Brandon Patrick Caserta

May 25, 1997June 25, 2018

Brandon Patrick Caserta died on June 25, 2018. He was born on May 25, 1997 in San Diego to Patrick and Teri.

Brandon has always lived by his karate code words: Honor, Respect, Patience and Kindness. He was a very happy, compassionate, giving, supportive and respectful young man. His smile was so contagious. No matter what he was doing, he would smile. He had a great personality and made you laugh. He was always joking around. He always found and saw the good in people. When he ran into the bad people he would try to look for the good in them and try to bring it out of them. He never placed judgement on anyone. He touched so many lives in such a short time. Brandon was very athletic and took karate, swimming, football and track. He was always on the go. If he wasn’t doing sports, he was working out. Brandon was in karate for 17 years. He played flag football for about 10 years and graduated to tackle football. He was on his high school team freshman and sophomore years. He took swim lessons, joined the USA Swim team and swam for his high school. Brandon did not like swimming at all at first, but then he learned the breast stroke and that was his favorite stroke. Brandon decided to join the Navy and worked very hard to get a Navy SEAL contract. He worked out with a great bunch of guys who he helped and pushed so they could get their contracts as well. Brandon would ride his bike everywhere. He put at least 17 miles a day on his bike and did this for about four years. Brandon would work out for hours and that was after riding his bike.

Brandon touched more people than he realizes. He helped so many of his friends and was very supportive and compassionate. He was a great son, grandson, cousin and friend. Brandon, you will be missed by so many and we are so proud of you. We are honored God put you in our lives.

Brandon is survived by his mom Teri, dad, Patrick, maternal grandparents Fran & Larry Myhre, paternal grandmother Rosemary Wehbe, aunt Renae Myhre, uncle Tim Caserta and five cousins Eric, Junior, Jessica, Bobby & Michael.


Brandon Patrick Caserta

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Beverley Prince

May 31, 2021

It's Memorial day. I never met you in person, but I felt your story. Struggling with leadership, the troubles of rating, and not having people at work to support you. Being from Arizona as well, it hit a little too close to home. This year, situations like yours hit a little harder. I just finished school to convert to NC, where I can actually HELP sailors and not just fix helicopters. I promise to do my best, and to do my best to help change the Navy you knew.

Julian Davis

September 8, 2019

Brandon was a man who truly cared for others. He was the guy who would spend hours working with you, not because he had anything to gain from it, but because he wanted to be there for you. He lived by example and was dedicated to his principles.

Brandon was hero, not because of any particular moment, though I’m sure there are many stories that friends can relate. Brandon was a hero because of how he lived his life everyday. He offered courage to those in need. He gave strength to those who needed a helping hand. And he loved those he supported even when they had nothing to offer him back.

Brandon’s life inspired me and even now, he continues to inspire me. My prayers go out to those he left behind. I’m truly sorry because when you really got to know him, it was impossible not to love him.

And Brandon, if you’re watching me from heaven, I hope I can live up to your memory. I miss you, bud. God bless.

Michael Sloan

June 12, 2019

Fair Winds and following seas Shipmate, and may whomever or whatever you believe become the comfort of those you left behind. I am a retired Chief and to read your story, to see you... to know that I along with so many of my brothers and sisters who swore oaths to prepare you and to maintain the Sailors Creed... Committed to Excellence and fair treatment for all. Bravo Zulu because Brandon you lived those words. We may not have all the facts, but the fact is you should have seen another way out of your situation, and your guide should have been a Chief. I am so sorry. I cannot speak for anyone else but know that my heart is a little more broken, but happy to know you are at peace.

Kyle Ports

November 2, 2018

I just found out about Brandon. Heartbreaking. I knew Brandon back in daycare working in the school age classroom. I remember him always smiling, always willing to help. You will be missed my young friend.

Larry and Fran Myhre

September 29, 2018

Losing Brandon was a terrible tragedy at a time when this country cries out for caring, loving individuals such as him to carry on a legacy of promise to make the world a better place. Brandon had so much good to contribute. Our hearts are broken, knowing that he will not become the man we know he could have been. Yet, our hearts are filled with joy, knowing the good things he did accomplish in his short life and the good influence he had upon his friends and all who knew him. We always felt he was an optimist who saw the good in people and was always willing to help when needed. We will never forget his ready smile and his light hearted manner. Rest in peace, Brandon. We will see you in the afterlife.

