Christopher Robert Coakley

June 6, 1990March 12, 2019

Christopher Robert Coakley was born in Phoenix, Arizona on June 6, 1990 to Lisa (Coakley) Carlson. In childhood he learned to cook from his Grammy Karen, had dance battles with his cousin Amber, and learned about cars from his father Gil. Throughout high school, Chris enjoyed playing baseball with his mom as his biggest fan and cheerleader, never missing a game or a practice. After graduating college, Chris spent a short time in the United States Army. After being medically discharged and recovering, he started working at Texas Roadhouse. While there, he met his girlfriend Bryeanna. They fell in love and spent 7 years together. Chris had many hobbies and talents. Over the years, he continued growing his cooking knowledge and was able to turn simple ingredients into a gourmet meal. His mother taught him about high fashion, so he always enjoyed dressing in the finest clothes. He especially cherished his shoe collection. Chris loved all animals, but especially loved his dogs Bowser, Lil Champion, Bella and Felony. His biggest passion was cars. Any car he owned was always kept immaculate; you couldn’t find a speck of dust if you tried. His car knowledge was incredibly impressive. He could instantly spout off any spec on a car and hold a discussion about why one car was better than another. His favorite part about cars was detailing his dream car, a ZO6 Corvette, and taking it to the car show with his dad, Gil. Chris was definitely a character, and undeniably liked to stir the pot at times. He enjoyed debating politics, and could argue a point better than any attorney ever could. Chris was also a charmer and an extreme salesman; he could talk you into buying ice cubes in Alaska. Most of all, Chris will be remembered for his enormous heart and willingness to give the shirt off his back to help anyone. Chris lived a great 28 years of life, and was called home by God on March 12, 2019. He is survived by his mother Lisa and husband Paul, father Gil, girlfriend Bryeanna, grandparents Karen and Bob, sisters Lori and Brittany, brother Zane, Aunt Julie, Uncle Randy, cousins Amber, Chelsea, Liz, Brian, and Steve, babies Bella, Ivy, and Miles, precious pets, and countless friends.

Family and friends are invited to attend a memorial service held on Thursday, March 28, 2019 at 2:00 PM at West Resthaven Funeral Home; 6450 W. Northern Avenue in Glendale.

Because Chris was a lover of animals- in lieu of flowers, his family requests that memorial contributions be made in his name to HALO Animal Rescue.


28 March

Memorial Service

2:00 pm

West Resthaven Funeral Home

6450 W. Northern Ave
Glendale, AZ


Christopher Robert Coakley

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Tiffany O'Shea

March 20, 2019

Chris, finding out that you passed so young was very painful. We were not very close after high school. Sadly, life just took us different places.

Not one exact memory sticks out to me, but one feeling, security. You were always my wing man. You never let me go anywhere alone because you knew I needed someone. But, I think you did too, so I'm thankful for our friendship. You had a way with your words where you would be so honest about how you felt, very vulnerable, yet extreamly confident. I always admired that.

I pray you are at peace, Chris!

Desjara Bartell

March 19, 2019

I do not share any one specific memory with Chris, but I do share a plethora of moments with him. We also worked together at
Roadhouse, but you could always tell he was destined for bigger and better things. He spoke about life so openly. His struggles, his achievements and what it took for him to get there. He was always so encouraging to any person he met, pushing them to be the best version of themselves they could be. Even when he was flustered at work, he would stop what he was doing to help anyone who asked. When my best friend passed away and I would have difficult days dealing with this, Chris would always remind me that “this isn’t it”. I like to think this isn’t it for him either. And that wherever he goes after this life is over, that he spreads his infectious smile and continues to be the very upstanding gentlemen we all knew him to be. Sending my deepest condolences to Chris’ family, Brye and Zane, and anyone else he so deeply impacted.

Holly Hileman

March 18, 2019

SO many great memories. You took me to a parking lot one day and taught me how to drive stick in that yellow car. Many nights of talking about life, the future, goals... You were such a huge impact on my life. You were always there when I needed you and gave me tough love when I didn’t want it(but totally needed it and you knew it).
Still, hands down my favorite moment with you was lighting an ash tray on fire at Adams house outside. It began to hiss really loud and then cracked in half. We cried laughed for 30 minutes straight because the sound was such a good set up for the anticlimactic crack. Also, I loved when we got matching jerseys at the mall and we HAD to wear them at the same time. You were the breast friend anyone could ask for. I love you with my whole heart, buddy.

