11, 2018

I knew Brandon when he played football at Sunrise. He actually taught me how to throw a football one game when he was laid up with an injury. We became good friends and talked throughout high school. He was such a wonderful person to be around. He always found the good and humorous side to everything and lit up a room when he walked in. I'm sad that we lost contact a few years ago and I have often wondered how he was doing.

Chloe Ussher

July 10, 2018

Brandon was my very first friend on the Track team at liberty. We always pushed each other to do our best. I had taken ASL with him for 2 years. He was a fun guy who never failed to make me laugh. Brandon you are an amazing guy!

Hunter Geering

July 8, 2018

Brandon was my best friend. Everyone called him BC for short but he was always Brandon to me. We grew up two streets away and rode the same bus to school for years, some would say we were inseparable because we did everything together. He loved classic rock and metal, I don't think there was a time when he wasn't blearing Ozzy Osborn or Black Sabbath. We always told him he was gunna go deaf from playing too loud in his headphones. He would put a speaker on his handle bars and crank it up then ride for miles waking up the neighborhood instead. Brandon taught me how to make top romen in the microwave to where its perfect, not too much water otherwise it'll boil over and flood the microwave. There was never a dull moment with him. He was always smiling even though he hated his braces. I will always remember how caring and loyal he was, Brandon was the best friend anyone could ask for, I will always cherish the time we spent together. rest easy brother

Kyle Contreras

July 8, 2018

Brandon or BC as we knew him on our football team at Sunrise Mountain, was always the hardest working kid on the field. He would literally run to practice no matter what day to the amazement of us as players. Every sprint, every drill and everything else Brandon gave 110%, even when it seemed to us nearly impossible to do so. His smile and tenacity were not only some of his greatest traits in our eyes, but an everyday guarantee. There are few people I have known who have been so consistent, outwardly warm and positive. I am inspired by the kind of person he was.

Kaleb Anderson

July 8, 2018

Brandon was a wonderful person and a beloved friend. We met my junior year of high school in photo class, and we made memories over the years. He lived in my neighborhood and we would spend time together, and after he left for the Navy he stayed in touch with me and would come visit. Brandon had a great heart and genuinely cared about everyone. Countless times he helped me feel better when life was tough. I am really going to miss him and my thoughts and prayers are with Patrick and Teri.

Chelsea Tippetts

July 7, 2018

Brandon was in my kindergarten class and he was the only boy I would invite to my birthday party’s when I was a kid. My biggest condolences for his family and loved ones. My heart goes out to everyone and I know he will be missed .