Tim Sparks

August 27, 2018

I didn't know of Brandon's passing until recently. My wife and I would like to offer our heart felt sympathy to Brandon's parents and family. I met Brandon in December of 2016 while I was set up for the Christmas season at the Navy Retail store in Norfolk, Virginia, which I've been doing for many years. He would stop by my booth almost every day and we spent many hours together. Brandon knew a lot about NFL football and loved to look at all the sports plaques I had designed for the Christmas season. Even with my years in this business, Brandon gave me new, creative, and innovative ideas. I tried out one of his ideas one day and he snapped his fingers in delight as it sold right away. He loved the Denver Broncos and the first thing he'd do as he stopped by is look for any new Denver products. Brandon worked on a custom designed sports plaque of Tom Brady for his Dad and one of Brett Favre as a Viking for his Mom as Christmas gifts. We enjoyed each other's company in the evening and I remember how he would rearrange my inventory to be displayed in a more uniform, neat manner. Brandon had a very curious and creative mind. We talked about a lot of things, including how difficult life can be in the Navy - I am a 20 year veteran. I shared a lot of scripture with Brandon and he was always very interested and receptive. Unfortunately, I didn't get the opportunity to set up for this past Christmas season. I wish we'd have had that time together. I'll always remember Brandon and his knowledge of NFL football. I feel honored to have known him. Brandon always spoke lovingly of his parents. My wife and I are praying that the Lord will comfort his parents and family at this difficult time and always.


August 16, 2018

I never met Brandon but was looking forward to see him before this unfortunate incident took place. If he was like his father Pat, I could easily imagine him as a nice polite person. May his soul Rest In Peace.

Destini Mohn

July 30, 2018


There are many things that I could say about this wonderful, amazing man whom I was lucky and honored to have known and shared part of my life with. I have never met a more selfless person in all my 21 years. There was never a time that I needed to or wanted to talk about anything where he wasn't available for me. He was the kind of person that would drop whatever he was doing to help someone else. Day or night, rain or shine, he was always there for me no matter what. We talked every day for the last 8 years.

One of my favorite memories with Brandon is going to our restaurant. There is a restaurant that we would go to whenever he was in town. We would share a plate of food and laugh until our bellies hurt. Because Brandon lived out of state, we would spend many hours on the phone. We would talk about anything and everything. Despite my mood, Brandon had an amazing way with words. I could be angry, happy, sad, frustrated, or confused and he ALWAYS knew exactly what to say to keep me level headed and calm.

Another one of my favorite memories with Brandon actually occurred when he was in town this past visit in May. This next story is a good example of how he calmed me down. One night, I went to go pick up Brandon from home and we went to our restaurant to get some food. After that, we stopped at a park near his house. At this point I'm slowly walking with a flash light. He giggled as I panic walked towards the swing set. We sit down on the swings and Brandon says, "that wasn't so bad right?" just before I could answer, a coyote howled and I took off. Brandon, said, once he caught up with me, " I will never EVER let anything or anyone hurt you". After that, I was instantly at peace.

Brandon was everyone's person. Brandon may not have known how much of an impact he made in many peoples lives. I wish he was here to feel all of the love.

I find comfort in him watching over me and everyone he loved. I love Brandon more than anything.

Allen Smith

July 26, 2018

Light hearted, Brandon could be described in many ways but light hearted comes to mind for me. Its very rare to meet someone who is by nature selfless. Someone who could bear not only his own life burdens but the burdens of those around him. Brandon never had to wear a mask to face the world he came as himself always. He was as raw and genuine as they come. Today a lot of people listen but Brandon always heard and always cared. He always looked for some way he could help or comfort. He personally helped me not only with problems I had but also by setting an example. An example to always be kind to everone, regardless of The Circumstance. To always look for the positive and to be encouraging to those around you. The loss of Brandon is heavy on the heart but his memory will always carry on in the people he inspired. Brandon’s name carries more than just a legacy. He carries the weight and gravity of those he touched with his open arms and helping hands. As long as those who knew the kid with the big smile and carefree laugh; continue to keep Brandon in their thoughts he will always live on in us. So thank you Brandon for always being a stand up guy to me, your friends, family and the world around you. My condolences to the Caserta family. And knowing Brandon he would have hated this. I would say bye Brandon but you’ll never be gone. So till another life then buddy.

Nick Wheeler

July 21, 2018

Throughout life, friends will come and go, and rarely you will keep those friends for a lifetime. Brandon was more than a friend to me, I was lucky enough to get to call Brandon my Brother!

I met Brandon when we were training for the Navy and the first thing I remember, and will always remember about him, was his contagious smile! No matter what back breaking exercise we were about to do he always had his signature smile! A smile that would endure any pain that was placed in front of him. Being the "Old Man" of our group of Brothers, Brandon would always push me to my limits making me swim or run faster than I thought was possible. Brandon was always coming up with insane workouts that we would do, whether it was a mile swim in the middle of a Phoenix thunderstorm or meeting at the high school track at 9pm to get in our third or fourth workout the day.

It was Brandon's work ethic that pushed me harder and pushed me to be a better, stronger person. I will never forget that smile of Brandon's and will always keep your memories alive! Friends may come and go, but Brothers are yours for a lifetime!

Til Valhalla Brother!