Jolie Grose

March 18, 2019

I am Only One of very many that love and will miss Chris ... I remember going to many dinners as a family with him and he would always put a smile on my face!!! May he Rest In Peace and be held in Gods eternal Love ❤️ ... My Thoughts and Prayers are with you Lisa, and to the entire family... I love you ...

Karissa Watkins

March 18, 2019

Chris and I met working at Texas Roadhouse. I worked with him and Brye for a short amount of time, but they both grew on me quickly! Chris treated me like a lifelong friend from the moment I met him. My Grandparents and sometimes my Mom, would go to Texas Roadhouse every Friday, and he would always serve them and immediately they all grew an incredible bond. I luckily was able to experience that bond after starting there. I didn’t see him all the time or talk to him all the time, but I’m so glad that our last memory was seeing him at the car show and hearing him talk about his future plans with Brye and showing me his amazing car! I will miss him dearly, but God wanted his angel and I know he’ll be safe up in heaven with Him. My prayers go out to all of his family, friends, and Brye during this incredibly tough time, but I’m so happy that he made such an impact on so many people and those memories will truly last a lifetime.

Zachary Price

March 18, 2019

Chris and I were not really that close but I did work with him at Texas Roadhouse. I started off as a bus boy and he helped me out with my job and pushed me to keep working hard and was always challenging me. I eventually started off as this but I got the chance to move into a server and Chris helped me with that a lot. Chris was always working hard, helping me out and giving me tips. He was a great guy and I am Blessed to know him. Thank's Chris for all that you did for me at Roadhouse, I learned a lot from you there.

Bobbie Roman

March 18, 2019

Chris you were such a kind hearted person that alway thought of others. I remember Christmas morning you sent a message that you and your dad wanted to bring my kids a Christmas present and at the time I was fostering my nephews plus my 2 boys. You brought that hover board over an it was like a real life Santa came that year. I will never forget how their eyes lit up that day. You have always thought of others and are a very special soul. You will be dearly missed by everyone but I know you are in the hands of the Lord and he is taking great care of you.
God Bless you Chris

Courtland McCullough

March 18, 2019

Hey Bud,

I never thought I would see this day. You were one of my best friends in high school from playing baseball and hanging out after school. Remember when we used to yell at those kids from my window, “Que Necessitas??” I had an absolute blast playing baseball, going to the cages, and just being around you.

I know we didn’t talk as much as I would like to since I live across the country now but I always kept you updated on my life and checked in on you all the time. My wife and I were here for you and if you ever needed a place to stay while visiting, you were welcomed. Just so unexpected and it really does suck to know you aren’t here anymore. But I know as time went on in your life, you succeed and worked hard for the things you loved. It seems you did not end on a bad note.

I’ll miss you brother. I’m always here for you.


Autumn Dunham

March 18, 2019

I remember always having the most fun when with Chris... watching him go crazy with fire poi, to jammin’ out in the living room to Machine Gun Kelly and Pendulum. Some of my absolute favorite memories are of us just driving around town talking about everything under the sun and finding new beats to get down to. We would lose track of time and next thing you know, it would be 6a.m. Over the last 8 years, we built a beautiful friendship that I will cherish in my heart forever. Chris was there for me through some of the hardest times of my life. He was brutally honest, but always told me exactly what I needed to hear to keep pushing through. I’m thankful that we stayed as close as we did. I’m already missing our daily chats about life and our future goals. You have taught me so much in such a short number of years and I’m thankful for having you as a part of my life. I will truly miss you, my friend.

Lindsay Bearden

March 18, 2019

Chris, my heart hurts so much this morning after hearing the news.
We met in college at Allied Health back in 2011 and even did our work study program together a few times at Halo Rescue per your recommendation.
After we left or you could say, dropped out, you always said we were the only ones who would actually be SOMEONE and then we went and did something with our lives and you were and are so right. We never accepted mediocre as being what was best for us because it wasn’t.
All my smallest achievements in life, you were the friend who would send a congratulations or a “you go girl, I see you” just to keep me pumped and motivated.
I’m so sorry I didn’t stop by to see you and finally meet your beautiful wife, after I was able to make it back to Arizona during Christmas. It will always hang heavy on me and teach me a valuable lesson about life and how short it is.
You were always the best of best friends and so charismatic. You are so missed and so loved, Chris.
Ride In Paradise my sweet friend.